What is the reason why it says "Ready to turn off computer" when turning off Windows?

Microsoft's OS "Windows 95" released in 1995 appeared after implementing various new functions such as minimizing and maximizing the start menu, task bar, window, and sold 7 million in 5 weeks from release It is the OS that broke through the book. Various functions following Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10 are born in this Windows 95, but when you turn off the power, you will get a message saying "Ready to turn off the computer" The OS was the first feature to be installed. Raymond Chen, Microsoft's software developer, talks about why this message, which users who have always remembered, was installed.

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When turning off the power of Windows 95, click "Exit Windows" from the start menu and select "Turn off the computer." After that, when the message "Please prepare to turn off the computer" is displayed following the message "Please wait ...", the user should have manually turned off the power switch of the PC itself.

Mr. Chen says that the person who developed "I am ready to turn off the computer" is unknown, but the reason for the implementation is said to be in Windows NT released before Windows 95.

According to Mr. Chen, in Windows NT, after selecting "Turn off the computer", the pattern of the star and the moon, the message "Windows has been shut down (Windows shut down)" and "Restart ( Reboot) "button was displayed in one dialog box. It seems that there is no problem even if turning off the PC's power manually when this state is reached.

However, even when "pattern of stars and moon & message" is displayed, the user seems that he did not know what to do next, for the time being, it pushed "Restart (reboot)" which can be clicked for the time being, There was a user who started up again.

Mr. Chen actually seemed to see a person who falls into restarting hell trying to turn off the power of Windows NT in an airplane, and he asks the person "If the pattern of the stars and the moon is displayed, Even if he said, "I heard that you should not turn off the power in this state. I was taught that you must use the shutdown menu to turn off the power." He said that he did not understand easily. It is thought that the user Mr. Chen met in the airplane was probably using a PC that supports power management, that is, a PC that automatically turns off the power after software shutdown menu selection via software.

At that time, PCs that automatically turn off the power via software were only the latest one and expensive one, and general PC did not support automatic power off. The message "The computer is ready to turn off" is displayed when a PC that does not support power off by software completes shutdown, and the user who was confused by the shutdown of Windows NT was appropriately powered on It seems there was a purpose to lead it off.

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