The trouble continued upgrading to Windows 10, and consumer groups asked Microsoft for compensation

ByIain Cameron

A free upgrade of Windows 10 was offered from July 30, 2015, and it was talked about Microsoft's notice to recommend upgrading being too aggressive, but on July 29, 2016 the offer of free upgrade was finished . A popup notice was displayed several times as "the best ever unprecedented Windows", some people were automatically upgraded to Windows 10 without intention, but due to upgrades from those who actually upgraded to Windows 10 Various problems to be reported have been reported, and at the end UK consumer groups are finally developing.

Which? Challenges Microsoft over Windows 10 - Which? Tech Daily

Consumer group: Microsoft should compensate unhappy Windows 10 upgraders | Ars Technica

"Which?" Is a consumer organization that has reviewed various market products since 1957, has 680,000 members, boasts 335,000 subscribers by Which? Its own magazines only. Since over 1,000 complaints concerning Windows 10 are got under such Which?, Which? On behalf of consumer rights to Microsoft to take some action to users who were adversely affected by the upgrade He said that he started calling.

Which? Is conducting a survey on Windows 10 in June 2016,Of those who upgraded to Windows 10, 12% downgradeI have reported that I did. This is caused by "I upgraded to Windows 10 and I can no longer use the software and hardware I used until now".Google engineer"A 96-year-old grandfather's PC was automatically upgraded to Windows 10, the USB wireless LAN adapter was invalidated, it became impossible to connect to the net, it was decided to purchase a Windows 10 compatible wireless adapter and downgrade "It is a complaint.

ByWil C. Fry

Microsoft offers free technical support on the phone or online for those upgrading to Windows 10. On the other hand, those who can not connect to the net by upgrading can not receive online support and can not search the support phone number online. Also,A fraud striking Widows Technical SupportBecause it also exists, Which? Points out that it could lead to inadvertently increasing the number of victims.

In addition, Which? Summarizes the troubles caused by upgrading Windows 10 and lists it as follows.

· Peripherals can not be used
· Accounts such as e-mail can not be synchronized
· Lost files and data
- The operation of the PC slowed down, or a problem occurred that required the use of third party repair software occurred
· Windows 7 users lost compatibility with built-in devices such as printers, wireless LAN cards, speakers
· Incompatible software such as Norton was forcibly uninstalled
· Office 2010 was forcibly uninstalled


As mentioned above, complaints such as software being uninstalled arbitrarily, even if the OS can be downgraded, the security key is lost and the software can not be recovered, and so on, complaints such as Which? Upgraded by believing Microsoft's advertisement We are calling on Microsoft to provide reasonable compensation and free technical support in an easy-to-understand manner for people and users who were adversely affected by automatic upgrades.

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