I put it in a can of tea leaves and tried using the "Kinto Loop Tea Strainer" which can make tea for one person as it is without measuring it and easy to wash it

Even if you receive canned tea with gifts etc, if you live alone, it is troublesome to put it in a pot or weigh it with a spoon ... it tends to be too tedious. I was thinking that I could put a cup of tea for one person, but as I was inserting it into a tea canstrainerCan be put in a cup as it is to make a tea for one person "Kinto Loop Tea StrainerI found it, so I actually purchased it and tried it.


The box of Kinto Loop Tea strainer is like this.

Only the tea strainer and the stand were in it.

The size is 130 × 35 × 16 mm, it fits snugly in the palm of a woman. The frame is made of ABS resin, the metal part is stainless steel.

When using it slide one side of the metal part ...... Although it was in the instruction book, but it is somewhat hard, push the edge of the lid.

Then it was supposed to be able to put tea leaves inside the strainer with such feeling.

Here we prepare canned tea. When making tea for one person, putting in a pot, lightening the amount of tea leaves with a spoon is too troublesome ... depending on tea packs, tea with cans can tend to remain too much.

However, pointing out a tea strainer with the lid sliding ...

Especially without adjusting the amount, remove the strainer from the can.

When you close the lid, put the strainer in a cup and pour hot water.

It just became dense at the time of drinking ...... I thought it would take out the strainer ......

You can insert it in the stand. At this time, there is no such thing as dripping potato and tea. If you like thinning, it is also ant to put the second tea as it is.

Because the eyes of the strainer are very fine, the tea leaves did not leak into the cup.

In addition, the weight of the main body is measured 23 g ......

When we pull the strainer thoroughly into the black tea can, it weighs 26 g. In other words, the tea leaves in the strainer are 3 g, making a cup of teaExactly just the reference amountIt was.

Tea leaves that have sucked in hot water will swell in the inside, so if you just slide the lid, the tea leaves will clog ... ...

Since you can remove the lid from it, it is easy to wash the inside if you throw away the tea leaves in the garbage can. Tea leaves were caught in the mesh, and cleaning was not done either.

Since it is possible to save the trouble of putting out the pot and the light weight of the spoon, the psychological wall when tea and tea are put in is reduced, the treatment is easy and the appearance is neat, so it is important to put only one tea from the tea leaves Many people, tea cans of disapproval gathered more and more ... It was an ideal item for those who said that. In addition, the color has white and black, the manufacturer's retail price is 1620 yen including tax, at the time of article creationAmazon's price starts at 1404 yen including taxHas become.

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