I tried ``Danonbio Mikan and Yuzu'' yogurt, which has a mellow sour taste of oranges and yuzu that spreads smoothly in your mouth.

From Danone's yogurt brand '

Danone Bio ', ' Danone Bio Mikan and Yuzu' using Satsuma mandarin oranges and yuzu will be on sale from November 20, 2023 (Monday). It is said that it is a winter limited flavor where you can feel the sweetness of mandarin oranges and the sourness of yuzu, so I actually tried it.

Mikan and Yuzu | Danonbio

The package of 'Danonbio Mikan and Yuzu' looks like this.

You can divide the yogurt into four parts by folding it.

Raw materials used include raw milk, dairy products, sugar, tangerine pulp and juice, gelatin, and yuzu peel.

Calories are 64kcal per cup (75g).

When you open the lid, it looks like this. The inside is milky white, and you can see that it contains pulp.

When you eat it, in addition to the smooth texture and refreshing sourness of yogurt, when you bite into the mandarin orange grains or yuzu peel, the fruity juice spreads in your mouth. Despite containing highly sour fruits such as mandarin oranges and yuzu, the sourness was mellow and it was possible to enjoy a good balance of sweetness and sourness.

``Danonbio Mikan and Yuzu'' will be sold at supermarkets nationwide for a limited time from November 20, 2023 (Monday). At the supermarket closest to the editorial department, a 4-cup set of ``Danombio Mikan and Yuzu'' was sold for 228 yen excluding tax.

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