Automatic upgrade to Windows 10 "Never 10" tool to prevent terrorist attacks with one click

Older OS users of Windows 7/8 / 8.1 have the right to upgrade to Windows 10 until July 28, 2016, so after every occasion, they received an invitation called "Would you like to upgrade to Windows 10?" In some cases it may be annoying for users who are not considering upgrading. Furthermore, something to be expected is sneaked out of the automatic upgrade program in a way that is confused with Windows Update,Users who will upgrade to Windows 10 in an unexpected manner also continueSome people are feeling annoying, such as. Upgrade 'right', so do not upgrade / do not, choose the timing to do! Easy tool that can switch ON / OFF of automatic upgrade to Windows 10 with one click for the user "Never 10It is convenient.

GRC | Never 10

· Prepare
Automatic upgrade to Windows 10 Tool to eliminate advertisement and determine the timing of automatic upgrade "GWX Control PanelIf you are installing, uninstall it in advance.

· Never 10
Download Never 10. Click "Download now" in the middle of the above "GRC | Never 10" page.

Click "Save File" and save the executable file to your favorite place such as desktop.

Execute the saved file.

If security warning appears, click "execute".

If "Windows 10 OS Upgrade is DISABLED on this system" is displayed with green letters, it is OK as it is. Under that condition, there is no concern that it will be automatically upgraded to Windows 10.

On the other hand, if you see "Windows 10 OS Upgrade is ENABLED for this system!" In red letters, there is a danger of automatic upgrade in this state.

To take countermeasures to prevent automatic upgrades to Windows 10, just click "Disable Windows 10 Upgrade".

Switching to the display "Windows 10 OS Upgrade is DISABLED on this system" will disable automatic upgrades to Windows 10 and prevent unexpected upgrades. If you click "Enable Win10 Upgrade" in this state, it is also possible to turn on automatic upgrade to Windows 10 again.

To close Never 10, click "Exit" and close the window is OK.

Never 10 is a tool that rewrites registry and other information on automatic upgrade to Windows 10 with one click, and even if you delete the executable file when using it is OK. However, it is also possible to switch automatic upgrade to valid again when it becomes "It is OK even if it is automatically upgraded", so it seems good to save the executable file.

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