Headline news on May 10, 2016

Sony new model of LED bulb speaker "LSPX-103E 26We will release.

Launches LED bulb speaker that delivers rich sound and light experiences improved sound quality and brightness | Press Release | Sony

You can see what kind of LED bulb speaker the LSPX - 103E 26 is in the following movie.

"Lighten Up Your Sound" - LED Bulb Speaker - YouTube

LSPX-103E26, the previous model "LSPX-100E 26"Ratio of about 1.4 times (total luminous flux 500 lm) realized the brightness of. The top surface of the LED bulb is a speaker.

The attached remote control is such a design. Once you install the corresponding application, you can operate it via Bluetooth connection from your smartphone or tablet.

It corresponds to stereo play using two LED speakers and double play that plays the same sound.

The lighting color is 192 colors, and a new function "music interlocking mode" in which colors synchronize with music rhythm and volume is carried.

The price of the Sony store of LSPX - 103E 26 is 22, 880 yen (excluding tax), and it will be on sale on May 21, 2016. From May 11, 2016 Ginza · Sony showroom, Sony store Osaka, Sony store Nagoya, Sony store Fukuoka TenjinPrevious exhibitIs done.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

The world's oldest blood is discovered from "Iceman" - GIGAZINE

Summary of settings to revive "Apple Watch" which is overwhelmed - GIGAZINE

Project to block sunlight by attaching hundreds of storable umbrellas to skyscrapers - GIGAZINE

How to keep playing Tetris forever - GIGAZINE

"ClippingMagic" which allows anyone to easily delete the background from the image for free - GIGAZINE

Pfizer reveals the identity of fake Viagra, ink for printer and wall materials mixed - GIGAZINE

Users often seen on 11 types of Facebook various summaries - GIGAZINE

The most common injury during sexual intercourse is muscle, the most dangerous place is sofa - GIGAZINE

A birthday cake to give people who are just messing with computers - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)
The painful news (No ∀ `): 【Madness】 The informal race of Mini 4WD is too fast to see with the naked eye - Livedoor blog

Painful news (No ∀ `): 【Image】 Meat festival of the other day Now in 1400 yen - Livedoor blog

There is a bicycle - JOKE - CBN Bike Product Review: Cycle Base Nameless

It is awkward to worry about girls pedaling with an arch because of the ion's bicycle commercial

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
A book with quantum physicist Roger Penrose as a story is too interesting - a long diary of shi 3 z

There is a physicist Roger Penrose.

Well this person is a person who has a number of great accomplishments shining brilliantly in the history of physics, but still living in surprising and writing an essay.

Well, the writer wrote "A neuron that forms the brain of a living thing repeats quantum mechanical observation, elementary particles are accompanied by an unknown attribute that becomes a source of consciousness, and when consciousness dies the consciousness comes into space I uploaded it and wandered around that space for a while ", but I would like to see quantum brain theory and Wired's Death 2.0 featured recently introduced.

Effective for 18 kinds of poisonous snakes, a breakthrough serum production method developed | National Geographic Japan version site

Prediction of transcription factors from gene expression | RIKEN

Observe the change in magnetic properties occurring in 1 trillionth of a second | RIKEN

Elucidation of the function of algae's "eye" to properly detect light | Tokyo Tech news | Tokyo Institute of Technology

A youth health problem, "neglecting the world" and alarm bell research papers 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

Genome decoding of carrots, identification of pigment genes identified 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

Subtitle: Reuse the household garbage for chicken feeding, Buddha's garbage reduction program Pet chickens help French families reduce food waste - YouTube

Stratosphere aiming glider "Perlan 2", test flight photographs in the United States 8 international news: AFPBB News

Reproducing the universe immediately after the birth of unknown particles begins experiment | NHK News

Human bones excavated from the construction site, turned out to be about 1000 years ago / Taiwan | Sightseeing | Central Company Focus Taiwan

The swallow of the city, enemies of child rearing disturbance making human nest, 7 times of rural village: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Ministry of Education: Declaration of "dehydration" ... "Exploring learning, enhancing understanding" - Mainichi Newspaper

Do not force! Blue Origin's "reuse rocket" landing motion video camera from camera please! Sorae.jp: portal site to the universe (Sora)

Flight 3: GH 2 Vent Cam - YouTube

Science Journal: When was the organism "multicellularized"? Elucidate the gene that holds key by Volvok!

