Headline news on May 12, 2016

Live action movie version "Assassin's CreedThe trailer of "Hello! The stage of the movie is divided into two parts of Spain of the 15th century where the hero's Callum Lynch is caught in the near future and the heretics were heard, and the starring isMichael Fass Benderis. The publication in the United States is scheduled for December 21, 2016

Assassin's Creed - Trailer World Premiere - YouTube

The image is also released on the official website.

Assassin's Creed | 20th Century Fox | DECEMBER 21, 2016

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

"Vitamin C is lie to prevent colds" "Literacy prevention such as drinking alcoholic lie" and true lie - GIGAZINE

An artificial intelligence "Watson" reproduces a strange recipe created, what is its taste? - GIGAZINE

Mini mobile game machine that can play and share 8-bit games "Arduboy" - GIGAZINE

Clearly the brain's ability to recognize games improves when playing games - GIGAZINE

GIGAZINE found out that the grounds for the theory of reducing risk of cancer caused by specific ingredients are weakening - GIGAZINE

"Spurious Correlations" to relieve correlation between unrelated data such as "hanging suicide number" and "expenditure on science, space and technology in the USA" - GIGAZINE

Models and Hollywood actresses refine behind the Cannes Film Festival Prostitution business - GIGAZINE

I want to know for Japan in the coming future reality of disparate society in Central America - GIGAZINE

A ranking by city showing where many millionaires are in the world - GIGAZINE

"IPhone 5" touched a Chinese-made fake made with the setting that the dock terminal becomes Micro USB and the screen size is unchanged - GIGAZINE

Fascinated by German Heinz Stucke who keeps traveling the world's best bicycle from 22 years old to 50 years - GIGAZINE

The worst in-flight meal worst 5 - GIGAZINE worst even in the hurry when it looks hungry

Ultra luxury Norwegian prison complete with flat-screen TV, fridge and shower in private room - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Boy found the ruins of Maya civilization, cultural slash-and-burn agriculture - adventure over Netroa

Can hydrogen water be criticized if there is truly commonsense scientific knowledge? - Togetter Summary

"Hidden room" of Tutankhamun kingdom, truth of strayness | National Geographic Japan version site

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
"Pro Champion" Age of Passion Retired President Harada Benesse: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

President Benesse Harada, resignation of tears resigned due to reform frustration: Nikkei Business Online

French 19-year-old woman, live relay photograph with dive suicide by application International News: AFPBB News

Change name to Fuji Heavy Industries 'SUBARU' | NHK News

Mr. Obama visited, Prefectural police executive "Majee yo" Hurry Guard Office: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Ya chae Nissan, I will buy Mitsubishi motor neatly: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

Mitsubishi Motors Nissan umbrella huge equity investment | NHK News

Painful news (No ∀ `): Masuzomi purchase history, art items 9 million yen, pizza 200,000 yen, barbershop 3000 yen, autobiography 100 books purchase 100,000 yen - livedoor blog

Excessive bargain sale regulation = draft revision bill of the liquor tax law, to the current Diet session establishment: current affairs dot com

News Up Coin parking price increase in various areas Why? | NHK News

Legal action on journalist coalition Panama document revealed from: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Australian Prime Minister 's name in "Panama document" One pain picture before the general election International News: AFPBB News

JR Tokai Linear withdraws next week Appealed next week More than 700 residents along the line - Kyodo News 47 NEWS

Arresting unemployed woman in Gifu that makes rape of small 6 daughter acquaintance: Society: Chunichi Newspaper (CHUNICHI Web)

Trump and Hillary's approval ratings are almost antagonistic, the final round is a close battle | Reuters

Sharp: President of the next term Hon Hai's deputy president Horie Kisui - Mainichi Newspaper

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
"Female college student and aircraft" criticism stops successive HIS | NHK News

Thinking as a university faculty about the campaign of a travel agency 'Tokyo University Beauty sits next to' campaign (Yuki Chida) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Saga Prefecture "Succeeded in detoxifying puffer fish" National Fugu Federation Furious | 2 Channels Summary Blog - Alfalfa Mosaic

It is my only daughter JD, but I just came up with my parents and got this LINE: IT bulletin

Indian woman, 1st baby at the age of 70 First birth 79 years old Husband and 8 faces with in vitro fertilization International news: AFPBB News

Introduction of 'Japanese composition techniques' that can be seen in the illustration -

Painful news (No ∀ `): Lottery 600 million yen Please see the brilliant everyday lives of the winners - Livedoor blog

Even if people do not die, is it funny, is not it? A mystery writer who creates a mystery except murder. - tonarino CHUMAN.

