Three research findings suggesting that a robot robs human's work


Due to the spread of machinery accompanying industrial revolution that took place from the 18th century to the 19th century, the workers who fear the unemployment "Ruddite movementIt is known that the machine rupture movement called the movement occurred. In recent years, robot technology has been remarkably developing, but three research reports that investigate about how the evolved robot will affect human society in the future will be summarized.

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◆ Will automation by machines deprive human's profession?


MIT's economist ·David O'taer's reportAccording to the fact that there are many negative predictions of automation by machines, it is pointed out that the emergence of new machines does not mention much about the new employment of human beings being born. On this issue Mr. O'ta said that in the United States who experienced remarkable technological progress in the 20th century the share of the workforce in the total population is increasing, the proportion of the workforce in the agricultural sector has fallen from 40% to 2% While I am referring to the phenomenon that mass unemployment has not occurred.

In addition, Mr. Otter points out that although the ATM has spread rapidly between 1980 and 2010, the number of American bankers is increasing. This was because the spread of ATM automated the handling of cash which was originally part of the work of the bank staff, but due to the availability of the hands, bank managers can explain to customers who are interested in financial products, It took less time to process. In other words, Mr. O'ta insists that while the work lost by technology certainly appears, another technology can compensate for the lost work.

◆ What are the two technologies that advance robotics?

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Mr. Gil Platt, robot engineering expertWe anticipate that the two technologies will cause breakthrough in mechanical technology. One is "Cloud robotics engineering(Cloud robotics) ", which enables robots to rapidly grow ability by learning from other robots. Another is "Deep learning"The robot can expand its capability by processing it using big data. By advancing these two technologies, Mr. Pratt insists that the robot will start escaping from a production line that repeats specific tasks.

In the past, the cycle of automation by machinery like industrial revolution causes massive unemployment and new employment is generated by the diversification of work environment over time has been repeated every few decades over the past two centuries It was. However, due to the rapid development of robot technology in recent years, there is a possibility that the human labor force will be replaced by a robot in a shorter period than before. Furthermore, when the growth of robot capability catches up with the formation of new employment of human beings, it is concerned that conventional patterns will not apply. However, those classified as "manual work" are hard to lose economic value, and it is considered difficult to mechanize fields like "hand-made products" or "music superstars".

◆ How does automation by machine proceed

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It is a representative of economists in 1930John Maynard KeynesMr. Fukuda predicted that "With the development of technology in the future, people will not have to work and will have plenty of time." However, Mr. Otar believes that it is still time consuming until fully automated, as many of existing human occupations need to combine skills such as judgment and flexibility, so the scope of automation is limited We are anticipating that it will progress in a similar way.

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