Barbecue skewer turns automatically Desktop BBQ Stove "BBQ Village Kurukuru" spun meat and shrimp

At the time of cherry-blossom viewing in 2015 "Ohitissama BBQ grill"I used a barbecue set for Bobo, but I was looking for something like" Is this a grill for barbecue like something like "... and so on, I turned around the skewer automatically Discover a desk-sized stove "Barbecue village Kurukuru" that it will be me. I decided to try to kill a variety of things.

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In other words, "What do you mean by that?" The skewer set on the main unit automatically rotates.

"Barbecue village Kurukuru" skewer fully automated and rotate - YouTube

"Barbecue Village Kurukuru" arrives. Items sticking to the outside of the box are not accessories but they are separately purchased and arrived together, I found a reputation that it is cheap and easy to useWakabayashi IndustryThe mini-yakiniku tongs and the captain stags necessary for the garbage cleaningRest iron plate torch · Ami brush black (M - 7628).

"This one with a barbecue, grilled meat, yakitori" a dependable word.

The size is 17 cm × 38.8 cm × 12.6 cm, and the weight is about 2 kg.

The contents are like this.

Put water on the pan ... ...

If you put a skewer you can do a barbecue.

The hole that receives the skewer is a rectangle, and the tip of the skewer sticks perfectly. This is the mechanism to rotate the skewer.

If you use the enclosed net without using skewers you can eat grilled meat.

The side of the main body looks something like this, just a hole for waste heat is available.

There were two switches on the opposite side. The top is the switch of rotation, the bottom is the switch of the heater.

For barbecue and grilled meat, I bought a variety of things.

I thought the space was quite severe because it was cut into a barbecue skewer because the onion sticking image was fitted.

Moreover, unlike bamboo skewers, the skewers have a certain thickness, so when you tried to pierce the onion broke ... ....

As a struggle against me, I made four onions.

The green peppers also cut slightly in anticipation of rotation.

For now, five skewers have been completed.

All I have to do is set the skewers.

It took a while to prepare, but since the barbecue village Kurukuru burns well from here, I just wait to bake it carefully.

"Barbecue village Kurukuru" skewer fully automated and rotate - YouTube

Rotating sound is very quiet, at the same time, since oil does not splash, there is no sound "JuJu!", Just "Jijiji ... ... Juu ... ..." will quietly burn. However, it is difficult to understand because the flame does not rise, but since the temperature on the heater is over 100 degrees, please be careful not to inadvertently bring your hand close.

Generally, it took about 10 minutes to get this color after placing skewers.

I raised it by all that it could have been done.

The meat was not too hard, it was not too soft, and it was able to bake it just right. In this time I did not find a good block meat, I used peach steak that was 1400 yen in sale, but the oil was moderately dropped, the light is likely to eat more than when I baked and eat as it is . Also, the new onion was firmly cooked with heat and sweetness increased, as if it was dessert. In the case of grilled meat, the onion may be burned while it is oiled, but this skewer was not affected by oil and never burnt, so if you do not even have to make skewers, It was a level I wanted to eat as many skewers as onion only.

As the reputation of this skewer is good, "Requests such as" I wonder why you pierced one wiener entirely, "and" Because it is so hard to ask for chicken skin ", so I bought additional items before making the next skewer.

And I will bake the wiener skewer at once. This skewer has two points of caution, that it is necessary to adjust the size to some extent and the point that it can not be installed on the appliance unless the length is also limited to some extent because the ingredient hits the heater when rotating if the ingredients are too large. Therefore, two of the wiener will be cut at the end.

While burning, the warp of the second wiener from the left became slightly bigger and began to hit the heater. Beware of this kind too.

Winner completed in about 5 minutes. There was a bitter taste that was different from the texture which was "plit" when boiling and the aroma of baking. Unlike the meat just before, almost no escape oil, so it was plenty of juicy.

