Headline news on March 9, 2016

"Marriage registration factory" which produces original marriage notification of only two people announced collaboration marriage notification on March 9th, designing illustrations drawn by Hatsune Miku.

Design marriage registration of Hatsune Miku | Marriage notification factory

The released marriage notification is a completely drawn work by Mr. Hatsune Miku's official illustrator "KEI", two lines of "LOVING BRIDE BLUE" and "LOVING BRIDE PINK" are available.

Each has two copies of the marriage registration for submission of the government office, one copy of the marriage registration for preservation of special specifications · Pearl glossy paper, writing guide etc ... ...

In the notification of marriage for preservation, in addition to the same name and stamp of Krypton · Future Media employee in the column of "Witness", there is a column for two people to fill in their favorite songs is.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

"Islamic country" turned out to be using 46,000 Twitter accounts - GIGAZINE

What is "the Golden Rule of 10" to get a better sleep? - GIGAZINE

What is written on Einstein's note? - GIGAZINE

I have tasted the healthy hamburger steak and strawberry juice of Shizuoka's local restaurant "Sawayaka" - GIGAZINE

Cyndi Roper, who was in trouble at the airport, says "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" to calm the passenger's anger - Movie GIGAZINE

Mario style design furniture that you want to check to see what is in - GIGAZINE

US military develops "suicide bomb attack simulator" - GIGAZINE

GIGAZINE Editing department buildings are renovated in all processes · gross finishing edits - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)
Dokiteki! Compete throwing case that puts her smartphone compete for distance Distance | Response

The smartphone throwing world convention, the so-called "smart throwing!" Is the original sports competition of the company that throws the smartphone case like a distant spot and competes for the flying distance. When the referee blows a whistle, take a pose to place a call by saying "Hello" with a smartphone case, and throw a smart case while giving out loud again "Moshi! The form to throw is free.

There was a case where the cyclist was pursued to the ostrich.

Cyclists chased by an ostrich. The funniest thing you'll see today - YouTube

Jeremy Clarkson, involved in "a little accident" at Barbados - Autoblog Japanese version

Norwegian people "Let me list each of the strengths and weaknesses of their own country by three" [Reactions abroad]: International responses written abroad

[Sad news] A woman who makes ridiculous soldering appeared | 2 chapter thread conclusion blog - alfalfa mosaic

Complete private room · Nomination possible · 120 minutes course, Newly established shareholder special offer that you can spend a dreamlike moment with Adores: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
The reason for not being circulated in the market for 6 years since the experiment of eel complete aquaculture succeeded | THE PAGE (THE PAGE)

「p値や有意性に拘り過ぎるな、p < 0.05かどうかが全てを決める時代はもう終わらせよう」というアメリカ統計学会の声明 - 東京で働くデータサイエンティストのブログ

Total solar eclipse in Indonesia 18 pictures International News: AFPBB News

Technique for musical score movement "MotionScore" - Telegram

Manatee over the past 6,000, Florida | National Geographic Japan version site

Returning from space for the first time in 340 days, the site was chaos | National Geographic Japan version site

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Matsumoto and Mr. Matsumoto at the departure ceremony 5 stations of Sanyo Shinkansen, departure notice sound "999" | news of riding

Prince William does not like jobs? Two photos criticized for ski photo international news: AFPBB News

Mr. Trump, is a supporter like a Nazi salute? The person himself / herself is 3 Iki Pictures International News: AFPBB News

When Mr. Trump gets asked about this act by telephone interview of NBC television program "Today", I think that it is absurd (to worry about) that I do it in a fun half doing ah Then they all cry out that they are "taking an oath, taking an oath."

【Mr. Trump and Nostalgic View of Japan】: Iida Kaori Blog Famous noodles and hydrangea and a little economy

I found an article about trump candidates and Japan. Donald Trump Laces Into Japan written by Jonathan Soble and others of NY Times, Mr. Trump, based on Japan - US trade friction in the 1980s Japan attack. The purpose of Mr. Trump 's Japanese view is old.

Dicavirus, "related" case report picture for myelitis 1 international news: AFPBB News

Possibility of North Korea "Drone troops" hit Korea | DailyNK Japan (Daily NK Japan)

Another thing that seems to be a means of harassment by North Korea is "bombing" by an unmanned aerial (Drone) unit.
This is already done for Korea.

