I smelt out at home but I smelt made it in about 30 minutes I tried using the Igabin no Tanpan "Ibushigin"

"Smoked house smoked house" made of cardboard which can smoke at about 1300 yenSo I was able to make super authentic bacon and smoked steak, but it was difficult to cook in the room because the smoke would rise in the future. So I searched for cooking goods that can be smoked at will without any hesitation, but the smoking is completed in about 30 minutes from the well-established Iga-yaki maker who founded Tenpo 3 years (1832)Rush"Since the pot was sold, I really tried purchasing and trying smoked even indoors.

Ibishigin | Igagaki pottery Hasegaen

"Ibushibin" arrives.

The contents are "Ibushigin (Small)", stainless steel mesh × 2, cherry wood chip 100 g, pottery board.

Smoking can be done with the net in two steps.

There is only Iga-yaki makers of Tenpo 3 years founders, it is a pot of soy sauce that exudes astonishing astonishment.

Compared with 500 ml PET bottle, it is like this. "Ibushigin (small)" purchased this time is the size in the middle, there are other smaller "Ibushigin (Mini)" and "Ibushin (Large)" which can lay three tiers of net.

Since "basic usage" is on the picture with instructions, it seems that you can smoke without mistake.

Because it is a pot pot manufacturer that continues from the Edo era, Has been finished as a cooking utensil without a mistake.

Recipes using ingredients suitable for smoking are also listed. It is possible to make small fancy dishes such as "steak & olive & nuts" and "oysters / snapper smoked oil pickles".

◆ I cooked it
I bought some ingredients that could fit smoked.

We will cut each ingredient to a large extent.

I arrange the ingredients on the kitchen paper and drop moisture and fat. Especially when moisture remains, acidity tastes after smoking, so it is a point to drop firmly.

After completing preparation, I will prepare for "Ibushin." First, lay aluminum foil on the bottom of the pot and place 5 g of chips in a circle. Since only 5 g of chips are needed at one time, you can smoke twenty times with only the attached cherry chips. In addition, unlike ordinary earthen pot, first cook rice porridge "SealIt is not necessary to do.

Next, lay aluminum foil shaped like a dish from above. Because this will become a grease receptacle, adjust so that grease will not fall while securing the way smoke comes out.

Place the net from the top and arrange the ingredients so that they do not overlap.

It is like this when arranging the second row as well. I will smoke salmon, shrimp, mentaiko, octopus, quail egg, cheese, Hanpen, Eringing, aspara all at once.

Smoking starts at last. First ignite it while opening the lid and heat it with high heat.

The smoke box of the cardboard produces considerable smoke, but "Ibushigin" only produces smoke that can be sucked in by a ventilator. The smell of smoked food spreads in the room, but the alarm unit seems to be unlikely to perceive. First you can see how much smoke comes out in the following movie.

Smoke generated in "Ibushigin" is about this - YouTube

If smoke rises in about 4 to 5 minutes, I will put on a lid while keeping the fire on. Be careful as it is difficult to distinguish from steam of ingredients.

After a while after putting lid, smoke comes out from the border, so pour water. The amount of pouring water does not overflow.

Continue heating for another 4 to 5 minutes after pouring water.

Succeeded to trap smoke almost in the pot by putting in water. You can see in the following movie how you are heating after putting in water.

Pouring water with smoked cooked pot "Ibushigin" - YouTube

Turn off the fire after 4 to 5 minutes and smoke for about 20 minutes with residual heat. From here we just leave without using fire, so anyone can enjoy smoked very easily.

So, I opened the lid after 20 minutes. Each of the ingredients is firmly smoked in about 30 minutes in total, and I cheered up cheering as "Oh ~!" Unexpectedly.

Since the cheese melted down with heat, it would be better for you to lay aluminum foil down.

Although the tip is not exposed to direct flame, it is carbonized to black and it can be seen that smoke was generated steadily.

I smashed the smoked ingredients in rows.

Tako leaves a characteristic elasticity, but feeling that the umami was tightly condensed. Smoky aroma and moderate saltiness are perfect for snacks.

Hanpan has a fluffy texture but smoked flavor is securely attached, it is different from what you eat as it is. The smell of smoke was tight, but I ate it for a while after I had eaten it and it was moderately eaten.

Smoked salmon is more common, but challenging with salted salmon.

The raw salmon is steadily cooked inside. The umami was condensed more than the grilled salmon, the fragrance, saltiness and fat content were the best, and the popularity in the editorial department was number one.

Quail eggs also taste like snacks. Although it was flavored only with salty taste, the flavor of smoked fish is strong so it may be better to have lower taste in soy sauce.

The boiled shrimp has a sharp texture, but smoked shrimp became moist and mouthfeel. Because the moisture escapes and the taste is condensed, fish and shellfish seems to be compatible smoked as a whole.