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
"Debt of the country" 1049 trillion yen at the end of fiscal 2003 Per capita per capita 826 million yen: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Tokyo Newspaper: 18-year-old voting rights First basic knowledge Political scientists "Election test" planning: politics (TOKYO Web)

Allegedly serious allegations of Governor Masuzoe Governor's violation of political funds control law! | Scoop Breaking News - Weekly Bunshun WEB

Total amount 7.5 million yen per night Together with Mr. Masuzoe Governor Publish all data on business expenses for business trips in Seoul 2015 - logmy

Mitsui's final loss of 83.4 billion yen, deterioration of metal resources, financial account loss in the March 16 quarter - recession .com

"I want to die" Memo to school bag Two out of 2 girls died: Asahi Shimbun Digital

North Korea: elected Kim Jong-In's sister as party central committee ... assistant role - Mainichi Newspaper

Source of Panama document leakage, founder Mr. Mosac from Germany Origin: Asahi Newspaper Digital

Mr. Fonseca says that we were proud of the reporters' interview, "We created monsters (monsters)." When he was young he adored to clergy and sometimes worked at the United Nations Europe headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, with the aim of relieving the world. However, looking back at the time with the TV coverage in 2008, he said he said, "I could not change anything, I decided to walk a more realistic path."

Publication of over 200,000 corporate and personal names of Panama document | NHK News

On the mainland of China, NHK is "world premium" overseas television broadcasting, the issue of "Panama document" which revealed hidden asset management of heads of affluent and wealthy people of all over the world at 7 am in Japan on the 10th , When we informed that relatives of the old and new leadership of the Chinese Communist Party had founded a corporation in so-called tax haven, the screen became black and the picture and sound were interrupted . Also, broadcasting was interrupted even when I informed the Chinese authorities that they have strict information control over this issue.
The Chinese authorities are thought to be nervous about not only domestic reports but also foreign media reports.

Panama document Many companies such as corporations involved in the establishment of individuals and companies in Japan | NHK News

On the other hand, among companies and individuals whose names came out in the Panama document, there were multiple answers that "I do not know at all why it is described". In some cases it is considered that there are cases where the name was used without permission.

Walloenai as a wagashi wwwwwww Certification photo company Panama was wwwww | | 2 chan thread conclusion blog - alfalfa mosaic

Ginza line rail, totally broken and gaps 3 days before cracking on the Tozai line: Asahi Shimbun Digital

【Sad news】 Book off, large deficit of 530 million yen wwwww: IT bulletin

Philippine presidential election Dutelte is expected to win | NHK News

Mr. Yanai, Mr. Donkey · Yasuda, Mr. Benesse · Mr. Fukutake ... / Relocating huge assets to low-tax countries Survey the paper

Panama document: Part of Rakuten 's name is also released - Mainichi Shimbun

"Panama document, enterprises whose names came out ..." News i - TBS video news site

Tax examination if problem transaction = Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasushi Kan: current affairs dot com

Involvement of paper company involvement, China protruding Panama document information disclosure: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

【Economic Underwriting】 "Japanese car, trust fainting" I do not want Korea to have a wound with Sune! ..., but the sense of crisis of Mitsubishi is not the ratio of VW? (1/4 page) - Sankei WEST

Two people death accident by driving, mayor of Tokushima · Mima resigns request: Asahi Newspaper Digital

Keio Hospital Doctor arrested for dangerous drugs smuggling | NHK News

Nara found on premises of genetically modified plant university | NHK News

U.S. high school album retrieval, Muslim student name misrepresented as "Isis" | Reuters

Manga and paperback while the conductor and driver are on board ... JR East Discusses Disposal - Sankei News

Philippine insurance money The murder culprit confesses everything just before arresting! | Scoop Breaking News - Weekly Bunshun WEB

The legendary bike "Honda CBX 400 F" Theft of theft succession

[Core of Impact Case] ​​There is a degree in "likes for tads" as well! Misuse rampant excluded from disabled people rampant ... 40% of shameful Naniwa's badness is wrong (1/4 page) - Sankei WEST

To the 778 billion yen correction bill for the Kumamoto earthquake | NHK News

US birth expiration in 40 years arrives in Japan | NHK News

Cosmo Oil, the leading petroleum importer, imported this first into Japan in response to the US lifting the ban on exports in principle since 1975 triggered by the oil crisis in 40 years last year.

