Real-time simulation map "metrogram 3 D" made from Tokyo metro operation data

Many routes in Tokyo are stretched like a spider's nest, and from the person who got on the train for the first time in Tokyo, "How do you get confused as to why so many trains are running?" There is no thing. It is a representative of a train that runs in TokyoTokyo Metro"The site that made visually understand the operation data of"Metrogram",furtherWebGLBy representing traveling data in 3D using the "depth" of each station and the position became easier to understand "Metrogram3D"is. Even Tokyo Metro alone runs train & It is obvious that the railroad tracks are stretched all around and across, and people who have never been to Tokyo also do not understand somewhat, but I feel like "Tokyo Soge" I will.


When actually opening "metrogram 3 D", the following simulation map can be seen.

"Metrogram 3 D" real-time simulation of each line of Tokyo Metro - YouTube

The metrogram was created based on data such as the route, location, timetable, etc. of the subway in Tokyo, and simulation maps are created using metrogram 3D with the same data.

Suddenly the simulation started when opening the page. A colorful line extending on the page is the line of Tokyo Metro. The colors of the routes are light blue for Tozai line, red for Marunouchi line, etc. The symbol color of each line is filled. Although metrogram 3D can not change the viewpoint freely, since the camera tracks various routes, observes fixed points at one station, and looks at the whole in a bird's-eye view, it is okay to enjoy it from each viewpoint.

"Tozai line" "Otemachi" "Otemachi" "05: 33: 26" is written in the lower left of the screen, this is the name of the route whose viewpoint is following "Tozai line", the tozai line "Otemachi" station, and the simulation time means "05: 33: 26".

The circle of the same color as the route on the route is the station, the white circle which moves on the route in the red frame part represents the train.

So I will look at metrogram 3 D for a while. The viewpoint starts moving from Wako-shi station which is the starting station of Yurakucho Line.

From Higashi-Ikebukuro station around so many lines crossing ... ...

There are lots of Tokyo Metro lines around Sakuradamon Station. Even if it sees only this, I think that "There are multiple routes required?" In fact, in addition to this, JR's lines and Tokyu Corporation, Odakyu Electric Railway, Keio Electric Railway, Keisei Electric Railway, Keihin Electric Railway, Tobu Railway, Tokyo coastal high-speed railway, Yurikamome etc. various lines are running so it is even more surprising.

On the Tozai line it seems that the train is running at one station interval around 8 o'clock in the morning.

From the bird's-eye view, there are so many routes, and you can see that the train runs around in Tokyo.

Furthermore, looking at the Oedo line from the same height as the route, this way. A mysterious image is completed with countless stations and trains.

With metrogram 3D, it became expressive in 3D, so that information on "depth" of each station can be expressed. Looking at the position of each line and station in the horizontal direction with the route, it is understood that the routes are not all at the same height, and some move vertically and are laid deep under the ground.

New Ekoda Station of the Toei Oedo Line, where it was sunkly deeply. But when you examine it, the depth is12.5 meterswas.

A lot of trains are running on the line as much as I thought the train stopped at one station in the daytime.

Especially the city center seems to be running a tremendous number.

Even after 22:30 of the night train still runs around the city.

I am still running well at 23:30.

As time goes around at 0 o'clock in the evening the number of trains goes down ......

After 1:30, the white point moving on the simulation map disappears.

Because the route of movement and the switching are different each time, even if 24 hours on the simulation map has elapsed, it is now possible to see the Tokyo Metro route simulation from a viewpoint different from the first one.

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