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Sharp is a robot type smartphoneRobohornWe will release it from May 26th (Thursday) 2016. Robohorn is the world's first "mobile robot phone" capable of bipedal walking, it is capable of bipedal walking, in addition to basic functions such as telephone and e-mail, it is equipped with a focus free small laser projector, It is also possible to project. It can also be talked, walked and danced, with a small size of about 19.5 cm tall, so it can be carried on the go. The price is 198,000 yen without tax.


Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Is "golden ratio" the biggest city legend in design history? - GIGAZINE

Can you solve mathematics in Singapore where the mathematics level is the highest regular in the world? - GIGAZINE

The actual state of business called "Sherpa" that continues to climb Everest even if many casualties are appearing - GIGAZINE

How does Japan improve American culture? - GIGAZINE

I tried renting a small EV "Choimobi" which is a two-seat rentable at 20 yen per minute - GIGAZINE

How to manage "that" that keeps ringing in your head - GIGAZINE

Underground station full of individuality such as fantastic station and gorgeous station 15 - GIGAZINE

Review of the 4 million pieces of glass-made Kyushu's latest work "Chara Maru - CHAMARU - Review" - GIGAZINE

I can not say "It's just a pig" Living like a pig that you see abroad - GIGAZINE

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Is Grandma restrained by garbage bag? It is! → It was a picture taken by myself - Togetter Summary

Discover Nessie! It should be = movie set from the bottom of Ness - English: current affairs dot com

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Private Space Station BA 330, launched in 2020 | Slad Science

Clean gas from slaughter / organ of slaughterhouse, Central America Costa Rica picture 1 international news: AFPBB News

The Chinese team who genetically engineered human fertilized eggs, counter to ethical concerns 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

Technique development to move hands and feet as though the spinal cord injury thought | NHK News

The ancient city Pompeii looked like a contemporary society | National Geographic Japan version site

[Movie] snakes sniffing birds with "fake spiders" | National Geographic Japan Edition site

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Judgment sentence of Frank Miura Tribunal was released (Kiyoshi Kurihara) - Individual - Yahoo! News

"Only man is questioned for sexual assault charges" Singaporean photograph 1 innocent in defendant International News: AFPBB News

"Everyone makes a tough Japanese who thinks public" Liberal Democratic Party, Mr. Ibuki: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Tajima arrested the former head of the sky for violating public election law | NHK News

Toshio Tamiojin, a former aviation chief of staff who was defeated at the Tokyo prefectural governor's election yesterday, was arrested by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor Special Division for alleged violation of the Public Offices Election Law, suspected of giving cash to several exercisers as a remuneration for the election campaign It was. Former staff member Tajima denied his / her relationship with the past, saying, "I did not intend to give out cash and I never ordered it."

Painful news (No ∀ `): PET bottle display with urine on convenience store, arrested man suspected that abnormal awareness is included in the mouth by purchasers ... Aomori - Livedoor blog

Negated by "contempt" on soap passing Kotaro Nagasaki watching distorted women | Nikkan Gendai DIGITAL

Convenience store giant major companies operating profit record high | NHK News

Sharp was deceived? "Economic IQ" of media hitting "Hon Hai" Media watch of Komiya Kazuke 【14】: PRESIDENT Online - President

Why did Walkman fail in the Net era - silo effect: PRESIDENT Online - President

VW, to greatly reduce the remuneration of directors ... exhaust gas fraud problem | Response (Response.jp)

The National Police Agency, Authorized Driving by Handle Unleashed on the Public Highway ... announces a draft guideline for public road test | Response (Response.jp)

Tamahawk forecasts a loss of 0.8 billion yen in net income or loss, settled accounts in the fiscal year ended May 16, 2004 - recession .com

Village Vanguard converts to a loss of 1.6 billion yen in net profit and loss, settling accounts for deficit in May 16, 2004 - recession .com

Spam mail is sophisticated, Yucho Bank fluctuates in fluent Japanese | Response (Response.jp)

Investment blog of suspended man (index investment): The fact that major companies are using tax havens itself has been clarified from long ago ~ Panama document

St. Earls monastery, IS symbolized Syrian picture of the coexistence of heathen 15 images International News: AFPBB News

CNN.co.jp: 2 years since the abduction of the Nigerian group, "Survival proof video" emerged - (1/3)

Earthquake of Myanmar No major damage report so far | NHK News

High 3 girls, bodies of uniform appearance Plant of the Pana factory in Osaka and Ibaraki Site: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Possibility of launching ballistic missiles North Korea" Japan, the United States and Korea watch out: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Crane collapsed in China, 18 people died Photo 10 international news: AFPBB News

Police bag on infant 's face, arrested 3 high mothers Attempted murder charges: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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Painful news (No ∀ `): Tochigi / Moka railway" Please do not come anymore "Shooting iron" Why are you going to come all the way to bother me? "- Livedoor blog

Over 80% of university students graduating from next spring submit entry sheet | NHK News

More than 80% of university students who graduate next spring submit entry sheets to companies wishing to get a job and 45% of students who received employment interviews also found out by survey of employment information company. Both are expected to be earlier than last year, as more companies are trying to secure excellent talent in addition to shortening job search activities.

