Microsoft immediately postponed the report that "the prevention of upgrading to Windows 10 is more difficult", and parliamentarians in Japan will submit questioning intentions


To the userI am forced to upgrade to Windows 10 with or without upgradingAbout Microsoft reported that it is reported that the aggression is increasing further. However, Microsoft clearly denied, both of which are in a side-to-side confrontation.

No way out: Microsoft is now making it Even more difficult to block Windows 10 upgrades [Update]

The news media "The Register" is an article on June 1, 2016Windows 10 nagware: You can not click X. Make a date OR ELSE"We reported that Microsoft's" Upgrade Campaign to Windows 10 "has entered a new stage and is further aggressive.

In the same article, the following screen capture explains how the upgrade screen to Windows 10 is changing. In the window called "Schedule your upgrade", a pull-down menu for selecting the date and time is arranged, and in the lower right are buttons of "confirm and close" and "start update immediately" There are lined up.

But at this point there is no choice but to eventually upgrade at some point. So, clicking on "X" in the upper right of the window and trying to close it will cause the situation that there will be no "x" button there. In other words, this screen is displayed, but at the end the user can only select either "upgrade later" or "upgrade now".

Based on this situation, The Register reports "Microsoft has further geared (Now Microsoft is changing gears.)" And raises questions about policies that do not give users choices.

To this report,All About MicrosoftMary Jo Foley, the reporter of the article, has published an article saying that the article content of The Register is "a false alert."

Microsoft makes blocking Windows 10 'Recommended' update near impossible: Report | ZDNet

In the article, Mr. Foley said that this screen appears only when the user opens Windows Update and accepts the upgrade in advance and only agrees with the "software use agreement", as if it is unconditional Stating that the content of the article giving the impression that the upgrade to Windows 10 is forced is incorrect.

However, even Mr. Foley said that he does not have a good impression on Microsoft's too aggressive upgrade campaign that is becoming a stirring series.

In addition, Microsoft's counter-argument is being made on the article of The Register. A Microsoft spokesperson announced to Neowin, which reported this case, a statement explicitly denying that the article content of The Register is a mistake.

In a statement, Microsoft said, "The Register's article is incorrect, you can choose to upgrade to Windows 10. The user can choose to accept the upgrade, change the schedule, You can receive notice of "You are not forced to upgrade to Windows 10, it explains that it is in accordance with the user's will to the last.

In Japan, too, parliamentarians are dated June 1Question concerning semi-compulsory upgrade of basic software of personal computerThat's why I've submitted questions about the Windows 10 forced update issue and it is a sign that consumers are likely to suffer.

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