Portable 10 W generator "The PowerPot X" capable of charging tablets with just water and fire

As a generator that charges smartphones even when you go out to camps, even if you can not supply power from the outlet"Bio light light camp stove" using firewoodAlthough it is put into practical use, the problem is that the maximum output is about 2 W to 5 W, so it takes time to charge and the output to charge the tablet is not enough. The power generator that solves there, the maximum output 10 W is "The PowerPot X (Power pot ten)".

The PowerPot X: Most Reliable 10-Watt Portable Generator by David Toledo - Kickstarter

Here is a movie that shows how to generate and charge the device with "The PowerPot X".

I am watching Google Maps while walking along the mountain road.

If you can check your current location with a map even in the outdoors, it will be safe without being distressed in the mountains.

If you take a picture of a child with a tablet or have a mobile device, the outdoor time will be more enjoyable.

There is no outlet in the outdoors to charge such a mobile device. I use it in The PowerPot X. When charging, it is OK if it is placed in a heat source such as bonfire or charcoal.

Also, even when you are at home ......

There are times when you suddenly suffer a power outage.

In such a case, take out The PowerPot X from the shelf ... ...

You can secure a power supply to a gas stove.

The PowerPot X looks like a folding aluminum pans as is often the case with the aoud doors.

With the stove used in the outdoor etc, fire the water-enriched The PowerPot X with fire ... ....

Charging starts as soon as you insert the USB cable.

The child is delighted to touch the tablet.

Also, at the end of the cable extending from The PowerPot X itself, you can see the output power at a glance "Practical Meter"Is included, you can check what W is charging.

Hot water that has been charged and boiled is used to make freeze dried food ......

It is okay to introduce macaroni and charge while cooking.

Two types of size are XL (3.8 liters) · L (2.3 liter).

Handles are convenient to carry because they can be folded.

The cable is protected against melting by heat.

The enclosed power meter shows the wattage by the number of light.

The power meter indication means that the number of blue lamps is watts, and the red lamp means high power mode.

There are two types of sizes, but both electric power generation is 10 W. The cable is refractory and its length is 90 cm. In addition, there are two USB ports, each of 5 W each can charge two devices at the same time, if you narrow it down to 1, you can charge the tablet as 10 W output is obtained.

A thermoelectric module is built in the bottom of the pan, and when it is put on fire, it is able to generate electricity by using the temperature difference between heat and water.

Work active in the outdoorsGo ProCan also be charged.

It seems to be useful in outdoor and charging the smartphone besides phishing.

The PowerPot X can get if you invest $ 189 (about 19,000 yen) in the L size kit (2.3 liters) and $ 199 (about 20,000 yen) in the XL size kit (3.8 liter), the kit will charge USB cable, power meter, body and pan lid are included. Shipping is scheduled for May 2014, and dispatch to the outside of the United States requires a separate $ 20 (about 2000 yen).

The deadline of investment is Japan time, it is until 4 AM on January 16, 2014.

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10 W power generation pot "The PowerPot X" review which can charge up to 3 devices if boiling water Review - GIGAZINE

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