Headline news of December 6, 2013

"TIGER & BUNNY - The Rising -"Will be released on February 8, 2014, the first movie" TIGER & BUNNY - The Beginning - The Movie "was decided to be broadcast on TV. After the main part is also broadcasted, "Special edition of" Theater version TIGER & BUNNY - The Beginning - known in 5 minutes "is also broadcasted, and the second special editing video can be seen. Please note that the broadcasting date varies considerably between December 30 and February next year depending on the station.

Yamanashi UTY: 12/30 (Monday) at midnight
Iwate IBC: 1/2 (Thursday) 24: 39 ~
Hokkaido HBC: 1/3 (Fri) 26: 07 ~
Osaka MBS: 1/4 (Sat) 26: 28 ~
Nagoya CBC: 1/4 (Sat) 26: 35 ~
Sendai TBC: 1/4 (Saturday) Late night
Hiroshima RCC: 1/18 (Saturday) Late night
Shizuoka SUT: 1/25 (Saturday) midnight
Tokyo TOKYO MX: 1/26 (Sunday) 19: 00 ~
Kumamoto RKK: 1/30 (Thu) 25: 33 ~
Ishikawa 1/31 (Fri) 25: 15 ~
Fukuoka RKB: scheduled for January
BS 11: 2/2 (Sunday) 20: 00 ~
Niigata BSN: scheduled for February

The visual of the movie is like this.


By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

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Monkey: Using new materials to repel field fighting warning sound Aomori - Mainichi Newspaper

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Traffic accident of husband death, real live rice female photograph with Twitter without knowing International News: AFPBB News

Former South African Mandela president died NHK News

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NEWS post seven | Major electronics manufacturer young people say "money is wasteful" and the year-end party cancellation

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Balance ball saves buttocks

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Who is the real Nakamoto Satoshi? One researcher may have found an answer | TechCrunch Japan

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Curtain Soul "Fleet Gokushon" Special Page

Anime One-Day Broadcast Year-end and New Year Part 2 Announcement - Nico Nico Info

WebNewtype - 25th anniversary of "Rhodes war veteran" new-edition version & e-book version delivery commemoration signage interview Mizuno

You'd better see cardboard boxes! : Rattle speed VIP

"I did not understand at all" - Yagi Miyake served as the substitute for the late Lake · Takeo Teruyuki - Kaguya Princess - Nagura

Ghibli Suzuki Talks about Miyazaki Takahata Director's rivalry (Ghibli) - Women himself [Kobunsha Female Weekly Magazine]

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About the post of cosplay manners deterioration | Rainbow Village Latest flower information

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Morning Musume. About Tsunku ___ Official blog "Tsuburo ♂ entertainment course" powered by Ameblo

Morning Musume. Starting January 1, 2014 Group name is
"Morning Musume. '14"
We decided to make it.
Reading is "MONOKU Musume WAN ffa".

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104: Wind blowing if nothing 2013/12/06 (Fri) 00: 48: 23.27 ID: Oa / TQqBl
This is perfect
As a matter of course, languages ​​are expelled abroad in their teens and Akan

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
Kagome, "Limited Vegetable Life 100 Tochio Mixed Mix" for a limited time limited to 200 ml

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