I tried all types of cheese sweets perfect for souvenirs, including "Tomorrow-roasted cup cheese" of Fromage and Tera who baked cream cheese tart cup at store

Accessible from Tokyo Station immediately "Keiyo Street"There are a variety of shops dealing with sweets that are perfect for a small souvenir. In such a sweet shop, pour cream cheese into a tart cup and bake it after ordering "Slime roasted cup cheese"Cheese cake workshop" Fromage Terra "that offers cheese type sweets, so I bought all types of sweets and how much quality it was eating compared to eating.

Cheese cake studio Fromage terra

Cheese cake workshop "Fromage · Terra" is the "Keiyo StreetThere is it.

Arrive at Fromage · Terra

In addition to freshly baked "rough roasted cup cheese", there was also "rough roasted cup cheese caramel chocolat" that was not on the website.

That's why I bought all the items sold.

From the right "grilled roasted cup cheese", "rough roasted cup cheese caramel chocolat", "plump purple cheese plateau" "saucaki roasted cheese cake"

Baked cup cheese is in a box like this.

The expiration date is two days in refrigerated storage.

When I opened the lid, it was filled with baked cup cheese like this. Since three or six are like the same box, it seems better to look better if you make it 6 souvenirs when making it as a souvenir.

First of all, from "rough roasted cup cheese" (216 yen including tax).

I baked cream cheese into a tart cup that can be eaten to the outside.

When eating, creamed cheese spreads slowly into the mouth after a crispy texture of the tart cup. While cream cheese has a rich flavor, it has moderately sour taste and it also matches the flavor of tart's butter. Since it can be eaten on the spot that you handed over without forking, it is good to eat yourself and it is a good sweet to souvenir. Since storage is refrigerated, it is likely to taste different flavors when chilled and eaten.

Next is a gorgeous "rough roasted cup cheese caramel chocolat" (302 yen including tax).

When I tried it, the chocolate portion that was served over the cup had elegant sweetness and reasonable bitterness, so I just wanted to try this chocolate alone.

The surface of the cream cheese part is caramel and there is a different aroma from normal roasted cup cheese. Combination of chocolate and cream cheese is superbly compatible, and it is high level finish as sweet as well as appearance.

Next is "Sakusaku baked cheesecake" (5 pieces / tax included 648 yen).

Sugar, egg, butter, natural cheese, processed cheese, etc. are used as raw materials.

Because it is baked goods, the expiration date was about two months.

When you try opening it, there is paper with explanation written.

"Sakusaku roasted cheesecake" is not just cookies, but sliced ​​pound cake mixed with cream cheese etc, and dried overnight, then sweetened with Parmesan cheese and salt a bit.

Because each burnt cheesecake is individually wrapped, it seems easy to divide.

When opened, you can feel the fragrance of Parmesan cheese.

It seems that it is a baked snack of triangle like this and imagines sliced ​​cheese. Rugged Parmesan cheese is applied to the surface. Be careful because it is easy to spill out.

The back side looks like this.

When I try to eat it, I feel crispy between the rusk and cookie, it is gentle mouth melting like unraveling in my mouth. After eating, there is a fragrance of fragrant Parmesan cheese, the flavor of cheese, sweetness of pound cake, subtle saltiness are united, it is the taste I want to eat with wine. Sweetness is fairly modest, so it seems to be pleasing to those who say "I am not good at sweet things but I like cheese."

The last is "Purupuru Cheese Plateau" (3 pieces / 972 yen including tax)

Purupuru Cheese Plateau is all three types, each with different raw materials.

Since the expiration date was about 3 months, it is the sweetest souvenir at Fromage · Terra.

When I opened the lid coverfully, there was paper in the same way as the baked cheese cake.

"Cheese Plateau" is French and means "decorating dish with cheese platter", it is a sweet which can enjoy the taste of cheese different from "Mascarpone cheese" "mozzarella cheese" "ricotta cheese".

Inside is such a feeling, one cheese plateau entered into the mini cup is included one by one.

Firstly from 'Ricotta cheese'.

If you eat a bite, it looks like ricotta cheese with a small amount of fat with whey as the raw material, it has a refreshing taste with sourness. It is said to add fresh cream and honey, it feels a creamy flavor and sweetness moderately, it is a sweet looks good in the summer.

Continue to "Mozzarella Cheese".

It is a cheese pudding with chewy cheese unique to mozzarella cheese remaining and it melts in the mouth at last. Because it adds red wine and tomato liqueur, a fresh sour taste different from ricotta cheese complements the flavor of cheese.

The last is "Mascarpone Cheese".

Mascarpone cheese famous for being used as tiramisu is the most popular among the three types, it is barely a liquid feeling that it is not a liquid but a solid state. It seems that milk fat content is small, but there is enough richness. It might be enjoyable even as a small tiramisu if you cover coffee powder like this. In addition, we ate at room temperature this time, but according to the store staff, it is recommended that the cheese plateau be chilled and eaten. Because none of them are cheeses sweet as it is, it is perfect for souvenirs to friends like cheese.

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