A sweet and sour 'Yukimi Daifukuremon Cheesecake-style Daifuku' tasting review in which a lemon sour sauce is wrapped in cheese ice

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Yukimi Daifuku ' series has a new ' Yukimi Daifuku Remon cheesecake style Daifuku ' selected in the 'Your Think Yukimi Daifuku Launch Campaign' on May 25, 2020 ( Appeared in (Mon). It is said that the sour lemon sauce is wrapped in cheese ice with a refreshing taste, and it is finished in Yukimi Daifuku to enjoy the coolness you want to eat in the summer, so I actually tried it.

The Yukimi Daifuku selected in the 'Your Think Yukimi Daifuku Release Campaign' is finally on sale! Yukimi Daifukuremon cheesecake style Daifuku
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Yukimi Daifukuremon cheesecake style Daifuku | Ice | Lover's mouth Lotte

'Yukimi Daifukuremon Cheesecake Style Daifuku' is packaged in yellow.

A cross section of a lemon sauce wrapped in cheese ice wrapped in a yellow toy is drawn.

8% of lemon juice is contained in 'Yukimi Daifukuremon cheesecake style Daifuku'. Raw materials include sugar, starch syrup, dairy products and glutinous rice flour, as well as lemon sauce (fructose, lemon juice,

fiantine ) and lemon juice. The calorie is 82kcal per piece.

When I opened the lid, there were two yellow snowflakes lined up.

The shape itself is the same as ordinary Yukimi Daifuku, but it is certainly a pale yellow reminiscent of lemon, and it looks different from normal Yukimi Daifuku.

I cut it with a kitchen knife. The lemon sauce wrapped inside came out thick.

Cheese ice cream wrapped in chewy rice is smooth and rich, and you can feel the unique flavor of cheese, which is distinctly different from milk. Lemon sauce has a slightly strong acidity claim for cheesecake, but it also spreads the lemon scent. However, I didn't feel the existence of fiantine, which is included in the raw materials. 'Yukimi Daifuku Remon Cheesecake-Style Daifuku' had a delicious taste like lemon cheesecake.

'Yukimi Daifuku Remon Cheesecake Style Daifuku' is available from convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide from Monday, May 25, 2020. The suggested retail price is 180 yen, excluding tax.

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