'Uncut rotary screen door II' was installed in the conference room on the first floor of the GIGAZINE editorial department to prevent insects from entering and to ventilate Report

Whether it's summer or winter, if you live with your doors and windows closed, the air tends to get worse anyway, so it's important to change the air in the room regularly to prevent infectious diseases and reduce carbon dioxide levels. However, there are many people who do not want to open the door without a screen door because there is a possibility that insects will enter. Even in the GIGAZINE editorial department, when I opened the door without a screen door for ventilation, insects came in more and more, so as a result of searching variously, I found ' Uncut rotary screen door II ' which can be attached with double-sided tape and is easy to open and close. I tried to make it comfortable to ventilate by attaching

Uncut Rotary Screen Door II (Two) | Kawaguchigiken

https://www.kawaguchigiken.co.jp/products/amido/amido-series/%E3%83%8E%E3%83%BC%E3%82%AB%E3%83%83%E3%83%88 %E3%83%AD%E3%83%BC%E3%82%BF%E3%83%AA%E3%83%BC%E7%B6%B2%E6%88%B8%E2%85%A1%EF %BC%88%E3%83%84%E3%83%BC%EF%BC%89

The GIGAZINE editorial department has a door like this that leads to the back door, but as you can see, there is no screen door, and if you open it for ventilation, insects will come in frequently.

When I was looking for a good screen door, I found Kawaguchi Giken's '

Uncut Rotary Screen Door II '. Although the door itself is about 180 cm, the door opening is 238 cm, which covers the entire door of the editorial department to eliminate gaps, supports various heights, and can be automatically wound. Above all, it was good that it was easy to install with double-sided tape without screwing, so I decided to actually purchase it.

This is what I received. The package alone is over 2 meters.

The contents are two long frames made of aluminum and one winding shaft with a net attached in advance.

The winding shaft has a rotation stop metal fitting so that the net is not automatically wound before installation.

Next, there are two large and small resin covers and two short frames.

Other height adjustment material, double-sided tape, auxiliary net, instruction manual.

As for how to attach these, first attach the screen door to the part surrounded by the red frame, then attach the height adjustment material and the auxiliary net to the part surrounded by the blue frame to cover all the top and bottom. In addition, a hacksaw, a tape measure, and a cutter knife are required for installation.

First, attach the following parts called 'case side lower rail guide' to the frame to be installed vertically. This is the part that fits when the screen door is folded.

Of the two frames, pick the one written as 'case side'.

Because one end has such a shape ......

Fit the lower rail guide on the case side.

It fits perfectly like this.

Next, we will check the position to attach the frame. The uncut rotary screen door II is compatible with both right and left opening doors, and you can install it by choosing whether the screen door opens to the right or left. The door of the editorial department opens to the right (the doorknob is on the right), so I decided to install the screen door so that it opens from right to left. Temporarily place the frame on which the case-side lower rail guide was attached earlier to the left, and the other long frame to the right.

Six double-sided tapes are attached to the back of these frames so that they can be adhered to wooden or aluminum frames.

Next, decide where to attach the frame. Looking for a suitable position that does not interfere with the door knob when the screen door closes ......

I will mark the frame. It is recommended to use a tape measure or a ruler and set it to '○○mm from the edge' so that it will not shift easily. Complete by marking with two frames on the left and right.

Once the position is decided, peel off all 6 double-sided tape attached to the frame.

Lightly wipe the mounting position ......

Then, glue it perfectly according to the mark.

Glue both and the vertical frame is OK.

Next, we will install the horizontal frame, but this is the climax of the work. You will have to do the work of cutting the frame using a gold saw. This is because the frame is long, about 90 cm long, and is made on the premise that it can be cut to fit the width of the door of each household. By the way, the width of the door of the GIGAZINE editorial department was about 85 cm, so it is necessary to cut more than 5 cm.

Since the instruction manual describes in detail 'from where to where to measure the length', measure with a tape measure to determine the numerical value. There is one upper frame and one lower frame, but be careful because the length to be cut is different for each.

Once you know the length, mark the frame so it's easy to see where to cut.

Then cut with a hacksaw. The frame is so sturdy that it's unlikely that you'll be able to cut it with scissors, so you'll definitely need a saw or similar tool.

It took about 10 minutes to keep cutting with Giko Giko, and I was able to divide it into two pieces. The cut surface looks like this.

Cut the bottom frame in the same way.

Next, attach the top frame. The one that was not cut at the end of the frame ......

Fit it so that it aligns with the vertical frame installed earlier.

Attach the other side so that it slides from above ......

Top frame is complete.

Before attaching the lower frame, attach the winding shaft with the net first. The top of the winding shaft has a protrusion called a “rolling shaft runner”.

Fit this into the rail provided on the upper frame ......

Slide the winding shaft. After inserting the shaft of the winding part, continue to insert the shaft on the doorknob side.

With this, the axis of the winding part in the middle of the screen door and the axis on the side of the doorknob are attached. The left end is flapping.

The frame on the left end does not have a protrusion, so it can be attached by simply pushing it toward the frame ......

Press evenly from top to bottom. A 'click' sound will be heard when it is pushed in.

Finally, if you pull out the rotation stop metal fitting attached to the winding shaft ......

The net was wound on the winding shaft, and it became taut to the left and right.

The screen door opens when you push down the lever where 'OPEN' is written.

With the screen door open, install the lower frame and you're done.

You can check how the 'Uncut Rotary Screen Door II' is opened and closed in the video below. When you close the screen door, you need to move it manually, but when you open it, just push the lever.

Opening and closing the screen door 'Uncut rotary screen door II' that can be retrofitted with double-sided tape - YouTube

The installation of the screen door that can be rolled up is over for the time being, but the next step is to fill the gap above the screen door.

First, measure the height and width of the gap.

Next, cut the height adjustment material according to the length of the mounting part. The height adjustment material was thin and made of resin, so I cut it with large scissors this time.

Then, paste double-sided tape on the back of the height adjustment material ......

Paste the height adjustment material vertically and horizontally.

Next, take out the auxiliary net ......

Adhere to the height adjustment material with double-sided tape so as to cover the gap.

Cut the excess mesh with a utility knife.

Finally, cut the cover that holds down the net to an appropriate length ......

It is completed by sticking it from the top of the net.

After pasting the height adjustment material, all the gaps are covered with a net like this.

It looks like this when viewed obliquely from the side.

And the whole picture after installing the uncut rotary screen door II looks like this. Now, even if you open the door, insects will not come in.

I was able to do everything from unpacking to installation by myself, and it took about 3 hours to install while taking pictures. Before installation, I thought it would be a little difficult to cut with a hacksaw, but the actual work was so simple that even an amateur could install it neatly.

What I purchased this time is the model number 'NC2-20' of Uncut Rotary Screen Door II, which is sold at Amazon.co.jp for 27,020 yen including tax. The uncut rotary screen door II was a type that was attached with double-sided tape, but there are also '

uncut rotary screen doors ' that are attached with screws, so when considering purchasing, the uncut rotary screen door series (PDF file) Catalog You need to look closely and choose a product that fits the size of your home.

Amazon | Uncut Rotary Screen Door II NC2-20 Screen Door Height 206cm | Screen Door

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