I tried eating "European style curry meshes butter & beef" which has wastefully adding butter and cheese

I made the flavor of butter's rich and beef in Nissin's "Kare Messes" series "European curry meshes butter & beef"Has appeared on February 13, 2017 (Monday). Not only butter but also cheddar cheese entered and it means "It has a wasteful time!", So I actually tried eating whether it feels deep richness as described.

"Nissin European curry mesh butter & amp; beef" (released February 13) | Nissin Food Group

I bought a European curry meshes butter & beef.

The spicy level is "3" in 5 steps.

Butter and processed cheese products are used for raw materials.

When opening the lid, the dried rice contained blocks of curry roux, cheddar cheese, seasoned beef mince.

Wait for 5 minutes with hot water.

As I saw inside after 5 minutes, I had plenty of soup like soup curry ... ...

I tried stirring the bottom of the cup as much as possible by saying, "Mix well if you do not waste it!"

As a result of stirring for more than 1 minute, the mash which was not thought that I just put hot water was attached.

With a slight tilt you will see such feeling, the first shaba shaba feeling is completely gone.

I can feel the smell of butter mixed with spicy smell of curry strongly. When I try to eat it, there is a feeling of comfort like curry rice with huge butter lumps, there are certainly insanely rich. Because it contains butter and cheese, its mouthfeel is mellow, but every time you eat it gradually makes spiced spice stand out. Because it is heavy so it is a dish that you can enjoy a considerable satisfaction when you finish eating. In addition, the price of European curry meshes butter & beef is 220 yen per tax.

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