Fluffy chocolate cheese tarts baked marshmallow fragrant PABLO "Baked marshmallow chocolate cheese tart" Tasting review

So soft to be independentFreshly baked cheese tartOfferingPABLO(Pablo), topped with chocolate cheese tarts baked marshmallow "Baked marshmallow chocolate cheese tart"Has appeared in Valentine's Day & White Day 2016 limited time period only. Speaking of marshmallows and chocolate candiesSmearThere is, but I bought and tried it to see how much it is in combination with cheese tart.

Valentine · White Day 2016 Valentine · White Day limited time "Baked marshmallow chocolate cheese tart" will appear. | Cheese Tart Specialty Store PABLO News & Media Listing Information

"Baked marshmallow chocolate cheese tart" is in a white box with a PABLO logo.

Valentine & White Day Because it is tart only for a limited time, with a heart-shaped seal that imaged Valentine's Day.

When opening the box, the tart that the marshmallow was topped on one side appeared.

I sandwiched block chocolate in a cheese tart textured with chocolate, baked a lot of marshmallows on the surface, baked it up, and treated chocolate sauce for finishing.

Marshmallows are stuck on the surface and browned.

The outside is not a cookie dough but a pie cloth of crispy texture is used.

I cut it and tried it on a dish. PABLO'sFreshly baked chocolate cheese tartIt was a tart that was so soft that it collapsed by its own weight at the moment when it was on the plate, but the baked marshmallow chocolate cheese tart is firmly self-sustaining on the plate, because the block chocolate is contained inside.

Block chocolate is thoroughly kneaded in the fabric.

When eating, Marshmallow has a peculiar mouthfeel texture although it is small, and the smell of grilled eyes is slightly felt. The PABLO cheese tart was fluffy in the normal version, but it was an impression that the fluffy feeling has increased by adding marshmallows.

The chocolate cheese mousse portion is mixed with chocolate and cheese rich just in a good balance. Taste tends to be monotonous only with mousse, but mixing chocolate chips brings about a change in taste and texture, and we can advance on eating.

When eating marshmallow, moose and pie fabric in one stroke, the presence of marshmallows is slightly diluted. Because the flavor of chocolate and cheese is rich, it was preeminent to eat with a thick thick pie cloth on the outside.

The price of "baked marshmallow chocolate cheese tart" is 1350 yen including tax, and it will be from February 10 (Wednesday) to February 14 (Sun) in 2016, March 11 (Fri) - March 14 ) For a limited time. For handling stores,PABLO Official PageIt is possible to check with.

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