I have eaten a dream hamburger with "ego ~ Ritagamu IN Crispie Hamburg" with eggs in the gust

"Tamago" which is one of hamburg's classic toppings was put in the hamburger, and on the surface it gathered a crispy texture crispy texture "Toro - Rattagoin crispy hamburg"Has appeared in Gust's limited-time campaign" TRY! Gast's New Hamburger Fair ". Since it has become apparently hamburger appetizing appetite with a big impact, I tried to eat what kind of taste it is.

New hamburger appeared | Gasuto | Sukaraku group

Crispy, crispy, sweet potatoes to enjoy a fresh texture ~ Rotamago IN crispy hamburger birth

That's why I came to Gust.

On the table there is a menu for "TRY! Gast's New Hamburger Fair", in which we found "TORO - ROTAGAMO IN Crispy Hamburg". Although the single item is 699 yen without tax, until April 2, 2017 (Sunday) it can be eaten at 599 yen without tax.

Order immediately. It took about 10 minutes to provide because it was just a lunch time zone.

This is "Toro - Rattamago IN Crispy Hamburger." The appearance of crispy fabric like cornflakes sticks to the hamburger surface on the iron plate ... ...

The size is about half of iPhone 7. It seems to be a small size, but it is an elliptical hamburger like an egg like flat bells like omnipotus, so it's thick and has enough volume.

When cut, the eggs of semi-semen appear as lively from the inside.

In addition, meat juice overflowed from the hamburger steak when cut.

Sautéed spinach is under hamburger steak ......

It is packed quite a lot.

In addition, waste potatoes and saute of snack peas, corn was on the iron plate.

Immediately cut the hamburger steak in size and attach it to the demiglace sauce ......

I will eat it. The surface is crispy with crispy cloth, but inside cooking hamburg is quite fluffy. In addition, it is very fun to be able to taste different foods at the same time as the eggs of the Trotoro can melt from inside. Although it looks pretty impressive pretty, the combination of a firm meat flavor and a gentle demiglace sauce, and even a mellow egg is a pretty royal taste.

Crispy fabric on the hamburger surface is like this. Although it is crispy texture, it is not too hard and it can be crushed easily.

Because the egg that the hamburger is quite soft and enters inside is also soothing, be careful that it will collapse when it cuts and eats.

The normal price of "Toro - Rattamago IN Crispy Hamburger" is 699 yen without tax, but it can be eaten at 599 yen without tax for a limited time until April 2, 2017 (Sunday). In addition, "TRY! Gast 's New Hamburg Fair" where you can eat new hamburgers will be held until April 20 th (Thursday) 2017.

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