※ Disclaimer "Yomiuri Shimbun reports companies and individuals listed in the Panama document in principle anonymously" | 2 Channels Summary Blog - Alfalfa Mosaic

Nikkei Stock Average Sharp Price Rise Over 300 Yen | NHK News

Arrested high school principal arrested for obscenity in hotel at school girls Hiroshima: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Girls under arrest "Not doing" = suspected murder of mother at home - Metropolitan Police Department: current affairs dot com

A painful news (No ∀ `): [Tokyo] High 1 girl suspected of murdering her mother, got a cell phone that can only talk with her family and can not mail, was quarreling with" I want a smartphone "- livedoor blog

Two female junior high school students wish to write a memorandum "Worry of human relations wants to die" | NHK News

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, the train is an express train passing through the station, which means that the drivers are witnessing the two people jumping into the track from home together. In the subsequent investigation by the Metropolitan Police Department, two girls students learned that they had handwritten notes written in them, "I have worries about human relations and I want to die" in each bag. The memo is that it was written on several sheets of A4 size paper. The police officers are investigating detailed situation and motivation as two people have committed suicide by saying that it seems that they went straight to the station after finishing club activities after school activities at 6 p.m. on the 9th.

SOFTBANK's dream of "business profit 1.2 trillion yen" entrusted by employees: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

In 2013, SOFTBANK issued stock acquisition rights for a group employee for a fee. If it meets the exercise condition that "operating profit in the fiscal year ending in March 2004 will exceed 1,000 billion yen", it is a mechanism to purchase SOFTBANK shares at 4750 yen per share. Before the announcement of earnings announcement on the 10th, will employees' dreams come true?

Speaking of 13 years when stock options were issued, immediately after announcing the acquisition of the US mobile company Sprint in October of the previous year. It is a period when Softbank's growth acceleration was expected. In light of operating profit (¥ 793.3 billion) in the fiscal year ended March 2001, it was a rather high hurdle, but approximately 14,000 employees acquired stock acquisition rights. About 60% of all group employees at that time were calculated by SOFTBANK's growth acceleration scenario.

Unfortunately the dream tickets are going to be worthless. The current SOFTBANK shares are about 5800 yen, about 20% higher than the strike price, but it is likely that the critical exercise conditions will not be met. SOFTBANK announces the settlement of accounts for FY03 / 16 on October 10. According to QUICK consensus that summarized analyst expectations, operating profit increased by 5% compared with the previous period to 1,035 billion yen. Among the 13 securities companies, there are no places to see it exceeding 1.2 trillion yen.

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
I thought about what distinguishes people who die from the mountain from those who do not die: Supersonic memorandum

"The old child was strong" and the survivor bias - [Neta warehouse] Lightning storage

Male in twenties: 20% "Do not eat rice for 1 month" Food survey by Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries - Mainichi Newspaper

When I made an attempt to raise children in the country, only the old man was depressed. - Enter101

51 earthquake completely destroyed by new earthquake resistance standard Kumamoto · Masuki, wooden after 2000: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Representative of the journal Faculty of Literature "Clear education and clear separation" Confirmation document announced: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Companies should not salify assets in tax havens and increase paying wages and subcontractors, or distributing dividends. Otherwise tax increases - Togetter Summary

I went to the narrow space between Showa and Heisei ~ "Voice calling photo exhibition" visit record - - Prince Mongeyashi's line

A talk that I went to a voice call photography exhibition - a voice disappearing Calling photos and child pornography - Modern Age Idol

About the exhibition "Voice callout photo exhibition" held from 4th to 8th May 2016 【IID Secretariat】 | IID Setagaya Monozukuri School

【Fishing】 Yamamoto Official Blog - About Personal Resolution Statement - Powered by LINE

How to abandon emotions to live happily in a black company - Wipe the tears

Caution! People who love "themselves" who convert to monsters: deep read channels: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE) 1/3

"TRAIN SUITE Shikisaijima", Debut on May 1 next year From 3200,000 yen to JR East Japan | Riding News

"3 nights 4 day course" departs from Ueno station on the first day and then get off at Nikko station (Nikko city, Tochigi prefecture) and sightseeing. Departing in the evening, we arrive at Hakodate Station around 0:20 on the second day. I went to see Hakodate in the morning of this day and to the accommodation in Niseko and Noboribetsu area in the afternoon. On the third day, it is divided into "Jomon course" to visit the Sannai Maruyama ruins (Aomori prefecture Aomori city) etc, and the "Gonen-Line course" where you can get on the Hokkaido Shinkansen and the sightseeing train "Resort Shizumi". I got on "Shikijima" from Hirosaki station (Hirosaki city, Aomori prefecture), and started from Tsuruoka station (Tsuruoka city, Yamagata prefecture) on the fourth day. In the morning I will tour Kamo Aquarium (same) or Atsumi Onsen (same). After that, even Yamane of Niigata Prefecture sightseeing. It is a journey to arrive at Ueno station around 17:20.