There was an opinion that "fish can also be baked like sticking a sweet with a skewer", but since there was not a good fish, I tried baked shrimp instead.

Shrimp with "Barbecue village Kurukuru" - YouTube

I tried baked it with a shell because it's so hard ... ...

To peel this size to eat. Compared to the hardships of baking, there are few edible parts .... However, it was burned up to plump hokohoko, and the taste is quite good.

Then chicken skin.

Anyway, the chicken coat has a lot of oil, and the oil falls like a sweat as if it is sweaty.

In the following movies, all the ripples spreading on the saucer under the heater are due to the oil that fell from the chicken skin.

Chicken skin with "Barbecue village Kurukuru" - YouTube

It burns up when the oil does not fall much to the tray. Although there are parts that are becoming crisp as it seems to be, there is a feeling of frustrating of the oil in the inside, and overall the fluffy texture. Chicken Skewers to eat at Yakitori Shop may have a soft surface, but this texture is also ants.

Come up to the chicken skin, "If we go down to yakitori", I will bake the Negi we bought. However, as you can see from the outside of the pack, meat is bitten to the tip of the skewer.

I moved the ingredients behind as a whole and made space at the tip of the skewer. You should be able to set it in the barbecue Village Kurukuru.

Since this bamboo skewer was square in the tip, it turned out that the rotation function could be used successfully by stabbing it in the hole, but it turned out that the skewer itself was short and it was the length of the barely deliverable. With this, the rotation function can not be used, and on the contrary, it must be turned by oneself carefully so as not to fall.

Give up, to stick the ingredients into the attached skewers and bake them. We may heat the yakitori we bought in the range, but if you have plenty of time you could make me think that you wanted to kurukuru. However, it is hard to change the work, so I'd like to pick something with a long skewer.

I finished "barbecue" "yakitori", so I finally decided to eat grilled meat using the net.

This is simply simple, placing meat and vegetables and baking it.

However, unlike grilling with iron plate, as with the barbecue movie just like before, "Gigiji ...... Jiji ... ..." will quietly burn with the feeling, so be careful of grilling too much.

Here comes the turn of the tongue. Because the repulsive power is strong, it is necessary to hold firmly, but jaggedness holds the meat firmly. However, since this appliance is not so big, I made it to a minitong, but my hand with tongs will come out on the net, and in order to receive the upward heat frankly .... If you use Tongs, it seems to be a little longer.

There is no problem at all about grilled meat.

Even this one meat ......

Firmly heat flows through.

I mean grilled meat or finished steak.

It was a great satisfaction.

By the way, 85 minutes after the heater has been cut off is 85.2 degrees after the lapse of about 5 minutes. I can not take it away quickly.

At this time, the temperature in the vicinity of the saucer is also 70 degrees or more.

In order to tidy up, we first have to throw away the water (hot water) of the saucer, but as the tray itself is hot and there is not something to lift the saucer, it can be gripped by hand It is necessary to wait for the temperature to go down. As a result of checking, it was hot enough to have no problem after about 30 minutes. When throwing away the water, it is more likely that you will spill water as you receive the saucer, so it is safer to carry it after sucking something a bit.

By the way, I forgot the brush I bought, I wash it with my usual brush more than half. This may be said thanks to the absence of burning like it struggled so much.

The burning attached to the frame part of the net can be scraped off with the groove at the tip of the brush bought.

I use a hole for skewer cleaning.

... ..., and after having finished cleaning up, I felt a little troublesome where I needed a little waiting time, but if I get used to it it will take almost no time to prepare and no complaints on the cooking side. If you use it when everyone gathers, from the place of what skewers you should make, you may be able to enjoy waiwai without "baked magistrate".

By the way, this barbecue village Kurukuru is a fixed price of 10,800 yen including tax. In the Amazon market place as of March 25, 2016, it is sold at 6280 yen of 42% discount. BBQ stove barbecue village Kurukuru BBQ-889: Home & amp; kitchen

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