Japanese food "Kanko" started eating bowl specialty store "Ayaden" I ate Italian and bowl of rice bowl

We operate a Japanese restaurant chain such as "Ganko"Stinky food serviceHowever, the company's first bowl specialty store "AyamenOpen on March 2, 2016 (Wednesday). The first store to commemorate appears in the food court of "Amagasaki Cues Mall" in Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, and on the first day of the opening the food court exhibition is held for the press Because it was done, I sneaked in what kind of store it is.

Amagasaki cuesmall new store information

Ayadon CUZE Mall store opened on Wednesday, March 2, 2016 | Notice | Kanko Food Service Co., Ltd.

Arrived at Amagasaki Cues Mall. The location of the shop is about 3 minutes on foot from JR Amagasaki station. It is directly connected to the deck (pedestrian bridge) from the North Exit of Amagasaki Station. This is a pasta specialty shop where moss startsMia KuccinaIt's the same place where the 1st shop of the restaurant enters.

The store of "Ayomon" has become a storey setting that makes you feel Japanese. As you can imagine, "Ayamon" seems to be the name of the store that incorporated Amagasaki's place name.

On the signboard, the face of Huz who has seen many people is drawn, and I feel the identity of stinky. This face seems to be based on the caricature of the time when the company president Junji Kojima founded a stamp.

What I am surprised is its pricing. If you really say "gambog", you will have an image that is "full-blown but elevated", but all of Ayomodon's products are less than 1000 yen, and inside comes with a one-coin of 500 yen coming home There are menus as well. Besides bowl menu, oyster fried rice bowl, curry and soba are prepared.

Both menus can make the loin cutlets two pieces of double with plus 250 yen, and it is also possible to double the sticky sticky with plus 100 yen if it is bonji-ron. For this time, I decided to try "Italian and bowl" (580 yen including tax) that the reputation was good at the tasting party.

When the order passes, start warming sauce and onions with a bowl-shaped pot ... ....

Next to that, cut the knife to a bite size with a knife in the cutlet.

Put the katsu, put the cheese and tomato sauce, cook for a few minutes.

Toppings basil sauce on the cut starch, and the cutlet is completed.

Completed "Italian and bowls" with rice and miso soup as a set. Pickles are self-service.

It is a picture some rice seems to be a little less, but this is only because the bowl is big. A bowl a little bigger than the iPhone 6 is used.

It is a state of Japanese style and Italian hybrid, with melted cheese and tomato sauce put on a cutlet. When you bring your face closer, you will feel the sweet and savory fragrance of the sauce.

As it is, just leave a cutlet without putting it in the rice. It is a piece of flavor and chewy but it is strange that cheese and tomato are not disturbing enough to seem surprising. Rather, it makes me feel that it is a nice matching exceeding expectation.

That is why Italian and bowls were completed on rice. White and green, and red coloring is also Italian itself.

White, green, redTricholoreGabbling the cutlet worn by. People who are not used to eating may be surprised, but this combination is really ants. The flavor of the sweet sauce that saturated the cutlet, the flavor of the basil, the sourness of the tomatoes, the mellowness of the cheese etc together became all together and made a cutlet, remember a light surprise that Japanese and Italian fuse together so far I will.

"Three yuan pig" which is used in Aomon no one is dare to use different types of cancer for cancer. Compared to the "older stature" which is rather expensive for age groups, "Ayaden" is a menu with a focus on the family group, so that meat with a sense of volume with a feeling of sweetness of the fat is felt for young people to be satisfied It seems to have been chosen, and sauce is also sweet and savory, so it seems that it is finished in a flavor not to be defeated by the power of tomato and basil.

"Bamboo" bowl specialty shop "Ayaden" seems to be considering future store development.

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