I tried to eat "Shishi Pichi ★ Pichi PEACH (with flesh)" with a sharp texture like frozen whole peach

Shari shary fine ice ice cream "Refreshment"Flavor using two kinds of peaches (peach) fruit juice and pulp"Refreshing peach ★ Pichi PEACH (with flesh)"Has appeared nationwide from Monday, June 11, 2018. I tried a peachful ice cream using white peach and yellow peach.

Refreshing Pichi ★ Pichi PEACH (with flesh) | Product Information | Lover of your mouth Lotte

Exquisite match of peach taste of two peaches and a sharp texture of fine ice. "Refreshing Piti ★ Pichi PEACH (with flesh)" launched on June 11
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This is "Pichi ★ Pichi PEACH (with flesh)" (130 yen tax excluded).

The type of ice cream is "Frozen Dessert". The proportion of white juice and yellow peach juice and pulp is 12% for white peach juice and pulp and 5% for fruit juice and pulp of yellow peach, respectively, the ratio of white peach is higher.

Contents amount is 185 ml. Of course raw materials include fruit juice of white peach and yellow peach and "white peach" and "yellow peach" as "processed goods".

The energy per piece is 142 kcal.

When turning over the lid, a slightly peach colored ice cream will show up.

At the moment of putting in a spoon, from the fine ice contained in the ice cream which is the characteristic of "refreshing", a comfortable feel is steadily transmitted as you step on the crisp and snow.

Ice cream with peach juice melts at the moment of putting it in the mouth, and sweetness and fragrance of junior and peach spread in the mouth.

I discovered peach pulp contained in ice cream from the scooped spoon.

The pulp of white peach and yellow peach was cut into dice shape.

When peach and ice cream were eaten together, I felt like a sherbet that frozen freshly juicy peaches with the texture of peach pulp and mouthfeel ice.

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