Travel fee is 2 people for 1 person and is "Suite" per person 75 to 770,000 yen, "Deluxe Suite" (flat type) is 900,000 yen, "Shikisai Island Suite" (Maisonette type) is 950,000 yen. Choosing "Jomon course" on the third day will result in 10,000 yen discount.

The washing machine's turn too much is not good. About 10 minutes of washing will cause the dirt to fall! (Tenki.jp Supplementary May 10, 2016) - Japan Weather Association tenki.jp

First, the point of washing,
1 Do not overload the washing machine
2 Do not put too much detergent
3 Do not wash too much
It is important to protect these three "not too much".

"Hidden Christian's collar" 30 points confirmed Crisply hidden: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Artificial milk, the United Nations to use tightening of sales promotion law warning alarm bell 1 photo international news: AFPBB News

A daughter and her parents who are naked parents AV actresses without saying "AV actress" as they released 1 Akenmin - Gentei plus

Is Shanghai Disney the fault only? It seems to be related to political science

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
___ ___ ___ ___ 0 Sorachi Air and Raspberry Pi physically visualize the availability of toilets «Server Works Engineer Blog

Tatamine Shito Customer Series "Do you have the cable of USB 8.1?" Hybrid type shit wearing a shit customer Fucker Slayer rally - Togetter Summary

Convenient thing to keep in mind when a programmer thinks "Network is not suspicious?" Conclusion - LIVESENSE made *

Nightly residential in Kyoto city, 70% illegal business or city survey: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Examining 8 sites that mediate private accommodation such as the largest "Airbnb" (Airbnb), 2702 facilities were posted in the city. It occupied 60% in the three wards of Shimogyo, Chukyo, Higashiyama. 1260 cases (46.6%) were able to identify the location.

Disability affecting WHOIS and JPNIC Web - JPNIC

Unexplored Junior - mini unexplored project for elementary and junior high and high school students

It is "mini unexplored" targeted at elementary and high school students and college students under 17 years old. Specifically, we aim to learn the pleasure and difficulty of manufacturing by experiencing the process of manufacturing through the project managers (PM), unexplored people and other collaborators while using the power of the project managers I am doing.

Painful news (No ∀ `): Takafumi Horie, Panama document coverage" It is normal not to pay unnecessary taxes "" Do you mean meaning to this report? Are these idiots? "- Livedoor blog

Do not get backdoor to WordPress ... | dogmap.jp

Four paid apps with sales of 8 million yen. Tips to sell paid apps in AppStore, talked by individual developers who have survived for 4 years in paid games. | Application Marketing Institute

Artificial intelligence bot API: free artificial intelligence chat Bot library group

[Solution] Your self-made facebook share button is dead: Sorry, something went wrong. @ Hanaya 111

"Is obligation to pay money if you want to shed BGM at a store" era error? P2P or the story of that area R

With e-book alone, sales exceeded 15 billion yen. An announcement of earnings of Infocom with strong messing comics

Benchmark results of "GeForce GTX 1080" in DirectX 12 environment revealed - Jysaktec

Under the guidance of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, has the mobile phone charge really cheap | THE PAGE (THE PAGE)

Government Artificial Intelligence to consider intellectual property rights protection etc | NHK News

Is the US retailer target target introducing bit coin payment? Wanted recruitment of encryption currency expert

Discount store chain "target" at US retailer is looking for employment of person who understands bit coin and block chain to strengthen sales by e-commerce.

Compact and inexpensive VTOL electric airplane "Lilium Jet" May revolutionize individual movement! | Sorae.jp: Portal site to the universe (Sora)

From now on, Yahoo! Mail. - Yahoo! JAPAN 20th anniversary interlocking plan

Mixi, 84% increase in sales in the year ended March 2004, 80% increase in operating income ... Continue to be a monster leader in QonQ's sales and profit increase Forecast of a 15% fall in operating income and a decline in earnings 【Table Addition / Postscript】 | Social Game Info

[For everyone who posted the video] We released the NG setting function for contributors - Nico Nico Info

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)

Doujinshi's After-Go Culture is Lost → its Background and Voices of "Wishing to Read the Afterword" Togetter Summary

"DRAGON QUEST - Dai's big adventure" total 130 episodes free campaign

Why is the hero of the jumping cartoon "crazy"? - Kidokuari - comics blog blog

Rakuten "Chief Shima Hirohi" island cultivation and collaboration / baseball / daily sports online

Kamen Rider Kabuto COMPLETE SELECTION MODIFICATION DARK KABUTOZECTER (CSM Dark Kabuto Sector) | Premium Bandai | Bandai Official Website

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
Brilliant achievements left in Japan and the United States ... Kyoji Uehara will come back to the giant? Will come? BASEBALL KING

Yakult Shinkaku 100 Raid thoroughly 2 Do not be afraid 'Honor' - Baseball: Nikkan Sports

Currently, 98 violence is recorded. Next to 148 former Lotte Motta Yoshiharu Murata, 115 second former Seibu Ishii Mr. Kazuhisa Ishii, the third record of the 100th ranking in history was followed by "2".

