Pointed out that Earon Mask's 'AI threat theory' is a marketing strategy

BySteve Jurvetson

Eleon Mask CEO, heading Tesla and SpaceX, is known for adopting the so-called "AI threat theory" that artificial intelligence (AI) may have serious consequences for humanity in the future and regulation is necessary " I will. However, it is pointed out that AI threat theory by Mask CEO is merely a marketing strategy, and it is not wise to receive it truly.

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg's thoughts on AI are sensationalizing automation instead of solving it - Quartz

Regarding the treatment of AI, the "battle" that was unfolded between Tesla's mask CEO and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg became a hot topic.

Battle Earlon mask counterargs to Mark Zuckerburg saying "AI threat theory is irresponsible" - GIGAZINE

However, the exchange of opinions between both celebrities in the high-tech industry was totally taken up as sensational things, but both of the ideas are far from capturing the correct overall picture of AI, Entrepreneur Chad Stiegberg is complaining that he should think about AI technology without doing it.

According to Mr. Stiegberg, the AI ​​threat theory which Mr. Mr. is promoting does not promote intrinsic dialogue on AI 's power and potential danger, but it is not to promote himself or his company It is critical that it is nothing but a "marketing strategy". It is clear from masking CEO that "mask AI should be regulated" to be one of the most promising technological innovations that AI brings is due to active development of AI technology at SpaceX and Tesla, "AI "The opinion that it should regulate" is only an act of disturbing the technology development of other rival companies and trying to dominate in competition.

Because AI technology is difficult to understand complicatedly and technically, Mr. Steigburg who thinks that it is difficult to discuss AI correctly thanks to a message like AI threat theory discusses with a vague assumption We believe that discussions should be made in accordance with applications and services that utilize AI that is actually being realized or is about to be realized. It is the first step to develop AI to understand the realistic technology of what AI is doing, not to destroy the world, but to reform the world.

According to Mr. Steigberg, it is not a true innovator of AI technology that Mr. Mask and Mr. Zuckerberg make predictive models to avoid jikka fever epidemic by AI and reduce victims of human trafficking He is a technician who develops face recognition technology and identifies cancer more accurately by data analysis and faces cancer warfare of human beings. "AI will change our future, but it is unfair to appeal" just the fear of driving the world into destruction "without providing a place for correct education and coordinated discussion," said Steigburg I am talking.

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