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Asus is a 10.1-inch 2in 1 notebook PC "ASUS TransBook T100ChiWe will announce it will be released from 27th May (Friday) 2016. ASUS TransBook T100Chi is a 2-in-1 notebook computer that can be used as a tablet when a detachable keyboard is removed, achieving a battery driving time of about 8.2 hours at the maximum, adopting Atom Z3795 as the CPU. Storage is eMMC 64 GB, memory is 4 GB. The expected actual selling price is 49,800 yen.

ASUS TransBook T100 Chi | 2-in-1 Products | ASUS Japan

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Devices that may be "iPhone 6c" mistakenly appeared on the Apple Store for a moment, the images are GIGAZINE

IOS 9 is also optimized for older devices, including iPhone 4s, possibly even jailbreak impossible Al - GIGAZINE

"Pac-Man 256" which dared to gamer bugs occurring on Pac-Man's 256 faces - GIGAZINE

Succeeded in making sperm precursors using infertile male skin cells - GIGAZINE

Free application "App De statistics" that allows you to see various government statistical data - GIGAZINE

Battle to leave the vanishing e-book in posterity - GIGAZINE

Top 20 thirteen popular tourist cities chosen by travelers who travel around the world Top 25 - GIGAZINE

Risk of developing various diseases from mental illness to sexual dysfunction when sleeping for less than 7 hours continues - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)
Sideburns Cha Shu:: Elementary school student Wai "Nice stick and this is ..." - Livedoor blog

One day the credit card suddenly stopped → Credit card company judged that there was a suspicious movement → That suspicious movement was an excellent reason - Togetter Summary

Baseball cat: A girl was angry that "Please lead more properly!"

Mr. King Yaneune who responded to sticky comments, the end of the truth ... - Various melts

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
What is the identity of green oasis dotted in the North Pole? | National Geographic Japanese version site

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
World birthday | latest article | Newsweek Japan Official Site

"Trump president" US writer opposed S. King etc. Letter: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The letter is "a deliberate appeal to the most vulgar and violent elements of society, to promote attack by supporters, to silence others, to intimidate those who disagree, to intimidate those who disagree, raise the candidate to slander women and minorities "A strong objection is necessary. "As a writer, I am particularly familiar with many ways in which languages ​​are abused under the name of power" "We believe that leadership is essential to knowledge, experience, flexibility and history recognition" , Lists the reasons for opposing the trump who ensured Republican candidate nomination.

Kirin, Toyota, Fujifilm also influence the influence of the "three major chaebol companies" moving the Japanese economy! | ZUU online

All that was handed was the first bullet-shot eruption in the live bullet train exercise training site at GSD | Hashimoto Web / electronic version (society)

It was a training to shoot empty capsules with 89 type rifle (caliber 5 · 56 mm) on the assumption that a vehicle running on the road inside the exercise ground was attacked in the middle, but when they shot the gun in two hands, It was said that it was fired.

The place of live ammunition is unknown, and the general superintendent is hurried to confirm that it may have landed outside the training grounds.

Russia's statement World humanitarian summit "I do not want to sign": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Masuzoe governor allegations Conclusion Crayon Shin-chan 400 yen, coffee shop fee 18,000 yen ... | dot. Dot Asahi Shimbun Publication

Emergency punishment arrested company employee released - NHK Gunma prefecture news

Partners with Toyota at U.Board, Ride Share | Reuters

Hold up 17 hours, arrested a man Homosexual woman is safe: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Management settlement reached settlement | Hebei Shimbun online news

Operating profit of Kansai Airport, the first Narita beyond Asian flights are strong: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Prime Minister departs to Summit ... Talks with US Leaders and Tonight: Politics: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

"Sky deck" is also banned ... Chubu airport strict observance: society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Ise Shima Summit: Remote island residents, grocery shopping - Mainichi Newspapers

Reason why "Miraculous Frozen Udon" was able to make 100 times sales without changing content | Behind the scenes of hit product development | Diamond Online

"Rice cracker keeps the day" Sweet soup's best-before date Tamsui confectionery company in Himeji - Sankei WEST

Cyber ​​attack on Korean Air Force site: current affairs dot com

"Help me" Talent woman, report himself ... Just before the incident: Society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Idol stabbing: police, location information not confirmed victim 110 - Mainichi Newspaper

LINE to abandon its own building in Fukuoka To sell the planned place to JR Kyushu: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Even though it is a sexual theory, it is a marvelous organization management method that does not create "free-riding employees" | Broiler by neuro business thinking! "Black psychology" rooted in an organization that can not win Watabe stem | Diamond Online

Linear full line launch ahead of schedule to consider using FILP | NHK News

Linear Central Shinkansen between Tokyo and Osaka is planned to construct a construction agency by JR Tokai and to open the whole line in 2045 with a total construction cost of approximately 9 trillion yen but from the economic circle of the LDP and the Kansai region the activity of the regional economy There are voices calling for the schedule of opening the business in order to encourage the conversion.
For this reason, the government decided to invest in JR Tokai to fund JR Tokai at a low interest rate using funds from the FILP and to promote construction.