Matsumoto Hitoshi and Otada Hikari show the strongest antithesis to "wide show" San Japo, reason why the Wide Night show is supported | Yomiakata on TV | Modern business [Kodansha]

VW, 2015 bonus to be paid according to regulation ... Germany | Response

Softbank, Why is Corporate Splitting Desirable - WSJ

Talk about Oshima Kenichi "History of Japan unfamiliar to Japanese", Part 1: PRESIDENT Online - President

In every case, Japan is condemned from China and South Korea as "having a correct history awareness", but the history recognition of China and Korea is not correct so that Japan is unilaterally accused. It can be said to every country that historical awareness is not working properly.

In the first place history is to be fabricated. Female politicians in each country have forged the history as convenient and used it for national education. In trying to keep abreast of historical awareness, we need to know what kind of history the other student is learning and to compare it with the history we have learned. It is extremely important whether to be able to admit the opponent by verifying what kind of forge has been added, from where the incompatibility arises from the recognition, from where we go back to history, but Japan is particularly weak in this direction.

Why You Should not Learn the Word or Culture of Motherland | Weekly Friday News

"I go to school normally, learn, play with my friends, we and Japan's high school students do not change anything", "Why can not you learn the language, culture, history of the motherland?" - Korean school High school students from the Korean school who participated in the request as representatives of the students appealed to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry officials.

【Hiroshima middle 3 suicide】 There is "Shoplifting" in the corridor in front of the classroom ... There are no corrections to the data for 2 years, a number of insane records (1/2 pages) - Sankei WEST

United Nations advises ban on JK business Japan is "inaccurate" as opposed to NHK News

Takahama nuclear reactors 3 and 4: Otsu district court decision on temporary disposition of injunction - Mainichi Newspaper

【UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women】 Criticizing the succession of men as "women's discrimination", Recommendation of Imperial House Law revision to the final opinion Deleted by Japanese protest (1 / 2page) - Sankei News

Imperial Household Law Review Requested Protest against UN Proposed Draft NHK News

Among them, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Kan is related to the final opinion released by the United Nations Committee aiming to abolish discrimination against women on July 7, "According to the final opinion presented at the end of last week, reference to the Imperial House Law "There was a statement that the Imperial House Law that limited the succession of the throne to male-female male had a description requesting review as such as discrimination against women. Besides, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yuko Kan made a request from the delegation of the Japanese government to the committee side to delete the statement on the imperial norm, and from the final opinion that was issued, the reference to the Imperial House Law ceased It is a fact. "

February corporate bankruptcy in Japan: number of cases and total debt (time series chart) - Tokyo Shoko Research - Bloomberg

Book to read for those who tend to say Gaga Gaga · · · ·: The social science behind the news

It seems that it is unusual worldwide for bureaucratic organizations to share the opinion of the cabinet and the ruling party in budget formation. It has also been involved in political schedules and others. In terms of global bureaucracy in the sense that it has a strong influence on policy decision, it may have been called "the strongest government agency".

"Nursery school fell down" Blog Self-waiting Challenge countermeasures measures NHK News

Following the blog posting dissatisfaction that a child could not enter the nursery school anonymously, the debate over the standby child problem has become active, executives of the LDP and Komei parties are working towards the elimination of waiting children I emphasized the idea of ​​continuing to take measures.

"Nursery school fell down" net opinion pretended to change administration by Prime Minister Governor Asahi Shimbun Digital

The content of the blog was picked up by Democratic Party of Japan's Shimokazawa Yamane at the House of Representatives Budget Committee on February 29. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is highlighting the problems that society has, "the prime minister stated," I can not confirm whether it actually happens, I can not discuss any more. " Yaji also flew away from the lawmakers' saying "Please write the person who wrote the blog properly".

Foreign Minister of China "Disease is Japan's Consciousness in China" Distrust of the Abe Administration: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"I do not want to be 100 years old" 99-year-old woman commits suicide ... Kobe - Sankei WEST

Minami Amari, dismissed Tele-East coverage and filed a complaint "Japan is over, it is not what I already learned" | Business journal

Kobe Newspaper NEXT | Incidents / Accidents | Pants wearing female body touching Amagasaki arrested arrested

The suspected arrest was suspected of touching the buttocks of a girl student (14) of the middle school in the city on the street in the northeastern part of Amagasaki city around 6:30 pm on January 20. According to the police, the police suspected that he wanted to see the other person's surprising face by touching with his wearing pants.

