Cats who got injured with a car engine, undergo face restoration surgery

A cat that suddenly ceased to be home from one day suffered serious bad injuries. There was little bleeding and nerve damage, but it seems that he was to undergo surgery because his face was severely damaged.

Details are as below.Because it is a shocking picture, please be careful for those who are not good at it.
Cat's face re-attached by vet - Telegraph

She underwent surgery for a long-haired female cat, Edgar, 4 years old. Edgar, who had been gone for three days from the house in Winthrop, was found by his owner to bear the injury to the face and be on the trash can. An owner who saw Edgar, who is wounded with a part of the skin hanging, seemed to have fainted, but then he ran into an animal hospital and was subjected to a facial surgery.

Edgar who had undergone suturing operation for 1 hour

It seems that the veterinarian is guessing that Edgar might have been hurt by the fan belt as he entered the car engine to get warm. Also, "I stroked my head as it struck my throat so I stroked it," Kendrick said, and he seems to be fully recovering.

YouTube - Boston Vets Reattach Cat's Face

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