【Contribution】 Party that was hit by China Chinese armed censure plays - WSJ

Hanayashi Stage: Confirmation of Mr. Aoyama's position in the dictator Natori's disqualification is invalid - Mainichi Newspaper

It is unusual for the court to invalidate the disposition within the school of traditional arts by judgment. Mr. Hiroshi argued that this point would not be a legal conflict, but Presiding Judge Nobuaki Iwai said that "Natori is qualified to undergo certain training and examination, occupation receiving performance fee and disciples teaching fee It is judged that it constitutes a legal battle as "what forms the basis of activities."

Procurement of waste disposal of waste furnace "in place deeper than 70 m underground" NHK News

JK business: Prohibition under the age of 18 is prohibited Politicians knowledgeable experts report - Mainichi Newspapers

Arresting a store clerk who noted the customer's "credit card information", what kind of crime is it? - Lawyer Dot Com

Unauthorized paddle leave prefecture ... dealer cloud hide, dangers of collapse: society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

About 6 years ago at the slope (height about 15 m) of the valley adjacent to the residential area of ​​Ikoma-shi Nishimatsugaoka in Nara Prefecture, the vendor in Nara City violated the prefectural Sabo Ordinance, the creation of land by blessing without permission After doing the guidance of the prefecture, I found out that I was disappointed.

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"Mathematics C" To the resurrection In the next school curriculum guidelines: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Speaking of condiment suitable for Somen? : Ha log

You guys "Shinjuku station Dungeon too!" ← Is it about saying? | Life Hack Channel 2

Black company "company name" announced, one company "one hundred percussion effect is thin" in one year, "Improvement of labor security system" - lawyer dot com

Although it is Miyako / Sendai ... it is a ginkgo tree row, do you cut down? : Asahi Shimbun Digital

Use of electric whistle instead of pistol at sports festival exercise | NHK News

The Board of Education in Shima City asked the elementary and junior high schools not to use it because the sound of the pistol ringing at the start of the athletic exercise, such as rushing, is confused with the sound of a real gun, and that the summit's security is hindered It is.

Do not buy cheap bicycles less than 30,000 yen! - Ogikubo cycle hit of Atsushi Yuu

Ion is built in the country does not mean urbanization "really this" "rather this evaluation is deeply emotional" - Togetter Summary

Notice on the relationship between Mongolia Tanmen 中文 book | "Shinjitsu Tanmen" Arakiya "

As a result, from many customers, we have received numerous complaints, attention etc. from the direct telephone and complaints from the questionnaire to our company. Some of your complaints are as follows.

(1) The manager is not always there. If you do not feel motivated, close it.

(2) The manager's behavior and attitude are strange.

(3) There is only one female staff in the store, and no items of orders come out at all.

(4) The store manager says "I do not understand this store electricity is running, now I ran."

Receive a job question as a voice actor and Mr. Akira Kamiya walking on the quick pace → "Influence of the Summit" "It can not be helped because it's work" "Mushri nocha ..." - Togetter Summary

Emergency Declaration on "Ebola of Tomatoes", 1 northern state photograph of Nigeria International News: AFPBB News

Wild sea lion, to Kagoshima? Fisherman witness, possibility of extinct species: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Painful news (No ∀ `): Indonesian government requested Japan to construct a cross railway in Java Total project cost 200 billion yen - Livedoor blog

A photographer 's father' s horror horror photo collection created with his family is topic with SUGYI "This is a family photo" "Fun looks" - Togetter Summary

Invisible seats "Invisible seats" European culture aspects: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Kobe Newspaper NEXT | Society | Coping with Monster Parents Commentary by the Bundesan Bar Association

The book "Case study explanation violence subject to education ~ response to complaints at the educational site" summarized by the committee of the Kinki Bar Association Federation is calling for an echo. We introduced "unfair demands" from parents to schools and verified whether there is a legal obligation. From 88 cases based on real stories, school sites suffering from coping with parents can be seen through.

CNN.co.jp: The Key to Success is "Effort" and "Home Environment" Survey of the US HNWIs

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Windows 10 The Latest: The latest CPU is supported only on Windows 10, support for Windows 7 / 8.1 is terminated early - @ IT

Hiroyuki comes back to the 2channel manager? ~ Hiroyuki, 2 ch.net petition for Unified Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy - Neta Spot

I heard "Perspective on corporate measures" for perspective risk by VR (Kotobu Doihashi) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Advertisement picked up by obesity women in bikini, FB apologized for posting banned 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

A bill to regulate laws such as bit coins is established | NHK News

A bill to revise the law incorporating regulations such as registering a company that exchanges virtual currency such as bit coin with the actual currency was approved and passed at the House of Councilors Plenary Session on 25th.


Thank you for always using BEKKOAME // INTERNET.

We are declaring that we will terminate accepting applications for new services on 20th May 2016 (Friday).