Arrested female doctor talent Farewell fraud case at the Metropolitan Police Host Club club hunting ... Playing spending diversion (1/3 page) - Sankei news

Doubt about medical fee fraud Ex-woman's arrest woman's doctor arrest waiver NHK News

When the Metropolitan Police Department examined the record of medical fee, etc., illegitimate claim is expected to be 70 million yen in 2 years until November and clarification is underway.

Hiroshima · Naka 3 suicide: Corrected to server Student material ... unknown - Mainichi Shimbun

Healthy teeth are drawn one after another ... Buddha "dentist of terror" appeared 2 photos International News: AFPBB News

Newsletter News: "Scary of keeping children" = 3 Suicide by parents and guards - Hiroshima

Hiroshima / Fuchu cho choice 3 suicide: "Shoplifting" as misdirected refusal to refuse, Town education apology apology - Mainichi Newspaper

According to statistics compiled by educational critic Takeda Sachiko, there are 61 cases since 1989, including cases (including attempted incident) that the students committed suicide due to teacher guidance.

3 students suicide teacher and 5 interviews The content is NHK News

The fifth time, on the morning of December 8th on the same day that he committed suicide, the student said, "When I tell my parent that I can not take an examination because I am breaking glass after three years, It is strange that "parents are angry", he told the teacher. On the other hand, my homeroom teacher said, "It is not so, you can not do a test for examinations by shoplifting," and there is a possibility of passing the aspiring school in general exams, but it is not sure, so I told you to take another school about it. When the student told that "parents say that private schools can only receive one school," their homeroom teacher tells them to talk about it with their parents.

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Life changes with special make-up!? Industry top runner reveals "Special world" stupid stories | Contemporary non-fiction | Modern business [Kodansha]

Television projects "Why are weak people discovering weak people rejoicing programs" Why the popularity? | Media Gong (MediaGong)

When considering what "interesting program" is, it seems to me that the atmosphere of the times is unexpectedly important. When the atmosphere of the times changes, "I wonder why that program was received so much?"

This atmosphere is surprisingly difficult. It can only be said that it reflects the society. It is still different after the collapse of the era towards the bubble. That era It seems that television programs in that era corresponded.

Summary of Dishwasher-dryer - Recharging

Painful news (No ∀ `): Nursery teacher in seventh year of service releases salary details" I want you to understand that this seven years work is this salary ... "- Livedoor blog

I was struck by surprised things in America - Final Defense Line 3

Land picked up from the Ainu people → Changes in textbooks given: Asahi Shimbun Digital

University graduation ceremony Why Wagner Kyoto University, Tokyo University, Anti-Jewish without objections: Kyoto Shimbun

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【Video】 Electric car "Corvette" records the maximum speed 300 km / h! - Autoblog Japanese version

About future writer activities | Free illustrations Cute free material collections ITSUITO

Japan is made up of two countries! Is it? ~ Specificity of Tokyo seen with data ~ - Big data report - Yahoo Japan Corporation

From the viewpoint of utilization of trains and cars, it can be seen that prefectures in Japan are roughly divided into the following three cities.

1. Tokyo, the overwhelming train society
2. Major seven prefectures of Kanto and Kansai using train and car together
3. Most of the rest of the prefecture that is a car society

Cisco's executive evaluation system is "cruelly candid candidate" | HBR.ORG translation leadership article | DIAMOND Harvard Business Review

Within the Cisco company that is part of the IT industry, a strict executive evaluation system says that the capacity of senior executives will be assessed in detail. The company's top executive personnel personnel will clarify its outline and merit.

Reporters' Eyes - When I submit the Windows 8.1 Surface for repair, I got back to Windows 10: ITpro

Gavin Andrésen "The problem of bit coin can not be solved only with off-chain" | BTCN | Bit coin news

Started recruiting scholarships for scholarship program "Game creator scholarship" to offer elementary school students aiming for game creators free of programming learning | Cyber ​​Agent Co., Ltd.

We will finish providing some of the tools posted in 'Useful Tools' (Extension, Toolbar, Application) - Hatena's Diary - Change Function, Notice etc.

