Tsubura "Twisty" review that twists the bottle, keeps black tea and tea leaves separated, keeps your favorite darkness, and keeps warm

Many people have experienced that "Tea has gone astray when I was concentrating on work, although I wanted to drink tea ... ...". In order to prevent such a sad situation, when it comes to extract concentration of your choice, tea leaves that tea leaves and tea can be separated and keep constant concentrationTwisty"is. As a tea-lover, I tried to purchase it actually because I had no choice but to try it.

TWISTEA Twisty - Vitantonio Vitantonio

Twisty is delivered in a transparent case like this.

When I looked at the side, the content volume was 380 ml, the heat resistant temperature was 100 degrees, the cold tolerance temperature was minus 20 degrees, that both hot water and water can be enjoyed.

In the case, there are 3 points of instruction manual and notes, body.

The size of the main body is 67 mm in diameter × 205 mm in height, compared with the iPhone SE with a total length of 123.8 mm.

With a hand like this, the weight on a stand alone is 330 g.

On the side of the bottle is the letter "Max" indicating the maximum water level.

Twisty has a cap on both sides of the bottle, opening the outside lid of one side, inside with a black inner pig.

I removed the cap on the other side, and it contained a metal filter to put in tea leaves.

The bottle is designed to partition the part with the metal filter. When the circle on the main body side of the metal plate on the side of the bottle is coincident with the circle on the cap side, liquid can pass between the partitions.

Looking at it, both holes of two partitions are coincident.

However, when twisting both sides sandwiching the metal plate and matching the circle on the main body side with "●" ... ...

The position of the hole shifts and liquid can not pass.

So, I actually try to put tea using twisties. First. Put the tea leaves in the metal filter ... ...

Tighten the cap tightly.

Flip the bottle and open the other cap.

Pour hot water here ...

The light blue color gradually becomes thicker.

Let's just turn the bottle up and think that the tea inside is completely moved to one side when thinking that it has become a good richness.

After turning the bottle up, just screw the bottle and separate the tea leaves and the tea. As you can see from the movie below, it was necessary to twist with a considerable emphasis at first.

How to twist "Twisty" to separate tea leaves and tea - YouTube

Looking at the bottle after twisting is finished, you can see that there is no tea at the bottom from the metal plate. At this time, all the liquid moves to the part above the metal plate and the water level rises, so it is necessary to protect the Max line when putting in hot water.

There is no need for an inner pig, but if you put it on, you can prevent the liquid from flowing out at once and it is convenient when you drink tea directly from the bottle.

After that, you can enjoy tea thoroughly with your favorite darkness perfectly.

It's convenient to carry, so taking it to a picnic etc. is also fun, but ....

Even at home, school, office, etc., it is convenient that there is no such thing as tea has overrun after being noticed ... .... It seems to be usable in various situations.

The amount of 380 ml is roughly two tea cups.

Even when you say that tea is gone, you can make a second roasted just by pouring hot water over it.

In addition, the bottle has a two-layer structureNot for heat insulationIn order to prevent the outside from getting hot and condensation, it is, but I will also see how the liquid in the inside will change in temperature. First, when I measured the temperature when I put tea, it was 76.8 degrees. In addition, the bottle was preheated with hot water before putting in tea and warmed it gently.

Even when the tea in the bottle is over 75 degrees, you can hold the bottle with your hand without problems.

Make smartphones a thermo camera "FLIR ONE"When I measured it, the bottle side was 49.5 degrees.

After about 1 hour passed after putting black tea, the temperature of tea was 48.4 degrees.

After an hour more, it was 38.3 degrees. Although it is said that the double structure is not for keeping warmth, since the temperature of about 40 degrees is kept even at the time 2 hours passed, "Although it is not hot until the day by putting tea in the morning, "I put tea in my hands, I was getting cold if I noticed it when I was working ..." It seemed like enjoying tea at my own pace.

Also, care of the metal filter after putting in tea was just as easy as "just wash the tea leaves in the garbage can and wash them". As the eyes of the filter are fine, tea leaves will not clog.

By the way, can you make a tea bag too? So I tried it. Put the tea puck with the thread cut off in the bottle with the metal filter removed ......

Pour hot water.

It is also possible to separate tea leaves and tea, and it turned out that it can be used without problems with tea bags. Since it is not necessary to rinse the metal filter with a tea bag, it is even better. Everyone who wanted to stick to tea leaves, those who wanted to emphasize efficiency, were both items that could be used.

The twisty's suggested retail price is 2400 yen plus tax.Amazon's price at the time of article creation is 2592 yen including taxwas.

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