Smaho communication speed, up to twice the frequency in the summer Multiple combinations: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Dissatisfaction" started as free of charge as research dataset / Partnership with dissatisfaction purchasing center, Inc. - 2016/05/25 Press release - National Institute of Informatics

Toshiba: Press Release (2016-05-25): Develop technology for high-speed matching of big data and large-scale media data

Extracts specific person from 10 million face image data at 8.31 ms with high speed data processing about 50 times higher than conventional

【Toshiba】 Develop technology for high-speed matching of big data and large-scale media data - YouTube

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
Mirror's Edge Catalyst: Launch Trailer | Why We Run - YouTube

Overwatch - "Hero" Animated Short | PS4 - YouTube

Running Steam on PS4 Linux - YouTube

Users who start Steam on PlayStation 4 and play games have appeared.

"The Game Center Part 4 Building into a Museum" First Part | AUTOMATON

Amiibo diorama kit | Nintendo

Things that can not be forgiven in real life manga wwwwwwwwwwwwww: Insane @ N

Animate Times and Garpan's 1300 days ── Event Reports Conclusion | Animate Times

【Super Minipla】 Ideon sells two types of "normal version" and "activation set" at the same time! - Bandai Candy Staff BLOG

Moral of the industry being questioned. Gun Ho, not all the gacha items of "Pazzdra" are handled as "hits" and the probability is not displayed

According to the guidelines of JOGA, when there are many characters that the manufacturer makes "hits", it is said that it is not necessary to express the probability.
Since it is the manufacturer's side to decide the "hits", even if a character does not seek any fish character, even if the player does not ask for it, if the manufacturer increases the discharge rate of that "hits" as "hit", the probability notation disappears .
Therefore, it has been pointed out that guidelines do not function at all with the exaggeration of manufacturers from long ago.

And now. Gang Ho started "bothersome" saying "There is no probability notation as the character that comes out of our gacha is all it is!".

【Basic Education of Game Narratives: Part 1】 First Dragon Quest was born in a fight against RPG - History of "struggle" seen in the domestic RPG history of "before Dracoa" | Electric Family Nicogame Mar Project Articles

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
It is not an idol nor an otaku! Moyamoya feeling in the report of Koganei stabbing incident | Almost weekly Yoshida Australia

JASRAC v. Funky Sueyoshi's district court sentence was released (Kiyoshi Kurihara) - Individual - Yahoo! News

It is a story after the fact that JASRAC managed music was played without permission, so it is unlikely that it will be ordered to pay the copyright usage fee (if it is a judgment that you do not have to pay it in reverse I am surprised). Although Mr. Sueyoshi and his supporters had disappointing results, the court thought that the amount paid has been reduced to less than half of JASRAC's original invoice amount, so "padding" is not permitted . Also, as can be seen from the bold part of the judgment sentence citation, the judge also feels emotionally that JASRAC's negotiations are high-pressure.

Nakai-kun "The fan letter does not read" The reaction between the world and Nakai Otah is too true opposite - Togetter Summary

"Campanella on Wednesday" riot, the legal problem of using real band names for "song titles"? - Lawyer Dot Com

Mayor of Sapporo "New hall stadium in Sapporo city asking": Polly breaking

The number of times that the pallets five teams saddled Buffaloes Ponta so far: Nikkan Yakiniku

Watching baseball games like hobbyist stressful hobby wwwwwwwwwwww: Polly breaking

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I do not have to see it in the worst case
But I watch it.

Cat Hiroshi to the Rio Olympics Cambodia representative marathon - Kyodo News 47NEWS

Immature cooperation, ability of individuals not demonstrated. "The gap with mainstay" faced by U - 23. - Japan national football team - Number Web - number

【Movie】 Manga no longer! Topic is that the goal that decided Serie B victory is too dramatic and beautiful!

Nightmare AT bullet ... FC Tokyo, "Defense of the soul" can not be shown but also the first ACL entering 8 strong | Gexaca [Kodansha]

【ACL Shanghai Top Port x FC Tokyo Game Results】 FC Tokyo, a goal just before the game end! Lost with best 16 by away goal difference! [All goal movies available]

Excluding one-sided ice hockey of "4 large sports", young prospective young people are joining one after another to MLS, footballnet [football summary]

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I have a habit to pay sports money
Hispanic explosive growth (even though white people are more popular with customers, though)
Investors make money easy to make money

Jeonbuk defunct judge buyer's referee suspected "It became clear that it was done personally," emphasizing that it is not organizational to the last: footballnet [soccer summary]

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News Release "Jarjago Goro Goro German" | Calbee Co., Ltd.

"PREMIUM SWEETS" Japanese style sweet third bullet New release of Azuki bean's "Cream Shiratama Zenzai" ~ Chilled dessert sticking to the material ~ | Yamazaki Bread Co., Ltd.

Collaboration series with the Champa chain "Ringer hat" that develops throughout the country Reproduced in a cup of a new classic menu "Menzetsugin"! Ringer Hut's Mild Spicy New Release

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