15th service announcing the end of January to February 2016 | Mobile Marketing Research Institute | ModuleApps

The 5th: LED light bulb died before lifetime revives as a newborn baby 【grandmother Oguchi's home appliance kung fu】 - home appliances Watch

The LED bulbs purchased as desk lights in the last month in 2010 have begun flashing. Total time of five and a half with 10 hours a day is about 20,000 hours. It is only half of the rated life of 40,000 hours. Well, before that it was a mini krypton bulb, considering that it had run out at about the pace of every few months, I am not hungry separately, and I thought that the electricity bill was enough "I got the original" It is.

When checking the history of Amazon, the purchase price at that time is 4,150 yen. Currently the same thing can be purchased for around 1,500 yen. As soon as I got it, I wrote this on Facebook and got a comment saying "You should put a complaint."

I did not think about this until I was told. If you buy it and break it in one month or so, I will put in a claim, but it's been over five years. Moreover, it is a light bulb. Even manufacturer's warranty for home appliances will usually be about a year. It's embarrassing being treated like a creamer.

First of all, what is the rated lifetime of 40,000 hours. It will take five years even if I leave it for 24 hours, so I guess it has never been measured. I did not think it would guarantee a lifetime like that theoretical value. Is it due to being accustomed to the best effort of the telecommunications industry ...?

So, from the conclusion, I was able to exchange for a new item for free. When I contacted Panasonic Customer Counseling Center, I was able to send a new item after e-mail exchange of equipment and situation.

Sony, 4 types of BD recorder enhanced 4K TV collaboration. UI renewal from cross media bar - AV Watch

What is common to all models is that the UI has been renewed. In the past, we adopted the "cross media bar" in which the functional items on the left and right, the contents on the top and the bottom are lined up, but in the new model it changed this to the home screen of the upper and lower hierarchical structure. The color has changed from blue of the cross media bar to something based on somewhat creamy white. Many of the functions as recorder follow the ones of conventional models.

The number of recorded programs that can be managed also increased significantly. Conventionally, there were restrictions of 999 titles in the built-in HDD, 999 titles in the "stored folder" and 999 titles in the external HDD in addition to this. In the new model, it strengthens to 10,000 titles with built-in HDD and 10,000 titles with external HDD. Furthermore, it is possible to display the titles in the built-in / external HDD at once on one recorded program display screen without changing the display with the built-in HDD and the external HDD.

Reply came from President Yamaki of SIGMA, so I will look back over SIGMA's DN lens - Sakak's Gadget Blog

A story where a bit coin was stolen - dsaki

Build a serverless & high availability Sorry page with AWS DNS failover | mediba Creator × Engineer Blog

What does meaning mean "What is prohibited in" Mercury's "Listing of items to look for"?

In short, as a result of applying the "use as a bulletin board" of "exhibition function" to the template "exhibit ○ ○" that "someone does not have", "interpretation of" looking for " It seems that it became "Looking for = product".

The result is that the official casually says "In Mercari it is prohibiting the sale of [publicity, looking things]".

How OAuth came to be used for social login

The meaningless 'table of contents' and 'heading' of blogs are unsightly - Hagex-day info

Information leakage by Tweepie SQL injection: inside the cell

It was announced that the pocket money earning site that you can receive the reward by posting it to the SNS called Tweepie was leaked mail address and password by illegal access (SQL injection).

I made slack list ja which can search domestic open slack team - bokuweb.me

Dawango and Watanabe entera establish management company "Watanabe Amada Diction" ~ Produce game players active at Nikoniko ~ | News | Public information | Dwango Co., Ltd.

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
"Fate / Zero Cafe" Movie Information

Evangelion Racing, Revival to SUPER GT at No. 111 car "Eva RT first machine Rn-s AMG GT" - Car Watch

Evangelion Racing Announces SUPER GT's First Return in 3 Years | Response

Japan Premier one after another, Tokyo Anime Award Festival Featured Works Summary | Response

One male high school student "I will quit school to become a" professional gamer "" → ex-pro gamer "What?" - Togetter Summary

Manga artist / Okazaki Masato's twin series "When there is little repercussion during serialization, it is often that you can not continue the series itself" - Togetter Summary

