Ellon Mask's battle against Mark Zuckerburg saying "AI threat theory is irresponsible"

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As you can see from the realization that "artificial intelligence defeats humans in go" in the past realized "impossible" in the past, the development of artificial intelligence is remarkable,Machine that can work as a surgeon in 2053There is also a view that it will appear. On the other hand,SpaceXThere are many experts alerting the dangers of artificial intelligence such as Mr. Eulon Mask who started up, but Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is directly opposed to such viewpoint , "I am quite irresponsible in many ways".

Mark Zuckerberg thinks AI fearmongering is bad. Elon Musk thinks Zuckerberg does not know what he's talking about. - Recode

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg blasts Tesla CEO Elon Musk's warnings against artificial intelligence as 'pretty irresponsible' - Silicon Valley Business Journal

As to the dangers of artificial intelligence, physicist Dr. Steven Hawking said "Evolution of artificial intelligence means the end of humanity"Mr. Mask was also talking as" potentially dangerous than nuclear weapons ".

Mr. Mask also said, "Human beings will trigger advanced artificial intelligenceBoot loaderI hope that it will not be, but it is highly likely that you will follow that fate. "It showed the idea that regulation should be established.

On July 15, 2017, Mr. Mask said at a meeting with the US government, "People do not feel until we see the robot begin to kill the street, AI needs regulation" before things happen " In the case of AI regulation, it is because it is too late if it happens "" Regulation is usually made after bad things happen many times. There There are people's protests and coordination by the authorities to crack down on the industry is done for many years.Of course there have been bad parts of such a method, but of course there is a fundamental There was no risk, but there is AI. " Mr. Mask has long been "Mars migration plan"One of the reasons is said to have" backup for the time the earth was torn by AI ".

About a week after July 23, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg answered questions from users with Facebook live distribution. One user said, "In a recent interview with Mr. Ehlon Mask, I saw that the biggest threat in his future is AI.What are you thinking about AI, what kind of thing in the world Do you think that it is an influence? " Mr. Zuckerberg said, "I have a fairly strong opinion on this.I am optimistic, people who are negative to artificial intelligence, or who talk that the final judgment will come, I can not understand it, I think that such thing is pessimistic and it is quite irresponsible in many ways.

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Mark ZuckerbergPosted on July 23, 2017

And when Mr. Zuckerberg's remarks are news, Mr. Mask said on Twitter, "I talked about this subject and his understanding of this subject is limited." Details are not talked about, but the opinions of both seems to be incompatible.

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