Change toilet paper | NHK News

Do you notice that there is a slight change in toilet paper essential to our lives?
Please measure its width with a ruler. The number of products whose width is narrower than 114 mm which is regarded as the standard by JIS = Japanese Industrial Standard is increasing. The difference is a little, but in reality the difference between the two makes it possible to see the current situation of the Japanese economy. Kunitani Liao reporter from the economic department will explain.

Kamogawa riverbed, 7.5 kilometers Salamander worm protection ... toll women reported - Sankei WEST

A painful news (No ∀ `): 【Image】 Cat rides on the train and is departed 19 minutes late" This is not angry "... JR Hiroshima Station - Livedoor blog

You can find the original plan of the Kuroneko mark! The author was 6 years old, the daughter of the person in charge - withnews (with news)

Children's poverty gap, Japan ranked 34th among the 41 advanced countries: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Surrounded by sharks, staying overnight, Aquarium's "Housing" Buddha Paris Contest winner sleeps with sharks at Paris Aquarium - YouTube

I thought that "girls are stupid" I want to grease me - I'm close to transparent

I am seriously reviewing the good tool "Tami's bread baking machine" I loved after the war by the okan - where did you buy it?

Queue queen · Mr. Hojo Kaayu decides to commit suicide → As "4000 yen" seems to be a way to save lives · Togetter Summary

I compare the news of abandonment of nursery school opening comparison - Kato Yu house break

Procedure at the time the family died and all knowledge to know in advance

Maritime Self Defense Force: Maritime Self Defense Force Recipe Page: Recipes of the past

A good point and a bad point of university education I felt after transferring from college to college and what I value important things in college life - When I am - I did not realize that I can not do? ~

Only high performers practice, how to make use of real mindfulness | project to change the future by DODA

【Selected Edition】 Impression changes with hair treatment! It is! "Shaver / Self Care Goods" Related Articles Summary 【Etiquette】 - Non-Activism.

Dangerous! Small aircraft landing on hit the cameraman ... | Sorae.jp: Portal site to the universe (Sora)

Car critic Morino's Porsche 911 GT 3 accident death 【Wonder Driving】

Three times in order of difficulty, English pronunciation that Japanese is not good even after practicing many times | Response (Response.jp)

What is the legal basis of social consciousness that "gambling is illegal, unconditionally bad"? | Media Gong (MediaGong)

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Possibility of aerial shooting and video contents with 360 degree camera and drones connected - Logmy

TensorFlow Playground is recommended for understanding the neural network - Nishio Taiwa's Hatena diary

CNN.co.jp: U.S. Army, ISIS Initiated Cyber ​​Attack Commanding Strain

I did not expect it but I got the Soviet Contax, which is amazing! It is! - day of silver salt

From Tumblr Nihongo? Tumblr staff: About new content contracts for blogs that contain masochistic content

Litigation: Picture diversion without permission, first argument in the district court for "poster" disclosure / Niigata - Mainichi Newspaper

Some prototyping tools Origami Studio announced at F8 Originality features - more

What is Yahoo's heat map, started from a single developer - Yahoo! JAPAN Tech Blog

The identity of artificial learning intelligence "DQN" who raised "alpha go" | Koichiro Tsujino's "fight against the world" | Koichiro Tsujino | Mainichi Shimbun "Economic Premier"

"I want to buy your web service" and a conversation came up approaching. - Robots · IT omnipresence diary

Japanese «WordPress 4.5 'Coleman'

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Pokemon general election | Pokemon movie official website "Pokemon The Movie XY & Z" Borquenion and Megumi no Kagiyana "July 16 (Sat) Roadshow

【Tokyo books】 Notice About NEW HORIZON characters

Characters posted in this year's junior high school English textbook "NEW HORIZON English Course" have invited unexpected reactions on the net.

At our company, we have set these characters so that as many English junior high school students as possible will be motivated to learn English while English learning becomes more and more important. Upon publication, careful attention is given so that the contents are conveyed more in each learning scene, and paying attention such as giving guidance from teachers in advance about clothes and hair styles etc. so as not to hinder student guidance I will. Everyone in junior high school students wants to learn more English by watching vivid characters in the textbook's paper, and as a Japanese living in a global society, We hope that you can disseminate it to deepen your understanding of different cultures.


I wish to express my gratitude for our wishes to have junior high school students learn English amusingly and ambitiously in a tranquil environment, from my heart.

