I tried grilled meat with a grilled plate combined with a high-end cassette stove 'I am pleasant premium' of Iwatani which looks glittering on the shining top board and looks good

Although you can purchase a cassette hobby from the 1000 yen range, if you carefully combine the function as an interior, it will satisfy the requirement ... ... that looks good when put on a table ... " Iwatani Cassette Fu Amorpho Premium CB - AMO - 80 ". The price setting of 20,000 yen range is the highest among the Iwatani 's cassette station series that boasts domestic top share in domestic gas products. Since I was able to borrow from Iwatani together with the " grilled barbecue plate CB-P-AM 3 " which is perfect for roast meat and seafood bake, I tried various burning as to what kind of stove it is actually used.

Amorpho Premium | Iwatani Sangyo

Grilled plate | Iwatani Sangyo

This is the outer case of "Iwatani Cassette Fu Amorpho Premium CB - AMO - 80". It is like a household appliance with white background.

In the box there were batteries, instruction manuals and main body.

Here is the amorpho premium body.

The stainless steel on the top plate surface is finished like a mirror, the ceiling is reflected and appears.

Flame is reflected when igniting. The blue flame is quite Moody.

Looking side by side with the cassette stove which was in the editorial department it is like this. Amorpho premium has a much lower center of gravity.

In comparison, the Amorpho premium is lower by 1 cm than the cassette stove of the editorial department. Amorufo premium is 8.4 cm tall until the 5th virtue, it is easy to cook and easy to cook because the contents of the pan is low if the vote is low.

Maintaining the interior can be easily done simply by lifting the top plate.

Ignition knob looks like this. It is easy to rotate and stepless adjustment is possible.

The actual ignition movies are as follows. Just by turning the knob makes it easy to catch fire. Also, the flame rises high, you can see that it is quite a firepower.

Actually igniting "Iwatani Cassette Fu Amorpho Premium CB-AMO-80" like this - YouTube

On the inside of the burner head there is a flame sensing sensor and a fire stabilizer ... ...

The thermal power stabilizer heats the cassette cylinder and prevents the temperature from falling. While the gas stove is being used, the cassette cylinder will become cold due to heat of vaporization, so the thermal power will not be stable, but the amorpho premium can provide a certain fire power thanks to this thermal power stabilizer.

The flame detection sensor senses that the fire has disappeared due to winds and a whirlpool, and there is a function that automatically re-ignites. The following are the movies of how the automatic re-ignition function actually works, trying to remove the fire with a little water spilling assuming a spill. Normally, when the fire is extinguished, it is necessary to manually ignite it, but you can see how the fire flashes again after the sound "Jijijijiji".

I tried the automatic re-ignition function of "Iwatani Cassette Fu Amorpho Premium CB-AMO-80" - YouTube

As I thought about what to do with this luxury cassette stove, whether to cook in a pot or a grilled meat ...... I thought of various things, but I could also borrow a grilled plate that can be used in Iwatani's cassette stove, so I used this korean I decided to have grilled meat. The box of "grilled plate CB-P-AM 3" looks like this.

When opening the box, a water tray / grill net / radiation plate / instruction manual was included.

The water dish has a hole in the center in the shape of a donut, so that it can store water in the groove part. It is said that it will be baked rich with water vapor of stored water.

The grill has become a little mountain.

When I put the iPhone XS, it looks like this. The diameter of the grill is 25 cm.

There is a hole diagonally in the radiation plate, and it sends heat to the entire grill.

To actually use it. First insert the battery into the battery box on the back of the amorpho premium body.

Open the lid of the Iwatani cassette cylinder ......

Open the container cover ......

Insert the recess of the cutout of the cassette cylinder so that it fits the convex part of the container receiver. The junction between the container receptacle and the Iwatani cassette cylinder was a magnet, and when it approached it got sticky.

Prepare a grilled plate. Insert the legs of the radiation plate into the water tray.

Pour 350 cc of water slowly into the groove of the water dish.

Once you have a grill, you are ready.

So I actually try to bake.

The grill net is three or four people and it is large enough to grill the meat. The temperature was influenced by the heat from the radiant plate, or higher near the center than in the periphery, so the meat burned earlier.

It seems good to arrange thick foods such as thick vegetables in the center, which takes time to bake.

After use, the top plate of Amorpho Premium was dirty with grease and water spilled from the grilled plate.

The burnt mark remained in the burner head.

The top plate got brilliant when it wiped carefully with a cloth which was wet with water etc.

Maintenance is completed by washing the grilled plate with detergent and sponge.

"Iwatani Cassette Fu Amorpho Premium CB-AMO-80" can be purchased from Amazon.co.jp 27,000 yen including tax, "Grilled plate CB-P-AM 3" can be purchased with 2198 yen including tax.

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