I made it and made a mozzarella drawstring from thick and rich cream spilling out blissful food "Burrata" Tasting Review

Purse-shapedMozzarellaIt is made by confining fresh cream inside of it, so if you put a knife Toro - rich cream will be spilling rich, rich cream will come out of the southern Italian region of Muruzia "BurrataCheese called. Since freshness is important, it is rare that it is imported into Japan, even if it is, it is quite expensive, but based in Shibuya, TokyoFRESH CHEESE DeliveryI succeeded in the manufacture of Burrata for the first time in Japan and it was said that it could be purchased even from the Internet, so I tried to purchase it actually and eat it.

Tokyo Burrata - FRESH CHEESE Delivery

FRESH CHEESE Delivery cheese arrived at Cool Takkyubin. It is possible to send a freshly specified date, and you can specify the date and time from around 1 week after ordering.

This time I ordered not only "Tokyo Burrata" but also "made mozzarella", "made Ricotta" "Kacho Cavallo" also set "CHEESE STAND All Set" so when you open the box with Pakari and 4 There was one cheese.

This is 4 kinds of cheese. They are packed in a vacuum pack or are contained in preservation solution.

Also, there was a paper with explanations of each cheese and how to eat recommended.

So I will eat from Tokyo Burrata first.

It was delivered in the morning of November 6, but the expiration date is November 9. The material is milk · cream. It was salt.

Since the preservative solution is contained in the pack of Tokyo Burrata, please remove the preservation solution ...

I will put out only the cheese on the dish. It looks like a pure white purse.

The content volume is 150 g, and the size compared with iPhone 5 is about this.

The part containing the cream is plump and round like a rice cake.

According to "Recommended way of eating", because Tokyo Burrata does not have salty taste, firstly salt is applied a little.

Serve fruit ......

I rubbed olive oil.

That's it.

Although Burrata is Puyon Puyon, Mozzarella of the bag part surprisingly has elasticity and is firm.

So, when I put a knife ......

Toro - Ri and cream spilled from inside.

Mozzarella cheese is also packed with cream inside.

So, when you eat a bite with Pacri, a cream that is surprisingly thick and feels a bit of buttery flavor also spreads in your mouth, along with mozzarella cheese with a little sour taste. Although the cream is heavy, because there is a peculiar acid taste of natural cheese, there is no stickiness and it is a combination that I have not ever tried, but I do not think that I want to eat forever.

When I arrived I was thinking "unexpectedly small ..." but because it is packed tightly in the middle, I am satisfied with the volume as well.

It is a simple way of eating, but the richness of cream, the flavor of cheese, the fragrance of olive oil, salty, fruit sweetness and sour taste exquisitely match, and saltiness also draws sweetness Ideal for dessert. Because mozzarella cheese is based, it seems to be delicious if you eat it as a salad or tomato dish besides dessert.

A cream mixed with various flavors was a blissful taste.

Of course, compatibility with fruits is outstanding.

When I fully enjoyed Burrata, I will eat other cheese. First, aged cheese in which the sweetness of milk is condensedKacho Cavallo.

This is sliced ​​to about 1 cm thin ... ....

Bake in a frying pan.

Once you bake both sides for about 1 minute on each side until grilling sticks OK.

Also, because it is delicious to eat with baked tomatoes, I also baked tomatoes.

It is like this when it is served on a plate.

The surface is crisp enough to hear the sound "cranky" when you put a knife, but the inside cheese is tossed apart.

When eating, it differs from the general "cheese smell", it spreads a distinctive smell as if smoked. I think that the moment of eating "I feel as if you are crispy", but the more you bite chewy cheese, the more you feel the taste of cheese with milk condensed. Some of the editorial staff have commented "The delicacy of camembert and taste ate in France", and ultimately the richness remains in the mouth, so it seems to be suitable for salads as well.

Although it can go as it is, it is OK even if seasoned with olive oil or salt pepper as you like.

Good even if you put it on bread with baked tomato. The baked tomatoes were baked with garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper, but the cheese flavors overwhelmingly overcame the tomatoes.

Next is mozzarella.

Mozzarella was said to be able to go as a pizza or other topping, so drain it for about an hour and put it on a pizza.

......, but when I touched it was so much more puyupu as compared with mozzarella to buy at supermarket etc ... ...

First I tried it as it is, the mozzarettish enough to feel super mozzarella cheese as Takano Tofu or something. It is so soft that you can feel the sweetness of milk slightly. It is too smooth and too moist, so it is going to be tough for pizza fabrics unless draining certainly.

So I put bacon and mushrooms on a commercial pizza dough ... ...

Topping with drained mozzarella.

With the basil on top ......

Bake in 250 degrees oven for about 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, the baked pizza is.

When I tried it, I thought that "I thought that it is okay to let the Mozzarella fire so much freshly ...", with some impression that the richness is increasing more than when it was eaten in a fresh condition, People say that it is better to do it.

Both the pizza dough and the sauce were commercially available, but the existence of Mozzarella cheese raised the level of pizza, I felt it was finished like eating at a shop.

In addition, it was a mozzarella that could not be put on pizza fabricCapreseI tried making it, but it was popular enough to be eaten by breath.

The endRicottaFresh cheese originating from southern Italy.

It was recommended to simply eat it with nuts and honey.

Ricotta was just in the middle of the refreshing sensation of yoghurt and richness of cream, compatibility between the sweetness of honey and the fragrance of nuts as outlined in the instruction book was outstanding. It can be eaten as dessert, but it looks good for breakfast as well.

Incidentally,Tokyo BurrataIt is 150 g and 1080 yen including tax,Kacho CavalloIs 160 g and tax included 1300 yen,I made it and MozzarellaIt is 100 g and 570 yen including tax,I made it and RicottaIt was 100 g and 480 yen including tax, and four cheese became a setCHEESE STAND cheese all kinds setIs 3400 yen including tax. Both cheeses are easy to eat with less habit, so if you buy in a set you can make cheese as much as you can eat cheese and you can have fun for the price, so for those who do not have cheese preference or who do not know yet, first set 4 I recommend that you try buying.

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