I ate a cheese-colored "Chicken Cordon Blue Burger" with Freshness Burger

Freshness Burger, who is collaborating with EXILE TRIBE since 2014, is the second campaign of the campaignChicken Cordon Blue BurgerWe released it from February 15 (Saturday).Chicken Cordon BlueAnd chicken dishes made with chicken, ham, cheese, I had not eaten so far so I went to the shop.

Freshness Burger X EXILE TRIBE Collaboration 2nd 3rd Generation J Soul Brothers Joint Development "Chicken Cordon Blue Burger" released on Saturday, February 15, 2014

Arrived at Freshness Burgers.

Also appeal new products in somewhat flashy colors at stores. I will enter the shop.

Alongside the cash register ......

I also found Chicken Cordon Blue Burger on the menu. I'll order.

Waiting 5 minutes Chicken Cordon Blue Burger (490 yen including tax) was delivered to the table in a while.

Buns used sesame vans.

Taking the upper buns, you can check mayonnaise, salad spinach, bean egg midin, angular cut tomato, chicken cordon blue.

I will eat it.

If you do not receive any information and you hang up on a hamburger, salad spinach is invisible to basil, but as you eat it naturally will not taste basil, the taste of tomato, cheese, ball onions will spread in your mouth. The presence of chicken and roast ham sandwiched between Chicken Cordon Blue is slightly thin, but the combination of cheese and tomato Italian cuisine is good.

Chicken Cordon Blue is crispy as it is, the inside cheese is Trolo and the texture is interesting.cheese fondueCheese which was used in the past was used. Although there is novelty, I feel that the price setting of 490 yen is somewhat high.

Chicken Cordon Blue Burger sell for a limited time. It is recommended for those who like cheese because it uses a little unusual cheese.

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