10W power generation pot that can charge up to 3 devices if boiling water "The PowerPot X" review

Even in places where there is no power in the field such as camps, if you place water in a pot and place it in a heat source, a pot type generator capable of charging tablets and multiple devices with output of up to 10 W is "The PowerPot X"is. After investing in the project of Kickstarter at the end of 2013 the product arrived, so I actually used it and tried the performance.

The PowerPot X | Power Practical

I entered such a black drawstring bag and "The PowerPot X" arrived.

When I opened the lid, another bag appeared.

In Kickstarter "The PowerPot X(2.3 liter) "and"The PowerPot XL(3.8 liter) ", so two productsMatryoshkaIt was because it was overlapped like.

According to the manual, an electric heating module is built in the pot bottom of aluminum, and it generates electricity by the temperature difference when putting water and placing the pot on fire. Heat source is OK if anything with heat, such as burner · gas stove for campfire · camp · wood stove.

There is a notice of "sky banning prohibited" in the pot.

"One crotch cable for charging" per pot and "Cable for connection" with LEDs that allow you to see the current at a glance are included.

The terminal of the three crotch cable is Micro - USB, Apple 30 pin connector, Mini - USB. Since there is no Lightning terminal, you can not charge iPhone 5 or later iOS devices, but you can charge up to 3 devices at a time, such as GoPro and mobile battery to charge with Android terminal or Mini-USB.

In the middle of the handle of a folding pot, connection terminals are clearly out.

To use it, insert the terminal of the connection cable at the end of the terminal with "+ to +" and "- to -".

Since the other side is a socket for the USB terminal, it is ready by connecting a three-prong cable.

I tried using charcoal fire
Although it can be used with a gas stove, etc., I will try on the standard BBQ at the camp and build a simple stove and charge it with charcoal heat.

Put water in the pot ... ....

Place The PowerPot X to which the cable is connected on the net. You can put it on charcoal burned directly.

After 1 to 2 minutes, the indicator of the connection cable lighted green.

When I connected the Nexus 7 with the battery empty, a charging mark was displayed on the display.

Similarly inserting iPod with 30 pin connector starts charging as well.

Furthermore, GoPro HERO 3 was able to charge without problem.

Since the maximum output is 10 W, you can also charge multiple at the same time if it is a smartphone or iPod. It is convenient that charging will not stop even when hot water boils down.

I tried changing the three-prong cable to Lightning cable and I was able to charge it even on iPhone 5.

However, it is often displayed that it is not possible to charge because "This accessory can not be used" at quite often. Because it was displayed on iPod, charging of some iOS devices seems not to be expected very much ....

Furthermore, we procure eggs by saying "Can we charge things other than water?"

I will put three eggs in The PowerPot X and put it on fire.

The indicator lights up and starts charging.Wirelessly charge smartphone with 800 potatoes and applesThere is a project called, but charging three devices with three eggs is a sight that is hard to see.

After a while you will have delicious fried eggs ......

Because the egg solidified, power supply stopped. Although it is not problematic as a pot, charging with eggs is not a good idea because time is too short.

While baking your meat etc as below you can place the The PowerPot X next to warm the retort food with hot water, you can also cook with making pasta, it is likely to be useful in the outdoors. ...... It seems that the battery level of the tablet is not increasing as you look closely.

So there is a possibility that the firepower of the charcoal fire was weak, so try charging the Nexus 7 again with a gas stove as a stable heat source.

Begin charging without problems.

The remaining battery power at the start of charging is 30%.

When I looked after 10 minutes, how much it decreased to 28%.

For comparison we will also check with Nexus 5. The remaining battery charge at the start of charging is 12%.

Pear trouble because it is rising to 13% after 5 minutes. I tried it with both The PowerPot X and XL, but the result was the same. Since it was able to charge multiple devices, it seems that output close to 10 W appears, but it may be difficult to charge the tablet with water and fire only ....

Still no power outdoor, it is a reassuring ally that you can charge your smartphone just by putting it on fire. If you like outdoor or camping one product has been a product without loss even if you have one. The PowerPot X (2.3 liter) product version with two USB ports can be purchased from the following page for 219 dollars (about 22,000 yen).

The PowerPot X | Power Practical

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