Mosu 's 'Hyogo · Kakogawa Mos Burger Tanning' tasting review rice biscuit rice burger with a thick demi grass sauce on cow cutlet

" Hyogo · Kakogawa Mos Burger Tanning " has appeared in the Mos Burger menu on December 27, 2018 for period & region only. The Hyogo · Kakogawa demigra beef cuts burger based on the soap hood "Komekishi" in Kakogawa City, Hyogo prefecture, which put the cow's pork on rice on the dish and added a demiglace type sauce appeared in September 2018 There is, this time "Hyogo · Kakogawa Mos Burger Tomeki" sandwiched the ingredients with rice plate instead of buns pan so that the degree of reproduction has further improved, so I actually went to Mos Burger and ate it.

"Hyogo · Kakogawa Mollys Burger Tawee" New release in Kansai area only!
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I arrived at Mos Burger.

There was a climb in the store that tells the emergence of a new menu. I will order "Hyogo · Kakogawa Mos Burger Tome" (440 yen including tax).

"Hyogo / Kakogawa Mos Burger Tanningi" was brought up when I waited about 3 to 4 minutes at the seat. It is settled in a rice plate made of rice so that a huge cow cutlet will protrude. A sweet and sour aroma similar to the savory smell of fried oil and ketchup of sauce is coming and it appeals appetite.

The shredded cabbage on the cow cutlet is full of sauce based on demiglace sauce and more mustard is topped.

Compared with the iPhone XR of long side about 150.9 mm it looks like this.

Not only demiglace source but also tomato ketchup, rich sauce, Worcestershire sauce and savory sauce are blended with sauce, so it is a very thick and depthy taste and smell as core but fruit chutney and apple Since paste is contained, fruity flavor and refreshing acidity are also added.

When I tried to eat it, after the fruity sweet and sour sauce of the sauce first passed over the tongue, the richness of the demiglace sauce and the taste with deepness filled the inside of the mouth. The outside of the rice plate has grilled rice balls like grilled rice balls, so it's easy to hold without breaking like a buns but inside is like a rice cooked rice. Cow cracker's cloth is crispy, beef inside is juiced and the juice taste is packed tightly and it is juicy finished. While meat is said to be using molded meat with a combination of lean areas, while it is like a piece of meat touching a pleasant tooth biting meat fiber, it is soft and soft, There is no creping texture.

"Hyogo · Kakogawa Mos Burger Tanning" is limited for the period from December 27, 2018 to the beginning of February 2019, the Kansai area (Hyogo prefecture, Osaka prefecture, Kyoto prefecture, Shiga prefecture, Nara prefecture, Wakayama prefecture except for special shops Store in Mie Prefecture and Kumano Store in Mie Prefecture) can be ordered at the Mos Burger shop, the price is 440 yen including tax.

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