From 50 yen per one! Ikebukuro station Echika recommends if you go to that cheap and delicious "beautiful sushi" - everyone's rice

You have to know it is a waste! How to eat Natto NG and tasty way to eat | @ DIME at dime

Only three minutes in one hour can pass ... To abolish "Opinion without opening" Osaka: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Three railroad crossings which are near the Higashiyodogawa station of the JR Kyoto Line (Odori City Yodogawa-ku, Miyahara 2-chome), which was one of the best nationwide "railroad crossings", will be abolished by the end of 2018. Provide a bridge across the railroad, an elevator (EV), a slope, etc. so that pedestrians and bicycles can pass through. The current station building is abolished and a ticket gate is set up on the bridge. JR West announced on the 11th.

Over 75 years old Driver: 18 items announced to dementia examination due to this violation - Mainichi Newspaper

Violation of 18 items subject to cognitive function examination

· Ignoring signals

· Pass the road on which traffic is prohibited

· Traffic classification violation such as walking on the sidewalk or backward travel

· U-turn on U-turn prohibited road

· Changing course beyond the yellow line indicating prohibition of course change

· Enter the railroad crossing without pausing

· Turn right or left without slowing down at the intersection

· Turn right or left while going straight lane

· Turn right or left at the roundabout without slowing down

· Interfere with the progress of vehicles traveling on the priority road

· Interfere with the oncoming car going straight at the intersection and turn right

· Interfere with the progression of the vehicle within the intersection

· While a pedestrian walks through a pedestrian crossing without stopping temporarily

· Interception of pedestrian traffic at intersection without crosswalk

· Do not slow down at places where you have to slow down

· Entering an intersection without pausing

· Do not signal when turning right or left

· Violating safe driving obligation such as mistake in steering wheel operation

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
【Fish】 When I went to "the church surrounding Mr. Child", it was the case that it was "Readers' JK and off-paco party". - sibutani

87% of female college students "Men who use vim are crazy": Gadget 2ch

Let's introduce the best do-it-yourself "husband husband thread" and its ridiculous masterpieces - enjoy all the way!

Drowon suspicion of unauthorized flight Documentary photographer | NHK News

Programming quotes a bit more | Unclassified | POSTD

About the working hours and child rearing of IT companies | External Father's Takumi

【As if dictionary】 WordPress Recommended plugin to be found immediately page 【carefully selected 38 items】 | Blog Marketer JUNICHI

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
Culdcept R Rivolt Introduction Video - YouTube

"lovelive! School idol festival ~ after school ACTIVITY ~ "Promotional trailer - YouTube

Discussion about Bust Size and Breast Size of Delete 3D Model - Non Regular Blog About Delete

In order to appreciate large breasts in MV, it is common sense for Deresta Breaking Appreciation Mania that it is necessary to set the MV setting to 30 fps, but I will mention it here for beginners.

Dr. Matsumori Matsuhiro passed away - DigitalUnderground

Mr. Matsu was a really amazing person
In addition to being written Ranube in the name of Matsumori Momi, original cartoon and drama CD, screenplays of game and animation etc.
Many works were done and I was working vigorously whenever I saw it
We interact with various people in various industries as well as writers
I also do the job of the comic market preparation meeting, bridge the same person with the commercial,
I was involved in copyright issues and TPP issues, and on the day of Comiket I was supporting Comike at the headquarters of the West District
And I was treating my family very much
Even after it turns out that it is cancer at the end of the day, it is calm and not disturbed
I worked twice as much as a person, so I was overlooked that the life span has halved
You can think of things after yourself passed away and want to laugh rather than crying on the same day
I was spending bright time
Asking the question as to how long it was to be taken care of with your family while you were alive
While Mr. Matsu laughs, I take care of my family, but since I am a writer I write until I die
That's why I told you to socialize
And it was truly written until just before his death

Splatoon tramp

Depressive cartoon banner ads No more! It is! Contractors that drift frequently should take action immediately under Disney's control! It is! - Togetter Summary

Discussion about Bust Size and Breast Size of Delete 3D Model - Non Regular Blog About Delete

"Civilization ® VI" Official Announcement Trailer - YouTube

Pre-order Sid Meier's Civilization R VI with Steam

Players at "Civilization VI" will be involved in the world in a different way. The city actually enlarges the area on the map and aggressive research on technology and culture releases new potential. In addition, leaders competing for supremacy have the same characteristics as actual history, trying to achieve victory in a manner appropriate to each personality.

