Waterproof dustproof & super speed AF etc. Galaxy series The best flagship model of the past "Galaxy S 7 edge SC-02H" hasty movie & photo review

Samsung's flagship model "Galaxy S 7 edge" is "Galaxy S 7 edge SC-02H"NTT DoCoMo to appear fromNTT DoCoMo 2016 Summer New Service · New Product PresentationIt was revealed in. We have touched the real machine of Samsung's flagship model which has evolved greatly in practical use, such as waterproof / dust-proof response & 3600 mAh high-capacity battery with 1.4 times capacity increase from the previous model.

Galaxy S 7 edge SC-02H | Products | NTT DoCoMo

This is "Galaxy S 7 edge SC - 02 H". It is a slim terminal that fits in the hands, but the screen is about 5.5 inches and big size.

From the left terminal color is Black Onyx, White Pearl, Pink Gold 3 types.

The point that one of the features of the Galaxy S 7 edge is to display the clock and the calendar on the organic EL display even in the sleep state.

This is a function called "Always on Display", which allows you to check the clock and calendar without releasing the sleep state. This is realized by taking advantage of the super power saving characteristic of organic EL display, and it is possible to display images besides watch and calendar.

On the top of the display is an in-camera of about 5 million pixels.

Home button on the bottom of the display with a fingerprint authentication function.


The main camera in the upper center of the back. The main camera has about 12.2 million effective pixels, but it is equipped with the world's first SLR camera technology. With conventional smartphone cameras, only 0.7% of the total pixels were used for focusing, but at the Galaxy S7 edge SC - 02H it was improved to 100%. This realizes super fast autofocus (AF).

The following movies can actually feel the speed of AF of Galaxy S 7 edge SC-02H. Aside from the speed of AF, the condition of the blur of the photo is also pretty clean.

"Galaxy S7 edge SC-02H" main camera's ultra high speed AF - YouTube

In the center of the back is the "docomo" logo.

At the bottom is the "Galaxy" logo.


SIM card slot & microSD card slot is hidden on the top.

Earphone jack & Micro-USB port on the bottom. Since the Galaxy S 7 edge SC-02H is waterproof and dust-proof, the earphone jack and the Micro-USB port are made to be waterproof for cap-less.

Volume adjustment button on the left side

Power button on the right side

It is the biggest feature that the cover glass of the display is curved to the side.

Edge screen is displayed by swiping edge part. The edge screen of Galaxy S 7 edge SC-02H has an expanded display area, making it possible to access your favorite application more quickly.

It is also possible to link with the Gear VR and Smart Watch unique to the Galaxy series.

Detailed specifications are as follows.

display:About 5.5 inch quad HD / Super AMOLED organic EL
OS:Android 6.0
RAM (memory):4 GB
ROM (storage):32 GB
Wifi:IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac
Main camera:Approximately 12.2 million pixels
In camera:Approximately 5 million pixels
Battery capacity:3600 mAh
LTE communication speed:Up to 375 Mbps at reception and up to 50 Mbps at transmission
size:Vertical 151 × width 73 × thinness 7.7 mm (thickest part about 8.2 mm)
mass:Approximately 158 g
Main services · functions:Osaifu-Keitai, NFC (with FeliCa), One Seg / Full Seg, Bluetooth 4.2, Simple Menu, VoLTE (HD +), Biometrics, High Resolution

Galaxy S 7 edge SC-02H is scheduled to be released on May 19, 2016.

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