Photo review of Xiaomi's flagship 'Mi 6' overwhelmingly luxurious '4 curved surface 3D glass' design

The flagship model 'Mi 6 ' released by Xiaomi on April 28, 2017 has become explosively popular as it is sold out in just a few seconds from the start of online sales. I was able to get the 'Mi 6' in haste, so I first took a closer look at the appearance.

Xiaomi 6-Xiaomi Commercial Castle

The Xiaomi Mi 6 comes in a white-based box.

When you open the box, Mi 6 appears.

The contents are Mi 6 main unit, USB cable, earphone jack adapter, AC charger, protective case, simple manual, SIM slot release pin.

The manual was written in Chinese and there was no English.

This time we will review the black model of Mi 6's 6GB memory / 64GB storage. Immediately peel off the protective film on the surface ...

Also peel off the film on the back.

Mi 6 is a 5.15 inch full HD (1920 × 1080) liquid crystal display, SoC is Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 (8 cores up to 2.45 GHz), memory is 6 GB, storage is equipped with 64 GB / 128 GB UFS, Xiaomi's flagship model is.

What you feel in your hand is thinness and fit. In addition to the 2.5D glass on the front, the body design draws a smooth curve toward the back, so the fit is amazing when you pick it up, and there is no 'edge hitting your hand and it hurts' at all.

A microphone and an illuminance sensor on the top.

Speaker, Type-C USB port, microphone on the bottom.

Power button and volume button on the right side.

Only the SIM card slot is on the left side.

The SIM card slot is a dual SIM type that can insert two nano SIMs.

At the top of the display is an 8-megapixel front camera and speakers. There is an LED indicator on the right side.

Home button with fingerprint authentication function at the bottom of the display. The home button is not a physical button, but a tactical type similar to the iPhone 7 series, which creates a click feeling by vibrating.

The curve line on the side is reminiscent of the previous model 'Mi 5' ...

In Mi 6, it has been changed to a four-sided perfect round shape that connects not only the side but also the top and bottom with a curved surface. Xiaomi has named this unique line that smoothly connects these four directions as the 'four-curved 3D glass' design.

The biggest feature of the rear is that it is a dual camera equipped with a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens and a 12-megapixel telephoto lens. Supports 2x optical zoom and 4-axis optical image stabilization

The logo on the back is gloss-plated like the flagship model 'Mi 4' before.

One of the features of the Mi 6 design is the inconspicuous antenna line. As represented by the so-called 'D line' of the iPhone 6 series, the antenna line that ruins the design on the back of the smartphone is on the upper side ...

Only a little remains on the left and right sides of the bottom. It stays as an accent and does not spoil the design.

When I picked it up, I felt it was 'thin', so compared to the typical thin terminal iPhone 7, the Mi 6 is slightly thicker. The iPhone 7 is 7.1mm thick and the Mi 6 is 7.45mm, but the impression is that they are about the same thickness.

In addition to the Type-C USB cable, the accessory included an earphone jack adapter (left image).

Like the iPhone 7 series, the Mi 6 does not have a 3.5mm earphone jack, so it has an adapter that converts a Type-C USB port to an earphone jack. However, not only is the adapter annoying, but it is often inconvenient to use earphones while charging, so I feel that I don't need to emulate the iPhone so far.

Mi 6 is compatible with the quick charge function 'Quick Charge 3.0'.

The Mi 6 also came with a genuine Xiaomi protective case.

The material of the case is TPU, which is translucent.

If you look closely, it seems that only the antenna line part is thin and has been devised to facilitate communication.

When attached to the Mi 6, it has a design that does not spoil the original impression of 'glossy black'.

Of course, since it is a genuine product, the fit of the holes is perfect.

Since there is a step of less than 1 mm around the surface, it seems that it will not be scratched even if the display is placed down. Even if you put a glass film on it, you don't have to worry about the steps.

With that said, Mi 6 will be reviewed in more detail in the near future, so please look forward to it.

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