A number of cheat gadgets discovered in the Chinese exam will be released

In China, the university unified university entrance examination "gao kao" is done from 7th to 9th of June 2017. Cunning is frequent in the high opinion which is said to be "the most difficult examination in the world", and a careful body check was done to prevent cheating, and the test student was asked "Since there is a possibility that a wireless terminal is put in, Do not brassiere "It was said that instructions were also issued. So how do you actually cheat? That means Taiyuan in Shanxi Province, China has released a cheat device actually used in the last few years.

High-tech devices used to cheat China's exams | Reuters.com

For example, in the picture below it is a belt that does not change anything at first glance, but actually a device that performs wireless communication. Taiyuan said that the cheat tools used for high consideration in recent years were announced for the media.

Wireless terminal that forged the following eraser as well. Do you display the received answers on the display?

To a wireless terminal that looks like a clock ......

Earpiece and terminal that attaches to the ears and communicates with the outside.

Earpiece is like this.

Since cheating using the above devices is increasing, it seems that the surveyor is investigating the activity of the wireless terminal during the examination.

In China, cheat countermeasures are strictly done in China, and the following article shows the situation of measures in 2011.

Nine million Chinese high school students face their toughest test - Photos

Examination supervisor who checks the video of surveillance camera

Outside the building where the exam is being conducted, policemen police cheat using a device that detects wireless communication.

In addition, fraud in the examination has become a problem not only in China, but also in the university in the United States, and the existence of a supplier asked for substitute exams and paper substitution from Chinese international students has been confirmed.

Existence of contractors who undertake contracts from substitute exams of Chinese international students to papers substitute at university - GIGAZINE

In addition, there are 9.4 million candidates who are highly regarded in 2017, and it is also reported that students who committed suicide at the end of the first day are out.

Taiyuan People's Government

9.4 mln students sit China's college entrance exam - Xinhua | English.news.cn

High thinking day 宁 ening 22 岁 recomputation 生 楼 楼 楼 楼 楼 楼

Meanwhile, the existence of cheating using gadgets has been clarified in India, and shirts shown in the following photographs include a transmitter connected to the microphone hooked at the neck and a signal from the outside It is said that an antenna is installed.

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