Lotte 'Mona King Custard Shou' tasting review with custard shoe flavor and eating response, what is different from the classic 'Mona King Milk'?

In Monaca ice brand 'Mona King' of Lotte, novelty that is a combination of ice of custard shoe flavor 'Mona King custard shoe' has appeared on May 18, 2020. It is said that you can enjoy the sense of unity with the custard shoe ice cream that is satisfying to eat, so I tried to compare it with

Mona King Milk on the regular menu.

Mona King Custard Shoe | Ice | Mouth Lover Lotte

The Mona King Custard Shoe package looks like this.


Mona King milk is categorized as ice milk, but Mona King custard shoes are classified as lacto ice. Looking at the raw material names, sugar, dairy products, monaca, vegetable oils and fats are common with Mona King's milk, but Mona King custard chow contains foods mainly composed of egg yolk and milk. ..

The calorie is 218 kcal per piece. Mona King Milk is 225kcal each, so it is slightly lower.

When Mona King Custard Shoe is put out on a plate, it looks like this, and at first glance it looks like normal Monaca ice.

When I removed Monaca, the ice cream inside was pale yellow like custard cream.

Compared to Mona King Milk (right), you can clearly see the difference in color.

When you eat Mona King Custard Shoe, you can feel the flavor of egg slightly, but immediately the rich sweetness that surpasses it. It has a sweetness punch, so there is certainly a response to eating, but since there is no vanilla in the ingredients, there is no vanilla flavor and the taste of the egg is certainly felt, but the taste of custard cream is not so strong. There was also a comment from the editorial staff who tasted it, 'It is neither vanilla ice cream nor milk ice cream, and although it has no distinct characteristics, it has a rich sweetness.' There was also an editorial staff member who said, 'It may have the flavor of old-fashioned

ice cream .'

In addition, when I tried to eat Mona King's milk, unlike custard shoes, I can feel the sweetness of milk like milk ice cream. In addition, the ice cream is slightly fluffy and the aftertaste is refreshing, making it easy to eat. If you are looking for a rich sweetness, we recommend eating Mona King Custard Shoe, and if you are looking for a light sweetness, eating Mona King Milk.

'Mona King Custard Shoe' will be available for purchase at super convenience stores nationwide from May 18, 2020 (Monday). The suggested retail price is 140 yen, excluding tax. Also, it is handled by, and 22 bag sets are handled at 4280 yen including tax.

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