It is not natural to be able to play games with free! TL - Togetter Summary We receive various opinions about basic free charge game

【Principal】 Susumaya Mitsuru's Life - Togetter Summary

"Well, let's draw a picture with reference to the video of God's painter!" → "I do not know exactly what happened ..." - Togetter Summary

Sukiya "Ship" This is a chaotic state filled with fans Rushed to three cups in the shop - Excite Bit Connector (1/2)

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【Urgent】 Exclusive intensely interview published exclusively on "Weekly Bunshun" by Becky Immorality river Kawatani Eyeson declared to divorce with his wife | 2channel thread conclusion blog - alfalfa mosaic

Hiroshi Onishi's Marketing Essence: Can Professional Baseball Change With the Resignation of Nabetine?

Prohibited medicine taking Sharapova, 4 positive reaction photos from 3 outdoor top players International News: AFPBB News

Porsche also suspended the contract with Sharapova, one of the major companies in the first photo International News: AFPBB News

Serena, Sharapova's presentation received "courage" pictures One international news: AFPBB News

Skate world record holder, Meldonium positive reaction: Asahi Shimbun Digital

How much pneumatic pressure are professional road players fighting? (2016 Dubai · Tour edition): Cycle gadget Road bike is 100 times fun blog

Painful news (No ∀ `): 【Image】 Macho fighter plays the bat flying on his son face while watching baseball Playing live doors blog

Kasahara → Mr. A → Fukuda Kasahara → Mr. B → Matsumoto Ryu Kasahara → Mr. B → Mr. Takagi: Daily Yakiniku

Baseball gaming Takagi to arbitrarily hear pitcher Police official Yes, Let's watch baseball @ N J summary blog

The giant Takagi's testimony is fresh: Nanjiashi Stadium @ N J Summary

Giant "Kasahara, cooperate" Kasahara "Please do not engage me anymore": Nanjiji Stadium @ N J Summary

Lotte Suzuki Daichi, "I get angry" by the giants' baseball gambling engagement: Nanjiashi Stadium @ N J Summary

MLB NEWS: Fujimi "I want to throw a lot" Kanemoto "I want to throw a lot"

Welcome local headlines in Japanese headline "Elegant" as a refurbishment of Japanese company Barza home base - Goal.com

Nikken Sekkei, a Japanese company, received an order for the renovation of Barcelona's home base Kampu Know!

◆ Premier ◆ English media, Leicester FW Okazaki Shinji is a big hit player and introduced! Praised that it is a terrible momentum that contributes greatly to the team's breakthrough

78: Multiple personality person @ \ (^ o ^) / 2016/03/09 (Wednesday) 09: 55: 25.04 ID: PQLmUrZ30.net
Kick the offer of Leverkusen and others
Select premier demotion inevitable Leicester ...

The result of following a dream and proceeding to the path of thorny
Okazaki ka saw that he actually succeeded

Representative Heralyl Hodzic and body fat set the upper limit of "12%" asserting that "players who are exceeding will not be called again"! : Footballnet 【Football Summary】

Director Hariril, guidance demon for 2 hours at a domestic camp! "The amount of practice was about 3 days' worth of Gamba" and screamed: footballnet [Football summary]

15: Mr. Nanashi @ I'm afraid it is \ (^ o ^) / 2016/03/08 (Tue) 17: 08: 49.67 ID: / xPYVKyH0.net
Legs are practicing Juru but there are so many games (60 games last year) There was a guy who says something is said to be trained in actual warfare ...

32: Mr. Anonymous @ I'm sorry. @ \ (^ O ^) / 2016/03/08 (Tue) 17: 15: 53.59 ID: wTvRp / eC0.net
>> 15
The practice is not ugly and the schedule is so strict that I can not practice!

Mr. Tsuneyasu Miyamoto who is deciding to participate in the Rio Olympic Games U-23 Junichi Miyamoto's opinion "I do not think OA will be needed." I lose the opportunity of growth (young) "footballnet [soccer summary]

The supernatural work of genius ... Pirlo points in the direction of kicking the opponent's PK! MLS official website is also reported | Gexaca [Kodansha]

Where Andrea Pirlo Points, You Go. - YouTube

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I can not lick it I will not lose consciousness of richness "Da Haori scone rich thick garlic butter taste" garlic × the most incense of butter (strongest)

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