Why does not fingerprints be exactly the same in DNA even in identical identical twins?

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Born from one fertilized egg "Identical twins"Extraordinary exceptionExcept for it, basically I have the same DNA. However, it is known that identical twins similar in appearance and personality also have different unique "fingerprints". Genetically it is known that "personality" which occurs in the same two persons is expressed in the mother's stomach.

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Dizygotic twinsUnlike monozygotic twins, DNA is the same because one fertilized egg is born by multi-embryo formation. For this reason, there are no two lives that are completely different at the fertilization stage where life was born, but then "personalities" will be born as they grow in the mother's body.

ByJunya Kamimura

Depending on genetics and environmentTraitIt is known that it is different. And it is an inherent trait that each organism actually acquiredPhenotype(Honorifaga), inherited inherited "GenotypeIt is determined by the two factors of "environmental" acquired afterwards. In other words, each organism has a subtly different form and nature because the environment is different, so even if you have exactly the same genetic information, you will not become exactly the same organism.

Fertilized egg grows in the mother's womb, but each identical twin divided into two embryos receives an influence from each mother individually. In other words, identical twins are different in the process of growing by receiving slightly different influences, such as position in the uterus, blood pressure, hormone level, speed of receiving nutrition, state of amniotic fluid and so on. And since subtle differences also occur in fingerprints growing between 10 and 16 weeks after fertilization, even identical twins do not give exactly the same fingerprints.

Nonetheless, although it is a fingerprint of identical twins that can not be said to be exactly the same due to slightly different environments, DNA seems to be very similar when compared to brothers and red others who are not twins from the same thing .

Fingerprints can be roughly divided into three types, and 95% of the total have three types of fingerprints. However, some people have fingerprints of a special shape, others have no border fingerprints.

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