12 teams are using the Tokyo Olympic Games NO! Jogging in the professional sphere and supporting Yakult (1 / 3page) - Baseball - SANSPO.COM (Sansupo)

What J PRIDE: 1st place in 2013 draft wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

I made a battle with a professional baseball brawl scene wwwwwwwwww: Insane @ Nan J

MLB NEWS: Ichiro Three Stealing Success Rate 85.3% wwwwwwwwwww

House-style cafe in Covasta also followed Ferris wheel followed by ball park - Sponichi Annex baseball

◆ Movie · Image ◆ Leicester · City Premier League Champions Ceremony Movie · Image Collection

【Photo Gallery】 Okazaki Shiki! Hold the championship trophy (13 photos) | Football King

Okazaki Leicester, Hollywood movies! A plan to draw centering on "Cinderella story"

◆ Pumia ◆ Vardy's Leicester residual declaration Topics are that the last line of comments is too interesting!

Representative Leicester "Should Rinekar be a single pant?" British Cameron Prime Minister "Naturally": footballnet [Football Summary]

PM asks Gary Lineker to honor Leicester pants promise - YouTube

◆ Serie A ◆ Totti, Elshara, Fololenzi etc. Romans play against the nova Kyrgius in the tennis world with charity tennis! Roman players are also quite good

Platini announced his resignation as president of UEFA ... Suspension disposal from six years to four years | Football King

Japanese representative FW Okazaki Shinji's lester won the grand prix loss, the real reason. (Yasuhiro Honda Securities Analyst): Shares Cafe Online

Ahime Nishiki, Achilles tendon tears! "Bon Tonight" Crisis of Sumire Life: Sports Bulletin

"It is not Maikai II" / Ua series - Grand Sumo wrestling: Nikkan Sports

【BOX】 Double world warfare one dawn ... Inoue's fists were red and swollen: sports warning

Naoya, next year GO Sign Ohashi Chairman "There is no hand to do" - Sponichi Annex Boxing

Boxing = 49 wins unbeaten and retired Mayweather, including on active return | Reuters

Bud Olympics, Okuhara Hope to Make Money / Ikegio Ikeda Perspective - Sports: Nikkan Sports

【Gymnastics】 Shiroi "The world's best twist" brought up, "Tantra" made by my father: sports warning

Becky, returning again at the end of this month with "Kim Suma"! Gess Kawatani divorced to a fuss convergence - Sponichi Annex entertainment

Mr. Prince kinship aiming for 100 billion heritage? 700 people name riding - Hollywood: Nikkan Sports

"Bowl of peanuts" to "excuse king", 1 criticizing picture in TOMIC in Australia International News: AFPBB News

Acoustical Systems, super-class record player> 34 million yen "the APOLYT" - Phile-web

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
I was able to "Asa" of surprised bread! Is it? Is "Asa" changed in "potato vetion"? "Taste taste" and "Milk taste" potato chips

(PDF file)Kameda's 'Happy Turn' 40th Anniversary Limited Edition 'Eed Beanie' is Newly Available for a Limited Time!

(PDF file)"Ming Sheng Sheng Shin Toyama Black Pepper Black Soy Sauce Ramen" New release in Japan on May 30, 2016 (Monday)

(PDF file)"Akihisa Ippei chan night shop's Yakisoba plum appetizer" New release on June 6, 2016 (Monday)

House "Oh zak smoked fried" It will be released nationwide from May 16th | News release | Company information | House food

Tanzania Kilimanjaro Talimé KIBO meeting Kilimanjaro coffee's new taste will be released on Friday, May 13 | Press Release (2016/5/10) | TULLY'S COFFEE

MicroUSB checker (voltage / ammeter · compatible with 5 V / 4 A maximum) 400-TST 007 sale items Sanwa Direct
Checker capable of measuring the voltage and current value at the time of charging of a smartphone etc. in real time

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