I tried 'Cranky [King Mona]' and 'King Mona [Cranky', which were born from the fusion of Lotte's 'King Mona' and 'Cranky'.

Lotte's two products, 'Cranky', a chocolate bar with a crispy texture, and 'Mona King', a Monaka ice cream, collaborated with the chocolate ' Cranky [Mona King] ', which is a mixture of Mona King and Mona King. The ice cream ' King Mona [Cranky] ' sandwiched between them has appeared. I was wondering what the two tasted like, so I actually tried it.

Cranky and King Mona collaborate transcendentally! !! !! Kuraou !? Monanky !? New release!
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The package of 'Cranky [Cranky]' (left) and 'Cranky [Cranky]' (right) looks like this.

This time, I also prepared the original 'Cranky' (lower left) and 'King Mona' (lower right), and tried to compare how the tastes were combined.

Cocoa butter, wafer crunch, etc. are used as raw materials for Cranky [King Mona]. The calorie is 254 kcal per sheet.

The chocolate inside is wrapped in silver paper.

The whole picture of chocolate looks like this. It is milky white, and you can see that it is mixed with something like yellow grains in some places.

The size is the same as Cranky (left).

When you bite into it, the taste of rich milk spreads in your mouth, following the crispness of the crunchy. The sweetness of King Mona is transplanted to Cranky as it is. Compared to eating, the usual crunchy feels like 'milk chocolate with a little bitterness', but the crunchy [King Mona] had no bitterness and had a full sweetness.

Next, I will try King Mona [Cranky]. Semi-chocolate, monaka, malt puff, etc. are used as raw materials.

The calorie is 226 kcal per piece.

When I take it out of the bag, it looks like this.

It is one size smaller than King Mona (right), and a slightly darker color stands out.

If you divide it in two and look at the cross section, you can see that the ice part is the same, and a thin chocolate is sandwiched between King Mona [Cranky] (left).

The chocolate looked thin, so when I lifted Monaka, I could see that the crunchy was packed to follow the shape of Monaka.

When you actually eat it, you can enjoy a light texture by combining the crispy texture of Monaka and the crispy texture of crunchy. At first, the flavor of vanilla ice cream is strong, but as it melts in the mouth, the bittersweetness of the crunchy gradually spreads, and the finish is different from that of King Mona, who is all about sweetness.

Both 'Cranky [Mona King]' and 'Mona King [Cranky' are open prices, but at the store I purchased this time, the price of 'Cranky [Mona King]' is 140 yen excluding tax, 'Mona King' The price of [Cranky] was 98 yen excluding tax.

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