Vast empire
Players will be amazing at the greatness of the empire showing unprecedented spread on the map. Since the city spreads across several tiles, it is possible to build a city that makes maximum use of the surrounding topography.
Aggressive research
Let's accelerate the evolution of civilization. In order to develop civilization in a shorter period of time, actively explore using units, develop surrounding environment, and discover new civilization.
Dynamic diplomacy
"Battle is the providence of the world" begins in a primitive state, eventually diplomacy and alliances are also an option. How to engage with other civilizations will change as the game progresses.
Cooperation between different units
From the principle of "one unit in one tile", you can now integrate support units with other units, such as anti tank units and infantry, warriors and settlers. It is also possible to combine similar units into a powerful "corps" unit.
More comprehensive multiplayer player
In addition to the multiplayer mode so far, you can enjoy cooperative play and battle play with friends with a variety of situations designed to be settled in one session.
Civilization anyone can enjoy
With "Civilization VI", veteran players can build and develop civilization in a new way different from the past, and make victory more reliable. Also, if you learn the basic idea with a new tutorial system, even a player who has never played an old work will be able to enjoy the game immediately.

Diablo: A Classic Game Postmortem - YouTube

VIPPER me: a car school simulator Who did you fully exploit?

The moment when you feel motivated in the game wwwwwwwwww: Kini speed

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
Painful news (No ∀ `): George" High school student is cute when hidden and smoked, what that Becky did is about that degree "- Livedoor blog

Mitsubishi Motors under Nissan umbrella ... What is the impact on Urawa Reds and Yokohama F · Marinos? : Domestica blog

Boxing: Kameda Kohki, ambulance transport with acute alcohol poisoning - Mainichi Newspaper

Director, Yukio Ninagawa died - Kyodo News 47 NEWS

【Photo Special Feature】 The 69th Cannes International Film Festival Opening Photo 35 pictures International News: AFPBB News

Two conditions necessary for the U - 23 attack team. Who is "Overcoming Kashita" & "Good with Asano"? - Japan national football team - Number Web - number

◆ U-23 representative ◆ Kamikami FW Yajima, Togashi, Ueda's mental strength ('· ω · `) (video), which is tried on Mr. Nagashima's impact interview

Mr. Nagashima strayed at U23 interview vs Ghana 20160512 - YouTube

Message from the players of Ghana national team to Kumamoto "Gumbatte Kumamoto": Domestica blog

【Movie】 Shinji Kagawa "Gundan is the most kickable w"

Shinji Ono speaks "a fight changed fate". "Peak in professional soccer life ... ..." - J League - Number Web - Number

Management method of "ideal small and medium size club". Villarreal's desire, to crush again. - Overseas Football - Number Web - Number

◆ Premier ◆ 30th postponement Liverpool × Chelsea Azar's first goal is too super!

Mitsubishi Motors under Nissan umbrella ... What is the impact on Urawa Reds and Yokohama F · Marinos? : Domestica blog

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
New tropical taste feels summer! "Mushroom mountain banana taste" "Takaneko no Sato mango taste" New release on May 17

Long-established fruit store Kyobashi Senjuya "Non-official" Lake Ikebaya "Ringo taste" potato chips on sale "4th breakfast trial set" limited release on sale

(PDF file)"Meisei Cocohar Tom Carrigai" June 6, 2016 (Monday) New release nationwide

(PDF file)"Meisei Three Types of Meat Soup noodle Yakiniku Soy Sauce" June 6, 2016 (Monday) New release nationwide

(PDF file)Anniversary special project "sweet prawn spill overflow" 111 yen! "Rumo Marche" Opening 1st anniversary event Holding full of taste of Rumoi (Hokkaido · Rumo)! Limited for three days from 18th to 20th May>

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