My spicy menthao has gone.

Although it has no underlying taste, since it is a mentaiko with a strong seasoning, saltiness is quite tight. It is good for snacks of sake, but it seems that you can eat it with just salt and salt when putting on rice balls and pasta.

Unfortunately because the drainage was not enough for asparagus and eringi with lots of water. Later, the ering which drained firmly was delicious finished.

Cheese also boasts the popularity of competing in the editing department 1 and 2, and it became like a smoked cheese made in a store. Excellent compatibility between moderately smoky flavor and crispy cheese.

◆ Smoked Chicken
Next I will make smoked chicken. Taste 150 g of chicken thigh meat and taste it appropriately in the kitchen paper.

When arranged in the net it is like this. If it is 150 g, you can smoke it all at once.

The easy place of "Ibushigin" is where the procedure does not change for any ingredients. Smoking started with the same procedure as before.

The finish is like this. You can see that it is smoked tightly enough to make a mistake.

Taste appears and it looks very tasty.

When eating, chicken meat is juicy smoked while leaving a feeling of richness, and it seems to be good for rice dishes and snacks as well. Because the fire power is strong, it seems to be able to fire through firmly even one piece of meat, so it seems to be available as a main cuisine such as party.

◆ Bacon
In a smoked box made of corrugated cardboard, I was able to make pretty authentic bacon. I can not stop trying how much bacon can be made in "Ibushigin". For 'Ibushigin' recipe, we use 3 pork shoulder loin meat (500 g) for pork cutlet instead of block meat.

First, mix salt, sugar and black pepper and rub it in pork.

Between the flesh Laurier was put in ... ...

Put it in a zip rock and let it mature for three days after removing air. It is also necessary to return the top and bottom of the bag once a day.

After 3 days, pork is lightly washed with water and attached to water for 2 hours for salt removal.

When salt removal is completed, wipe off the water firmly with the kitchen paper ......

Arrange them in a basket and let them dry in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

When drying is finished, smoking begins.

Smoking is completed in about 30 minutes. I am excited to say, "What kind of bacon would you like for pork cutlet meat?" Pakari is exciting.

A thing like a dongtec was completed.

A lot of fat is falling in the pot bottom.

When I tried cutting it and eating it, it looked like a dumpling flavored dongteck, which is delicious, but it was a different dish than bacon rather than bacon. Since smoked flavor was firmly attached, if you use what you picked in Saumur liquid, you can also make bacon with "Ibushigin".

◆ Extra: Dried tofu & vase sea bream
When I was shopping for ingredients, I heard that "smoked tofu" is delicious, so I bought tofu at a tofu store. It seems that Tofu shop thought about "smoked tofu" as a new product, "It is recommended silk tofu".

Wrap the salt-sprinkled tofu in the kitchen paper, put the weight on it and drain it overnight.

It was only overnight. Wipe the surface moisture further and let it dry in a refrigerator for 2 hours or more.

Start smoking with "Ibushigin" when finished.

Thanks to draining water, I wanted to flatten quite a bit.

The completion after 30 minutes is like this.

Although it keeps the spicy softness of tofu, a brown skin is made on the surface.

I cut it.

It looks like bread's ears.

A little rough texture with a slightly salty taste when eaten as it is. The smell of soybean and smoked is the best match. Because it is a taste and a fancy taste, it is good even if you put soy sauce on, so it was finished in a snack that would stop stopping when you noticed it. It is also interesting where the texture is different between the outside and inside.

Then I asked the fishmonger "dried fish suitable for smoking", and I got it because "dried fish of a turtle snapper" is good.

Cut to half according to the size of the web of irrigation.

Pick up extra moisture and fat in the kitchen paper.

I was told that at the fish store "Vine bream is greasy so it is better to smok for a long time", but "Ibushigin" can not adjust the time, so it took 30 minutes as before To smoke.

The finish is like this.

The skin is also crispy smoked.

Dried sea bream dried fish was smoked and it became a fluffy texture, but it is moderately fat and you can feel things like "deepness" characteristic of smoked fish. The main dish of dinner was also good enough for me to eat at the editorial department, it was popular enough to be sold out at a horrible speed.

Ibushigin was smoked too much depending on the ingredients, but in only 30 minutes I was able to make smoked dishes at the store level. It is a pleasure to not require adjustment of fire condition, so if you like smoked products you can eat smoked foods at any time by buying one. In addition, the price of irrigation is 7560 yen including tax for "Ibushigin (Mini)", "Ibushigin (small)" used this time is 10,800 yen including tax, "Ibushigin (large)" includes tax 16,600 yen It is getting.

Ibushigin - Iga Yaki kilimoto Hasega Official mail order

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