Portable showers "RinseKit" with vigorous water that requires no battery or pump

After having fun with the outdoor and the beach, wash away muddy shoes and salty-covered hair with water, something that requires water something to clean up the dishes after use. It is convenient to use a shower anytime and anywhere as long as you bring a portable shower, but while ready-made items require a battery-powered pump, there are many things that water momentum is not enough. "RinseKit"Is an idea that overturns the common sense of portable shower that the shower can be used anytime anywhere at the same momentum as the home water supply even though it is not equipped with a battery and a pump.

RinseKit | Pressurized Portable Shower

The following movie explains how RinseKit works in what way.

After the woman swims at the beach, she is sipping seawater in the shower by the car.

Pots and dishes used in the camp can also be brought back with sashi and water and brought home.

Such RinseKit is designed like a cooler box.

When opening the lid, a hose and a showerhead are contained in it and can be used in the same sense as a hose connected to a faucet in the garden.

I give off the dirt of the weak children ... ...

Even the mud that covers the whole face will fall and watch just by the momentum of the shower.

It is very convenient to drop the dirt before tying the fishing rod.

It is useful for watering in the garden at home.

Just bringing in RinseKit makes cleaning messed up bicycle everywhere.

Even women can carry with one hand size and weight.

Easy to use, switch the shower nozzle to the hose adapter first, and connect it to the faucet as it is.

After that tweak the faucet and add water and you are ready. It will be full in 30 seconds.

If you put the shower nozzle again, you can shoot a strong momentum just by twisting the lever. The point is that batteries and pumps are not equipped inside.

RinseKit is a simple mechanism that stores the water pressure of the tap as it is, and it is so designed that the internal air can be compressed and pressurized simply by adding water from the tap. As a result, pulling the lever plays a role like a spring that pushes out water, and a strong momentum shower is bathed in.

Shower type can be changed to 6 types.

Since the lid can be removed in its entirety, it can be used as a shower stand or as a cutting board.

Because it uses BPA-free plastic, it is OK even if you just drink the water inside.

It boasts durability that is not broken even when stepping on with a car.

In addition, if it is cold season, shower of water may be tried, but if you connect optional heater kit, you can take a warm shower of about 37.7 degrees. The temperature of hot water is maintained for several hours.

The heater kit requires a battery, but with one USB port, the remaining power can be used to charge the mobile device.

Also, if you use the field fill kit (sold separately) and a bicycle air pump, you will be able to use strong momentum shower by pressurizing RinseKit even in places without a faucet.

The dimension of RinseKit is 43.18 cm in width × 30.48 cm in depth × 35.56 cm in height, the length of the hose is approximately 1.8 m. The capacity of the tank is 2 gallons maximum (about 7.5 liters), it is possible to shower for 5 minutes in a row.

RinseKit is now looking for investment with Kickstarter for commercialization, and nearly ten times as much investment as the target amount has gathered. You can get a set of "RinseKit + exclusive faucet adapter" by investing 99 dollars (about 10,000 yen), and if you invest in a plan of 215 dollars (about 23,500 yen), you can set a set of "RinseKit + heater kit + exclusive faucet adapter" You can get one. It is a full set of "RinseKit + heater kit + field fill kit + exclusive faucet adapter" if it is a plan of $ 249 (about 27200 yen).

The product is planned to be shipped in June 2016, only the heater kit is shipped separately in October. Dispatch to Japan requires extra shipping costs, but as for the amount, it is an inquiry. The deadline of investment is 2:27 AM on Saturday, June 4, 2016.

RinseKit: The Revolutionary Portable Shower by Chris Crawford - Kickstarter

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