10 things to know about artificial intelligence right now

ByKeoni Cabral

Artificial intelligence is evolving day by day, despite being told that "the next ten years are ahead", in January 2016At last the computer wins a professional shogi player with goIt was reported that it did. "About artificial intelligence explains why human beings do not encounter aliens", "artificial intelligence possibly destroys humanity", etc. About artificial intelligence developing at a speed far exceeding the expectation of the general public, such as " Ten things I should know now are technology mediaAlphrIt is summarized by.

Artificial intelligence: Ten things you need to understand | Alphr

◆ 01: Artificial intelligence has faster developmental speed than people imagined, and is increasingly increasing in speed

ByManfred majer

Ray Kurzweil, inventor, said that "science and technology progresses exponentially rather than linearly"Law of harvest acceleration"Was proposed. As a matter of fact, with respect to artificial intelligence, the progress of 2000 through 2014 is considered to be greater than the progress of the whole 20th century. Mr. Kurzweil argues that the same thing will happen again by the year 2021, he says that the development of science in the future will be the key point of exponential thinking.

◆ 02: Actually, I use it every day.

ByToshiyuki IMAI

Some people may think of "artificial intelligence" as Siri, Google Now, Cortana, etc. In fact, artificial intelligence in various places, from vacuum cleaners to video games and special effects in Hollywood movies It is being used. In this regard, it is the godmother of artificial intelligenceJohn McCarthyMr. Mr. said, "If artificial intelligence spreads out to the world, no one will soon be called 'artificial intelligence'."

◆ 03: robots rob the people's work


Professor Moshe Vardi of Rice University predicts that in the coming 30 years the human job will be done by the robot and the unemployment rate will exceed 50%. Although the worst future may sound like coming, there are many researchers who anticipate that "People will start working for joy, not for living," and now it is necessary for the state to Provide minimum funds for livingBasic incomeResearch on the concept is progressing as well.

◆ 04: Half of AI communities believe that 2040's artificial intelligence is wiser than humans

ByBethany Petrik

In 2013, for a hundreds of researchers, we took a questionnaire saying "When is the probability that artificial intelligence at the same level as human beings exceeds 50%?", The median value is only 24 years later It was in 2040. Also, another study asked the same question with options "not visiting in 2030, 2050, 2100", 42% said that the day would come by 2030.

◆ 05: Many of the wise men think it is dangerous to develop artificial intelligence to human level

ByLinus Bohman

When artificial intelligence reaches the same level as humans, there are a few people who think that the development of intelligence will stay there. Many scholars and researchers including Dr. Steven Hawking are concerned about this, and Ellon Mask, founder of Tesla and Space X, said, "If there is a crisis of human extinction, "We must be very careful." "Even at the national level or even at the international level, we are beginning to think that some regulation is necessary. We are stupid I will answer in an interview with "not to do things."

◆ 06: Once artificial intelligence becomes wiser than humans, humans can not understand artificial intelligence

ByChester Zoo

Reporter Tim UrbanWait But WhyIn an article about Artificial Intelligence in 'We can understand that human beings and skyscrapers are something, but I do not understand that skyscrapers are built by humans.' Just like this, even though Super / Intelligent AI (artificial intelligence far beyond human capability) explained "what you can do", we may not understand its contents There is.

◆ 07: Artificial intelligence does not have the idea of ​​"evil"

BySteve Petrucelli

In the movie we see evil artificial intelligence, but "evil" is a concept that exists only in humans, so there is no possibility that artificial intelligence will be evil. Artificial intelligence acts because it was so programmed. Dr. Hawking wrote about this: "Super Intelligent AI will realize the object very easily, at that time, if the purpose is not consistent with our intentions, problems will arise."

◆ 08: Super Intelligent AI can be divided into three types

ByThomas Hawk

Mr. Nick Bostrom, an expert and philosopher on artificial intelligence, is a book "Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies"Super Intelligence AI is classified into three types" oracle "" genie "" sovereign ". Oracle will answer quite exactly to the question, genie will do what he was commanded and wait for the next command once done. And sovereign decides by himself what is the best to achieve the purpose, so to speak is a sovereign power delegation type.

◆ 09: Artificial intelligence may solve the question "Why do not we encounter aliens?"

ByKevin Gill

There is a "Great Filter" that can rarely be crossed between primitive life and civilizations that can colonize planets, and human beings have overcome the Great Filter or have not overcome other life organisms The theory that it can not be encountered is called the Great Filter Theory. Mr. Mask says that artificial intelligence can be a reason for the crisis of human extinction, but artificial intelligence is the Great Filter, intellectual living entity that once existed in space enables intermanned planet navigation There is also the idea that it was destroyed by artificial intelligence before.

◆ 10: By the end of this century we will be extinct or have eternal life


Currently, the position on artificial intelligence is divided into two, optimistic viewpoint and pessimistic viewpoint. The optimistic viewpoint is that "Because the artificial intelligence solves the problem that mankind holds, our future is bright," the pessimistic view is "A small mist makes the human race extinct in the blink of an eye" It is like that. In the latter idea, for example, when instructing a computer to "solve global warming", a computer can destroy humanity by thinking that "the most cause of global warming is human". Like the movie 'Matrix', the day when people are regarded as 'resources' by computers may come true really long ago.

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