Scale up to 6 inches large screen and camera performance with laser AF glows "ZenFone 2 Laser" review

ZenFone 5&ZenFone 2ASUS, a self-running Japanese SIM-free terminal market in the series, is the second-generation ZenFone series equipped with a 6-inch large screen display "ZenFone 2 Laser (ZE 601 KL)"Has been released. I tried to see what type of smart phone ZE601KL has, which is a feature of laser autofocus on a 6 inch large screen.

ZenFone 2 Laser (ZE601KL) | Phone | ASUS Japan

◆ Appearance check
The 6-inch display ZenFone 2 Laser (ZE 601 KL)ZenFone 2Derived model of. As the name "Laser" is attached, it is the 2nd generation ZenFone which focused on the camera performance with the laser autofocus function as a weapon.

The package is common design in the ZenFone 2 series.

When opening the box, ZE 601 KL appears.

Contents, ZE601KL main body, AC adapter, USB cable, earphone, ear cap, instructions etc ..

ZE 601 KL is equipped with 6 inch full HD (1920 × 1080) display. The SoC has Snapdragon S 616 (8 cores), the memory is 3 GB, the 5-inch version that appeared before "ZenFone 2 Laser (ZE 500 KL)"We are doing specifications from the whole as a whole. The size is 164.5 mm long × 84 mm wide × 10.55 mm thick, weighing 190 g, OS is Android 5.0.2 Lollipop.

Front camera with 5 million pixels with speaker at the top. The display adopts Gorilla Glass 4 and it has excellent scratch resistance.

From the left "Back" "Home" "History" key is printed outside the display.

Earphone jack, power button, microphone on the top.

A slip groove is attached to the button on the top.

There are no buttons on the left and right.

There is only a recess to remove the back cover on the right side.

Micro - USB port and microphone on the bottom.

On the back are infrared laser for autofocus, 13 million pixel rear camera, dual LED light, volume button below it. The performance of the camera is equivalent to ZE 500 KL due to specifications.

A large speaker is carried in the lower part of the back.

Removable back cover.

A SIM card slot is mounted on the left and right of the volume button. There is a microSD card slot so that it overlies the left SIM 1 slot.

The rear speaker is dual specification. It appears to be upgrading from other ZenFone 2 series of single speakers.

The biggest change from ZenFone 2 is that the battery can be replaced. The battery capacity was 3000 mAh.

Remove the battery in the SIM 1 slot and install the SIM card. Both SIM slots are micro SIM sizes, and it does not correspond to 2 G / 3 G / 4 G dual standby with 2 SIM cards.

◆ Size Comparison
By saying that it is a large screen smartphone (Fabret) with display size close to ZenFone 2 Laser (ZE 601 KL)Nexus 6P(left),Nexus 6Compared with the size (right) it looks like this. ZE 601 KL (center) is slightly longer than in the vertical direction.

The thickness is also the thickest at ZE 601 KL, Nexus 6P is missing one at the thinness.

You can see that the width is almost the same between ZE 601 KL and Nexus 6, and 5.7 inches and Nexus 6 P with the smallest display size is short.

It is like this when piling Nexus 6P and ZE 601KL. ZE601KL is one size larger than Nexus 6P.

However, as for the hold condition, I feel ZE 601 KL is the best among these three models. When becoming a 6-inch class large-screen smartphone (Fabret), the width and the material and shape of the back panel will greatly influence the ease of holding. Although it is thinner than ZE 601 KL Nexus 6P, it is not easy to say that full metal body + thin type is easy and easy to hold, whereas ZE 601 KL is round shaped metallic-like plastic back panel fit into hand and even moderate Thanks to the thickness, holdability is improved. It is a feeling of luxury Nexus 6P, ZenFone 2 Laser which is easy to hold.

◆ I tried using
I tried using ZenFone 2 Laser (ZE 601 KL) immediately. You can understand the feeling of operation such as gesture motion and one handed mode, touch shutter, YouTube playback with the browser in one shot if you see the following movie.

6 inches version ZenFone 2 Laser with gesture motion, single handed mode browsing - YouTube

· ZenMotion
ZenFone 2 Laser has its own touch control function "ZenMotion". You can set it by tapping "Settings" → "ZenMotion".

"Touch gesture" can turn on / off the power and launch the application by tapping and tracing the screen.

By turning on the screen on, it is possible to tap the display twice in a sleep state and turn on the power. You can turn on the power overwhelmingly quickly and comfortably than pressing the power button on the top. You can also launch the app from the sleep state in one shot by tracing "C" on the display and activating the camera instantly, tracing "e" and activating mail.

Also equipped with "one-handed mode" to support one handed operation on a large 6-inch screen.

With one-handed mode turned on, you can bring the screen to the lower left by tapping the home icon twice in a row. It is useful for typing characters or tapping unreachable icons.

ZE 601 KL is a middle range model that is in the middle of ZenFone 2 (ZE 551 ML) of high-end model and ZenFone 2 Laser (ZE 500 KL) of entry model on specifications. Memory is 3 GB, SoC is an improved version of Snapdragon 615 Snapdragon S 616, so the benchmark application "AnTuTu Benchmark"36039", it was the score as spec.

In the ZE601KL, the ASUS application "power saving setting" is installed, and you can set the performance and possession of the battery. Sometimes the battery capacity is 3000 mAh, even with the "normal" setting it is very good to have the battery and there was something okay without charging for two days. Aside from the goodness of ASK 's genuine application itself, while the preinstalled application is not wasting the battery wastefully, there is no appearance that the battery is wasted, and worry about battery is unnecessary usability is realized.

The ZE601KL is also called ZenFone 2 Laser series, and it has a large camera performance such as laser autofocus function that realizes high speed autofocus of 0.2 seconds. So, you can see how fast the laser autofocus function is by looking at the following movie.

Fast focusing with 6 inch ZenFone 2 Laser laser autofocus function - YouTube

Laser autofocus realizes a quick autofocus as a sort of wording.

Camera settings are plentiful. White balance, ISO sensitivity and brightness (exposure) etc can be adjusted. In addition, Super HDR function which exerts power at backlighting is also carried.

The camera shake correction is also carried. Also, since the shutter is released with the volume button on the back, it is very convenient for self-taking with the front camera.

If you set "Touch shutter" to ON, you can set the autofocus to where you tapped the screen and the shutter will be released at the same time, so you can shoot with minimum time lag. It is very convenient and easy to use so it is basically recommended to turn it on.

The face recognition function and ... ....

There is also a camera shake correction function.

This is a picture taken in the above YouTube movie.

It is like this when cutting out a part and expanding it. Pinto is perfect.

Even small subjects ......

Even if you try to cut out, the resolution feeling is sufficient enough as this. The power of laser autofocus seems to be outstanding.

◆ Summary
ZenFone 2 Laser (ZE601KL) is a model that ASUS launched to hit competitors that have large 6-inch smart phones such as iPhone 6 Plus, Nexus 6P and Acsend mate 7. It is a model that can be recommended to users who place importance to the camera because it has high camera performance that it carries out the dark place photography in the low light mode easily with the laser autofocus function with 3GB memory necessary and enough for the middle range class SoC (CPU) .

ZE601KLASUS ZenFone Shop, sold at 45,444 yen including tax. With ASUS ZenFone Shop for a limited time until January 31, 2016 (Sunday), mobile batteryZenPower (10050 mAh)There are present present campaigns.

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