Two scientifically proven things that Bill Gates is doing to unravel the tension at the end of the day


It changed the world's computer circumstances on Windows, and now it is a charity organizationBill & Melinda Gates FoundationMr. Bill Gates who puts emphasis on the activity, said there are two things that are going to go before going to bed every day to relieve the tension of the day. Moreover, these acts seem to be scientifically backed up.

2 science-backed things Bill Gates does to unwind

◆ 1: Wash the dishes
Mr. Gates who is a millionaire should not have any obstacles such as hiring staff who take care of personal belongings, but Mr. Gates enjoys washing his own dishes used by himself and his family during his meal It is said that there is. It is unknown whether Mr. Gates knows whether or not it is unknown, but research results that the effect of soothing calmness is announced in the act of washing dishes has been announced.

ByIgnat Gorazd

A paper from a research team at Florida State University said that people who could turn their attention to surroundings while washing dishes saw a reduction in stress levels and an improvement in their inspiration. This seems to be thought that the brain stimulated by the feeling of warm hot water and the scent of detergent evokes a relaxed state.

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In the research at the University of California at Santa Barbara, it has been said that if you do tasks that you do not think about anything, you start to think that the brain is rambling and lead to breakthrough problem solving . Also, at the University of Central Lancashirethe studyThen, subjects who performed the "boring" work of simply copying the telephone number from the address book of the mobile phone have also come to have the idea of ​​having high creativity afterwards. It is thought that dish-washing is also included in this category and it can be said that it has the effect of relaxing the brain.

◆ 2: Reading
It seems to be Gates who admits that it is "book worm", and the other way is to "read books". Mr. Gates always has an hour reading time even if time goes late every night, "It is built in the flow falling asleep"Seattle Times interviewI am replying.

ByRyan Hyde

Mr. Gates is a reader who reads "50 books a year" that is about ten times as much as general, and at the end of every year, he recommends what is left in the impression of the book he read during that year It is known.

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According to the American National Sleep Foundation, reading books before going to bed has the effect of relieving the stress of the mind and making the body prepare to sleep. Also, according to Philip Gehrman psychiatrist at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, reading before sleepingIt is much better than looking at the screen of the smartphoneAnd that. The reason is that, as is well known, the light emitted from the display puts the brain in a state of being awake.

In addition, there is another benefit of "improving career" in reading. Psychologist Keith Stanovich said that "If being" smart "is" having a high vocabulary power "or" having a wide knowledge of the world ", reading makes people smart I can do it "The site of the National Medical LibraryIt is announced in.

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