I ate "white fish and oyster fry cheese tomato pot sauce" which made fry such as oysterfly into a hot pot of oatsu, at Matsuya pork cutlet · pine nut

From January 26, 2017 (Thursday) in January 26th (Thursday) in 2017, at the shrimp specialty store "Matsu no ya", "Matsunoi" and "Chicken tea" of Matsuya Foods developed by Matsuya Foods of the beef - dashi chain, I made oysterfly and white fish fried hot pot I got it "White fish and oysterfly cheese tomato saucepan"Boiled pot sauce with white fish and oysterfly"Nabe Gozen will appear. I actually eat it to see what kind of dish it would be if you add fried food to hot pot dishes.

Three new hot-hot pots released! | News | Matsu no Ya · Matsunoi · Chicken Tea

I came to Matsuno family.

I bought a ticket for "white fish and oyster fry cheese tomato saucepan" "white fish and oysterfly sauce boiled pot sauce" at the ticket vending machine immediately, it was offered in about 7 or 8 minutes. This is "white fish and oyster fry cheese tomato saucepan".

Fry fried fish and oysterflies are on the pan and fried tomato sauce is scattered in garlic. Because it is hot, the cheese is sticky.

First of all I try to eat Kakifly.

Umami kaki is used while tiny, and together with the garlic-effective tomato sauce, umami is further improved.

Frying white fish takes plenty of cheese and if you lift it with chopsticks you can melt cheese. It is finished in a soft texture and compatible with tomato sauce. However, because it is not so boiled down, there is no feeling of eating a pot poto, it may be more appropriate to say "I put deep-fried food in a pot and plenty of sauce".

Oyster flies, white fish Fry both rice cooked up.

Subsequently, "White fish and oysterfly sauce boiled pot sauce" was also delivered.

The boiled pot sauce of white fish and oysterfly are plenty packed in Japanese style sardine radish.

Because Daikonase is simple, it can taste the flavor of the scent.

Here also the taste of the fly of white fish is fluffy and it seems that you can eat as much as it is crispy with radish pepper.

"White fish and oysterfly sauce boiled pot sauce" has fried eggplant instead of cheese.

Junior and succulent eggplants are perfect for Japanese style flavors. Tomato sauce is a thick seasoning so it's easy to choose depending on whether it is simple or not.

"White fish and oyster fried cheese tomato saucepan" are on sale at the pine nets, · Matsunoi · chicken tea throughout the country, the price is 690 yen with rice · miso soup, tax included "Michibata boiled with white fish and oysterfly The meal "is 690 yen including tax. Although it is not a new product from the same day, "hand-made shrimp fried binding bowl serving" has also been lineuped as three types of pot, and the price is 790 yen including tax.

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