"Yuzu / Sakura / Black Mitsuda Green Tea" I have eaten Crispy · Cream · Donut "Welcome Spring" with three kinds of Japanese style donuts

From February 24, 2016 Crispy Cream · Donut has appeared a limited-time donut "WELCOME SPRING" using Japanese materials "Sakura" "Yuzu" "Black Mitsu-Matcha". I have eaten the donut that collaboration was made with American-born crispy cream · donuts and Japanese material feels Japanese spring.

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Arrived at a shop in Krispy · Cream · Donut

I ordered three kinds of Welcome Spring's donuts. The green donut on the far side is "Old Fashion Black Mitsu matcha (230 yen tax included)", the front side is "Sakura (250 yen)" "Yuz (230 yen)".

It looks like the surface got taut, like a craneSakuraIs depicting cherry blossoms with cherry blossoms with white chocolate and cherry chocolate on crisp Napaju, and cherry blossoming.

A pale pink cherry cream inside. It is slightly sweet and salty finished and its taste is exactlySakura Rice. It was felt that the taste that wrapped the rice cake with salted cherry leaves was surprising and it really felt like "that? Spring air?" In the shop, I wanted to go to see the cherry blossoms somehow.

YuzuIs a dish that topped with citrus freeze dried peel and sugar pickled peel dice, on top of a ring type donut on top of white chocolate and citrus juice napaje with fruit juice. The color of the pale yuzu seems to feel spring here as well.

When I tried it, I felt the flavor of yuzu as much as I expected. Not only the pure yuzu flavor but also a slightly sweet finish, it is perfect when you want to calm down calmly. When you bit a sharp crunchy dry peel or peel dice, the citrus peel bittersweet feel comes out.

I will reach for drinks while eating a donut. Together with this time, the tea leaves "rice balls" (rice crackers) entered with "rich taste and light flavor"Hojicha (Yanagado)"(T: 340 yen) and"Hojimachi Latte (with Ganpaka)"(T: 380 yen S: 330 yen) I ordered. Hojicha Latte said that it is "Japanese tea-based leek lattice, brewed with plenty of steam milk," a rice tea with "rich flavor and light flavor" entered into "Kariagane".

Hojicha is served with tea bags in it and takes out bags for myself after taking out tea for several minutes.

The taste seems to be hardly felt for the astringent tendency to associate with Hojiju, and it is a light taste that feels only the "Astringent taste" of a good feeling. It was a drinkable tea that you can enjoy the good part of Hojicha.

Hojimachi latte is a taste with a sense of relaxation of milk added to the aroma and flavor of Hojicha, a good balance of tea and milk. It is perfect for when you want to have a breath, as this is a feeling that you can move more.

The third donut,Old fashion black tea MatchaInto the undulating Old Fashion style donut, Matcha chocolate is plentifully topped. From there on, black Mitsu sauce and "black bean kanoko" are put on.

Black bean kanoko (Kanoko) is a sweet finish of small black beans, it was a flavor that can fully enjoy the sweetness. Just because it is not too sweet, eating with a donut is just good.

By having knocked in full-fledged Uji green tea, the donut is in a matcha color to the inside. You can taste the sweetness of Matcha that smells sweet and sweetness of black mat and the sweetness of black bean (Koku?). A little bit mouthful texture, unique in Old Fashion.

Japanese-style donut "Welcome Spring" of Crispy Cream · Donut is a limited-time product until March 22nd (Tue) 2016. However, as it is to end as soon as possible, those who are interested are required to check early.

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