A lucky man who survived from two lightning strikes

A lightning strike last Friday, but a man who survived almost unscathed just because clothes burned a little Flick. He seems to have survived thunderstorms 27 years ago.

Details are as below.
6abc.com Pa. Man Struck by Lightning, Again

Mr. Flick went to Hamlin 's Ole Tyme Daz festival on Friday afternoon, but the storm approached quickly. In addition to him, six people evacuated to a warehouse in the immediate vicinity, but lightning struck the ground in front of me. That shock was transmitted to Flick and four other people. As a result, Mr. Flick 's pocket and zipper burned but the body itself was okay, and others in the warehouse did not suffer serious injuries.

It is the second time that he survived from a lightning strike. I first survived from the lightning thirty seven years ago when he was driving a trailer truck. Thunder hit the track antenna and Mr. Flick was injured on the left side. Life was safe but I could not move for 3 to 4 weeks.

Mr. Flick, now 68 years old, says, "When I realized that I was alive, the first thing that came to mind was that I was lucky that I was extremely lucky."

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