There are reports that Windows 10 will be on the verge of automatic upgrade without user's permission

Microsoft says, "Would you like to upgrade to Windows 10?"Pop-up advertisementLet me fix it, Internet Explorer security patchInsert Windows 10 upgrade adAlthough I urge the transition from the old OS to Windows 10 midway, such as doing, etc., this time, I started using the Devil's forbiddance which automatically brings it up to the upgrade, There are successive reports that.

Warning: Windows 7 computers are being reported as automatically starting the Windows 10 upgrade without permission.: Technology

The urgent thread set up by Reddit is "There is a lot of posts on Facebook's timeline starting to upgrade freely to Windows 10", "All the company's PCs are about to be upgraded to Windows 10" A sudden shutdown and upgrading began when the PC was operated "and many other reports are ongoing.

As I was interested in it, I found out that there are many users who are being upgraded to Windows 10 without permission as well as being upgraded actually to Japanese users.

This user also reports that automatic update to Windows 10 has started.

Some users say that some of the many reports got ridiculous due to insufficient storage of the PC being used.

Looking at why such a situation is occurring, it turned out that a terrible message of "Upgrade to Windows 10 will start soon" will be displayed before the upgrade starts automatically. When this message is displayed, it seems that the upgrade to Windows 10 is reserved.

The above message is said to be displayed when you click the Windows icon on the task bar, so I actually clicked on ... ...

A similar message was not displayed. Please note that it will result in Windows 10 as a result even if you click "Upgrade Now" or "Start downloading and upgrade later" displayed on the screen below.

Although updating the PC to the latest version did not display the problem message,Dell support pageAccording to the condition to be notified, "Windows Update is set to" Receive recommended update notification "setting," Windows 10 free upgrade reservation is made "two.Personal computer repair craft worker's troubles counseling PC Assist AIZUAccording to the condition that the condition is satisfied, the following image is displayed when clicking the Windows icon on the task bar. To cancel the upgrade from this state click the hamburger icon on the upper left ... ....

Click "Show confirmation" from the menu.

When "Upgrade booked" is displayed, you can cancel the upgrade by clicking "Cancel Reservation" in the lower left.

If the reservation is completed, the message "Upgrade to Windows 10 will start soon" will be displayed before starting the upgrade, so uneasy people should check for upgrade reservation is.

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Automatic upgrade schedule notification to Windows 10 became even more aggravated, integrated with Windows Update, CELL - GIGAZINE

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