'Animal Crossing' Memorial Video - With thanks for 15 Years - YouTube

THE IDOLM @ STER M @ STERS OF IDOL WORLD !! 2015 Live Blu-ray digest video [2nd volume] - YouTube

Nintendo Kids' Space | What kind of people are those who made "Splatoon"? : 1st | Nintendo

【U.C.0079】 Mobile Zero Mobile Suit Gundam - Togetter Summary The invasion of Zeon army was late for the delay

Incompetence character of battle cartoon "Incompetence but win with wisdom and effort" ← This> O j> Summary Taro!

A comic babel editor unilaterally requested a change to the publication magazine, and when refused, "I did not have this story. Thank you for your hard work ♪" Data abandoned and manuscript fee not being paid → Patterns apologized - Togetter Summary

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
Former "brother of song" arrested suspect Mitsuo Sugita possession of stimulant possession: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Stimulant will not stop" C-C-B former member also arrested Kanagawa prefectural police - Sankei news

[Good news] Buffaloes Ponta, crying and rejoice: Nikkan Yakiniku bulletin

Kanno 8 bats hits 5 hits wwwwwwwww Batting rate ... Yes, let's see baseball @ N J summary blog

16: If the wind blows, there will be a nameless @ \ (^ o ^) /: 2016/04/13 (Wednesday) 19: 28: 44.47 ID: WBmmH4Om0.
I got to the truth that I do not have the help and I can hit it myself

Why can not I shy away from the first base? : Insane @ J

MLB NEWS: Ichiro's best HR definitely hit Rivera from the Mariners era HR

Fuji TV made a battle with a program that was reorganized in about a year or so: what J does not matter and what you do @ J

CL Best 4 decision ... Real, Atlético, Bavaria, Man C to the semifinal | Football King

◆ UEFA-CL ◆ R8-2 nd A · Madrid × balsa result Grellman 2 shots! Atletico reversal to R4 (all goals)

Barça and Atlético, why did you divide the contrast? ... a surprising difference in the number of passes and mileage | Football King

On the other hand, it is the distance traveled by Atlético · Madrid which is bigger than Barcelona. The overall distance traveled by the team is over 114 kilometers and runs more than 10 kilometers over Barcelona. Compared by mileage per field player, there is a difference of more than 1 kilometer.

◆ Riga ◆ Messi Slump Self Worst official game 452 minutes No Goal No Assist

39: Mr. Nanashi @ I am afraid @ ((o) / 2016/04/14 (Thur) 09: 45: 27.12 ID: reVzz23h0.net
A monster nominated to the master of the no-go in 450 minutes

◆ CL small net ◆ Atletico Suppo, with banner "Barça's Fome is 4-3-3-3! Warota wwwww

◆ UEFA-CL ◆ R8-2nd Benfica × Bayern outcome Benfica prematurely catch up Vidal Mueller bullets to Bayern R4 (All goals & highlights)

"Strong shot goes in" Doshisha University changed the theory to an illusion, How to increase decision power | Football King

In the football community, not only in Japan but also in the world, the theory that "strong shoot enters" has been penetrated, but at Doshisha University it is recognized that the dog is aware of it as "fantasy" We are concentrating on acquiring three types of shoots, that is, shoots that increase the volume of a quadrangular pyramid, wrapping from the outside of a quadrangular pyramid with a straight line drawn in (corner and out curve) and dropping (loop).

Is that the uniform of Kawasaki Frontale? "Mr. Kiritani" who appeared in "Monday through Friday night" is a topic: Domestica blog

【Sad news】 Nippon Ham Injury continued ... Sugitani, right fractured to surgery · · · Nanjei Stadium @ N J Summary

Soft B · Matsuzaka gets doubled in Hanshin - Uemoto, who got up to the second battlefield, but he did not lose points once! : What's J Stadium @ N J Summary

MLB NEWS: Ichiro is the first starter in this season's first lap ... ... Marlins loses 4 bats 1 hits 3000 hits to 63 hits

MLB NEWS: Matt Marton's Memories

MLB NEWS: 【sad news】 Atlanta Braves, no shadow of golden age

UCI temporarily stopped using the disc brake in the road race! Ventoso is injured in Paris - Rubbe, the risk and necessity of disc brakes being questioned, the players welcomed decision, industry is astringent Cycling news: CYCLINGTIME.com

The professional athlete association, which is seeking prohibition of the full use of the disc brake, issued a statement, "It seems that UCI and event organizers finally felt like listening to our voice as injured people came out. I am not going to say anything, but I should consider it properly so that the players can compete safely.This injury is due to UCI ignoring the possibility of the dangers we pointed out. If we are introducing new equipment, we should give priority to the voices of the on-site players. "

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Fujiya Country Mam Adult Chocolate Chip Vanilla | Akagiri Milk

"Kirin Metz lyche" is renewed on May 17 (Tue)! Newly launched "Kirin Mets Black" dedicated to vending machines on Tuesday, May 10 | 2016 | News Release | Giraffe

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