I tried 'Soumaru squeezed lemonade' that the heat disappears with the gentle acidity and the refreshing feeling of fine ice.

From June 14, 2021 , 'Soumaru Shibori Lemonade ' has been added to the Lotte 'Sou' lineup, which is characterized by the crispy texture of fine ice. The new flavor of 'Sou', which uses fruit juice made by squeezing whole Sicilian lemon, pursues a balance of acidity and sweetness like a lemonade specialty store, and it is said that the ice cream is perfect for refreshing in hot weather. , I actually ate it and checked it.

Soumaru Shibori Lemonade | Ice | Mouth Lover Lotte


Squeeze tightly! Introducing a refreshing taste of lemon that is perfect for summer! Soumaru squeezed lemonade
(PDF file) https://www.lotte.co.jp/info/news/pdf/20210602084645.pdf

I bought 'Soumaru Shibori Lemonade' at once.

Lemon juice contains 5%, of which 91% is squeezed Sicilian lemon.

The raw materials are 'sugar', 'water candy', 'lemon juice', 'vegetable oil', 'fructose', 'salt', 'stabilizer', 'emulsifier', 'safflower pigment', 'fragrance' and 'acidulant'.

Calories are 150 kcal per 185 ml.

When you open the lid, it looks like this.

When you eat a bite, you can feel the crispy texture of fine ice peculiar to 'Sou' and the refreshing scent of lemon. When you think of 'round squeezed lemon juice', you can think of the sharp acidity and bitterness of lemon, but 'Soumaru squeezed lemonade' is all about lemonade, and the acidity is mellow. After the balanced sweet and sour spreads on the tongue, the melted fine ice rinses the mouth and gives a refreshing aftertaste, so I felt it was the perfect ice cream for a hot snack.

'Soumaru Shibori Lemonade' can be purchased at retail stores nationwide from June 14, 2021, and the suggested retail price is 151 yen including tax.

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