The pop-up advertisement program of "Would you like to upgrade to Windows 10?" Is further aggressively changed

Legacy OS users such as Windows 7 and 8.1 can upgrade to Windows 10 for free for a limited time. As a result, users with free upgrade rights to Windows 10 will be prompted to upgrade to Windows 10 by advertisement pop-ups, but this is "annoying" to many users who do not want to upgrade I am buying criticism. Under such circumstances, an update program known for being related to the Windows 10 upgrade display that is hated by some users "KB 3035583"Has been found to power up further and pushing the upgrade to Windows 10 intensely.

Banishing 'Get Windows 10' nagware is not as easy as you think | InfoWorld

From pushy to nagging, Windows 10 upgrade prompts will not go away away

According to Microsoft, "This update will make it easier for users to understand Windows 10 upgrade options and device preparation once the Get Windows 10 application is installed," said KB 3035583, an update that appears on Windows Update It has been described that it is known that installing this program will display advertisements that prompt free upgrade to Windows 10. When KB 3035583 is installed, it resides in the background in the process name "GWX" (abbreviation of Get Windows 10), and prepares for upgrading to Windows 10 at the place where the user does not know.

By installing KB 3035583, advertisement popup prompting update to Windows 10 will be displayed, as well as users who do not want to upgrade to Windows 10 will download approximately 6 GB and huge Windows 10 upgrade program As a result, voices of dissatisfaction came up from users who did not want the early transition to Windows 10. In Windows Update, KB 3035583 was originally an optional (optional) update, but it has been upgraded to an important program.

Many users who do not want to upgrade to Windows 10 have taken countermeasures by selecting manual update in Windows Update, removing KB 3035583 from checking and making it "invisible" setting. However, KB 3035583 is supposed to be "restored" many times by Windows Update even though it is hidden, and the troubles that inadvertently install KB 3035583 by automatic updating are continuing.

Also, you can easily uninstall GWX related programs with "GWX Control Panel"Some of the advanced users have prepared for the case where KB 3035583 was inadvertently installed by Windows Update, and some of the advanced experts are working hard on installing KB 3035583 on Microsoft's and users' active development Competition "was happening.

However, Microsoft updated KB 3035583, and added that the latest version KB 3035583 added a function to reset the registry change to prevent the Windows 10 upgrade used in GWX Control Panel to default state. With this, the GWX Control Panel, which was effective as a countermeasure in the past, has stopped working and automatic downloading of the Windows 10 upgrade program is started.

From the transition of handling of the update program KB 3035583, you can see the extraordinary determination of Microsoft wanting to move to Windows 10. However, it is unreasonable to want to take countermeasures if it can be prevented, and it seems that interlocking between Microsoft and an anti-Windows 10 user will continue until the day when the free upgrade period of Windows 10 ends.

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